Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Lunch at La Cabrera, Makati

I was telling Didi a few days ago that I rarely share my restaurant finds. For one thing, I'm not a blogger and secondly, I'm selfish.

But for this one I will make an exception because I'm sure everybody has seen or has heard of this restaurant along 6750 Ayala.

Yesterday, after a sad Friday night, we decided to cure our sorrows with food. Without any planning, we ended up in La Cabrera, an Argentinian Steak House located beside Shangrila Makati. 

We always pass by this restaurant but we find the menu prices very intimidating. But yesterday was different. We felt like spending money. It was just one of those days when we felt like "Money can buy happiness." Yes, we were that sad!

I ordered the Linguini o Rigatoni con Oliva, Tomate y Albahaca. I think it's good for 3 persons! Not bad for 480.00 php.

My husband ordered  the Cuadri, it's  a 500g Coulotte/ PicaƱa steak. It costs 1,980.00 php. Depending on how hungry you are, I'd say this order is good for 2 pax.

What we didn't expect is that the Cuadril comes with a barangay of side dishes. And the best part is, these side dishes have unlimited refills! yes, UNLI REFILLS!

The prices of the Argentinian wines are also very reasonable. The cheapest in their wine list is the Sauvignon Blanc, which sells for 800.00 php a bottle. Ofcourse, I don't recommend that you have Sauv Blanc with red meat. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I had 2 glasses of Malbec because S has officially bid his farewell from alcohol because of our journey to fertility. 

We ended our sinful lunch with a sinful dessert called Chocotorta. It's a traditional Argentinian birthday cake made with creamy dulce de leche layered between a chocolate cookie crust. It costs 390.00 php.  3 pax can enjoy this dessert. Too much for just one person.

We didn't finish the pasta and the cake. We reached the stage of food coma and it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

My recommendation:

Order Cuadril and a bottle of Malbec.
It'll cost one hungry couple around 3,000 pesos.
If you are not that hungry and you medyo walang hiya ka then...share the Cuadril and the UNLIMITED side dishes among 5-6 pax. Yun ang sulit!




  1. Awwwww!!! Date! Hindi na kami nagdedate ni Panget!!! Hahahaha...
    Good nga raw there sabi ng BIL and SIL ko..

    Okay lang maging selfish - (basta share mo sa akin ha!)

    Just kidding!!

    1. Ay ang asawa ko after ng tinghun medyo pa baba na grades sa romance 101. Dati may love letters, nag tetext ng lyrics ng song...Ganun tlga. I think nag de-date LNG kami if he wants to eat out.