Thursday, 31 December 2015

What's The Meaning Of Your Name?

Just a quick post to share before the year ends!

I found this interesting site that tells you the meaning of your name.

It's really interesting how it defined me down to a tee! And my name is not common! Amazing algorithms!

Top 10 Hot Spots!

1. Finishes everything I start- Check.
 Explained by OCD

2. Generous by likes to see returns from giving- Check! 

3. Executive Ability/ Leader- Check
I have always been a leader even as a kid. I organized camping trips and get-together even when I was only 10 years old.

4. Spirituality- On a journey

5. Honest- Check! 
Too frank for my own good. I don't can't lie to my husband too!

6. Methodilical- Check! 
I love processes!

7. Believe in Law, System and Order- AMEN. 
For instance,  I don't believe that blood is thicker than water. I am not nice nor do I automatically forgive just because you are family. If you are right, you are right, regardless of who you are.  If you are nice, I reciprocate even if we are not close.
If there's a law (social or political), I enjoy following. Not because I care about what others think but just because I can't help myself.

8. Detailed and Well-organized- Check!
I love putting my life on excel.

9. Stubborn- VERY!
No one can ever force for to do anything. Compromise is not very easy for me to do. If I don't like a person or a thing, no one can convince me to change my mind.

10. Overly Critical Of Others- Check! And myself too! 
Because I read people well and I believe in law and system, it's quick for me to spot what's not right.

Find out the meaning of your name too! Click on this link!WHAT DOES YOUR NAME MEAN?

I Wish To Greet Everyone A Happy New Year!

On a quick vacation,


Monday, 28 December 2015

Clarins, My First Anti-Aging Serum

Sigh...2016... I'll be 34 years old na. Every New Year brings me closer to adulthood. It's like a splash cold water on my face.

Last New Year's Eve, I made an impulsive decision to start trying to conceive. 

Yes, the realization that I would be 33 was a wake up call that I should start trying to have a baby. I realized I'm no longer a spring chicken and my eggs are depleting. 

So on the night of December 31, 2014,  we tried to have unprotected and on-cycle contact for the first time ever.

My dear friends, 2 weeks ago,  I saw my first fine line, the onset of a wrinkle. Aggghhhh!!!! Okay, so it's not yet a wrinkle but when I frown, the line doesn't disappear as quickly as it used to.

I tell you, it is a humbling and worrying sign that I am indeed getting old.

It's time to start change my ordinary moisturizer to an anti-aging potion.  I was too lazy to have a beauty regimen. I only used cetaphil and moisturizer. Gosh, I was too confident...

But now, like the many before me, I join the quest for the everlasting youth. a marketer I should know better. I have read somewhere that lard (yes, animal fat) performs parity versus the most expensive anti-wrinkle creams. 

But this fine line on my forehead forces me to throw fact and logic out the window. 

To be honest, I think I will be one of those people who will be in denial that I am aging. I will never hide my age but perhaps I will eventually use Botox to defy nature. 

Anyway, that was a very long rant. 

Here's my first anti-aging serum by Clarins. I got it today.

Product: Double Serum

Proposition:  Complete Age Control Concentrate

Price: 4,500 php


Reason to Believe:
90% of women find it more effective than their current serum.**
Powered by 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules—Double Serum’s innovative, dual chamber system combines two age-defying formulas into one groundbreaking serum that reactivates skin’s vital functions. The result: visibly firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, a more even skin tone and less visible pores in just 4 weeks.* 

Promotion/Basis for Choice:  Influencer/ Word of Mouth. My husband said his mom is very happy with Clarins, Sheiseido and La Mer.

I won't use it now, I have to finish my existing jar of Biotherm aquasource but once that's done, I'll officially deal with my aging concerns.

Do you have any anti-aging regimens that you can recommend?

In Denial,


Sunday, 27 December 2015

On Being A Daughter-In-Law

Last December 25, I invited both my parents and my in-laws to have Christmas Dinner in my house. 

On top of the food my mom brought from Iloilo, my brother also made crown roast and ratatouille.

He said, ratatouille is what laswa is to a French. It's a humble vegetable dish.

In the middle of dinner, while we were waiting for the roast, I gave gifts and Christmas cards to my parents and my in-laws. Then, I asked that they open their gifts at the same time. I wanted to show that I love and treat both sets equally.

The following day, papa told me that I need to serve food to my husband and my in-laws.  He added that I should serve them the way my mom served my grandparents. 

My mom then shared that she would give my ama sponge baths when she was sick and she would always be their "alalay" when they would go out of town every weekend. She said that while they were alive, she served my grandparents more than their own children ever did.

Papa told me that now that I am married, I belong to my husband's family.  They, on the other hand, will be at the mercy of my brother's future wife. He said, "Hopefully, she will take care of us the same way as you took care of us."

Hmmm...this is where my values do not align with my parents.

I think theirs is a very traditional Chinese way.

I have done many focus group discussions among Filipina moms and wives. Filipina women are very strong matriachs. I know that usual tensions are the following:

1. Transfer of financial support
2. Mother-in-law (MIL)feels wife doesn't take care of her son very well
3. Daughter-in-law (DIL) feels MIL is meddling too much
4. Both MIL and DIL competing for affection 

Given what I know, I feel that my role as a daughter-in-law is to ensure that I don't take husband away from his family and to show his parents that I take care of him very well. 

I tell my husband to spend time with his mother, just the two of them. My MIL had a very difficult pregnancy. My husband took 3 years to make! The least he can do is to maintain that bond with his mother even after he is married. Sometimes, when boys fall inlove, they can only focus on one woman.

I tell him to visit his family even when I'm not with him.  But ofcourse, I join him when we visit during Sundays, albeit not regularly. 

If I hear my husband sound frustrated at his parents, I remind him to respect and understand them. 

I remind my husband to buy them gifts or take them out for their birthdays.

The way I see, I should not take the place of my husband and his sisters because parents want to feel love from their own children.

I also do not expect my husband to take care of my parents. In fact, when my parents visit from Iloilo, I do not drag him with us. Sure he drives us around but when we get to the mall, I tell him that he doesn't need to tag along.  I also want to bond with my own parents and share my life with them, not worrying if my husband will get offended.

If we visit Iloilo, I actually don't mind of my husband doesn't join us all the time  because he won't understand the conversation anyway. 

But still, he joins us. And still, I join them even if when his family talks in Fookien, all I hear are "crickets". 

I think my role as a daughter-in-law is to give my in-laws peace of mind that their son is in good hands.  It is also my role TO HELP him take care of them someday. 

However, I do not intend to replace my husband because the love of one's old child is really different. Likewise,  my husband's role as a son-in-law is also the same. It is not his duty to support my parents. He can only allow and help me take care of them.

No one should ever lose a daughter in marriage...regardless if the culture is matriarchal or patriarchal.  Both parents earn a son and a daughter respectively. 

Merry Christmas,



Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

 Merry Christmas from me and my husband!

This was my Noche Buena spread for 3 last night.

Had to leave my inlaws house by 8 pm so that I can eat with my own family in Manila,  my family being my brother, me and my husband.

I was so touched that my husband got a gift from my brother. He rarely receives gifts from his own relatives. Usually, Chinese people give angpao. So, it was nice that he opened a thoughtful gift last night, a STAR TREK tshirt. I always believe that a gift or a card is a sign that someone took the time to think of you.

FYI:  My brother and my husband are both Trekkies. They both don't like Star Wars.

After we came back from church, we watched the fireplace from our TV, turned the aircon full blast and shared a cup of hot coco. And just like that, it felt as if we were in a wintery place.

Do you have any Christmas traditions too?

Wishing all of you a happy holidays,


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lady's Choice Christmas Macaroni Salad

spent many of my corporate life working for Lady's Choice. It is a brand that I truly believe in. Otherwise I wouldn't have been inspired to work on it for so long.

Lady's Choice is made from real eggs. It uses the finest soya oil, making it rich in Omega 3. It doesn't use any extenders, like starch. Most of the cheaper brands of mayonnaise are techically not mayonnaise because they add extenders to compensate for lowering the oil content. 

If it uses the word "mayo" and not mayonnaise, it is not pure mayonnaise. 

Same thing goes for cheese spreads that uses "fun" modifications of the word cheese, ie cheeeezy, cheeze, quezo etc. Check the labels and look for "modified starch" in the ingredient 

The brand was so good to me and my career. It  brought me many good things in life that I count myself as a lifetime endorser.

For my Noche Buena tomorrow, I'm preparing my own version of the Lady's Choice Macaroni Salad.

CORE Ingredients
400g elbow macaroni
470 ml Lady's Choice Mayonnaise
Diced Cheese
Diced Carrots
Pineapple Chunks
Boiled Chicken Shredded

Mawala na lahat wag lang ang CORE ingredients. Core nga e.

And since every wife/mom wants to personalize this easy dish, I added my "echoz" ingredients so that I can differentiate my salad from my mom's salad.

Echoz Ingredients
Mourtarde à l'ancienne
Moutarde de Dijon (Dijon Mustard)
Caesar Salad Dressing
Chippy Chicken Salt from Australia
Dried Cranberries 
Parmesan Cheese
Tricolor Peppercorns

And ayan, ang aking Bonggang Bonggang Macaroni Salad.

Tip: Mix the mayonnaise and all the other seasoning in the bowl first! Add in the carrots, cheese, pineapple etc. Taste. If you are happy with the base flavor, add in the macaroni in batches. It's important that the macaroni is coated at hindi ka Kinulang sa dressing. Otherwise, it'll be dry. Please wag itambak lahat and saka mag add ng mayonnaise. Mahirap yan habulin sa lasa.

Ready na lahat December 23 palang! AWARD! Tomorrow, I have to be at my in-laws from 2pm-7pm. Then I have to rush home to have a mini Noche Buena with my brother. So as early as now I prepared na. Two batches yan, one for the 24th and another for the 25th.

This is what I have prepared for my NOCHE BUENA tomorrow:

1. Spaghetti. My spaghetti is a mixture of many sauces and I add cream. 

2. Macaroni Salad
3. Fruit Salad
4. Sapin-sapin
5. Queso de Bola
6. Christmas Ham
7. Pandesal
8. Swiss Miss with Marshmallow. (No Batirol this year. High caffeine)
9. Sparkling Juice ( No wine, No champagne this year. No alcohol. Period no erase)
10. Leche Flan... But I'm still thinking about it. Kasi 3 lang naman kami.

On the 25th my parents are arriving. My parents plus my in-laws will be having dinner in our house. This time, my brother will cook. On top of the many food my mom is bringing from Iloilo, my brother will prepare the following:


Sounds easy but mahirap yan! Swerte my brother is a chef. Confident ko tuloy mang invite.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Off to bed,


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Feeling When The Baby Moves Inside The Womb

I started feeling the child move inside me as early as the 18th week. The first time felt as if I swallowed a bag of water with a fish swimming inside it. I could feel the waves the fish made but couldn't feel the fish itself.

If you want to know the feeling, put water in a bag. Hold it with both hands and gently move the bag from side to side. Feel the waves? Now imagine that feeling inside your stomach.

The feeling is quite close to indigestion but not as unpleasant and minus the gastric juices. I was very much aware something was moving and creating mini tidal waves.

Last night, my husband  felt the baby move for the first time.

The fetus is getting bigger and stronger. It now feels like a ball softly hitting the inner walls of my abdomen. Imagine swallowing pacman. Pacman the game not the boxer. Jusko if feeling mo si Pacquiao nasa tyan mo, hindi na normal yan.

If you want to know the feeling, get a small ball and press it on your belly. Now imagine the feeling is coming from inside.

Or you can try this. Put your fingers on your head. Can you feel your nerves throbbing? Now imagine your nerves are 2 inches in diameter. Feels close to that too.

I've read somewhere that some moms feel butterflies fluttering in their stomachs. I didn't feel that. Siguro hindi refined ang anak ko. Baka balahura like me.

It finally feels very real. It feels alive na e. 

My husband felt very happy the first time he felt the repeated kicks. Ako, I honestly felt scared. 

Kaya ko na ba? Will I ever sleep 10 hours  again? Will I be able to enjoy the same peace I have now? Will it really be as hellish as other moms describe it.

I don't plan to get a yaya because of my OCD. It will be a mental struggle to share our small home with a stranger. (Note to self: Write about Pregnancy and OCD) 

I'm planning to stay with my in-laws  for 6 months. I have to do Ge Lai anyway. In as much as I love our small home, I don't mind extending my stay with my in-laws if it saves my sanity.  Maybe sila ang ma insane though. My mom is quite concerned that if my in-laws are exposed to me for a long period of time, they will hate me.  I'll risk that na.

I was very worried today so I talked to my 2 friends. One is Thai based in Australia and one is Filipina based in Qatar. Both have no maids. Both need to drive because they live in places that are not directly accessible to public transport. Qatar is especially hot during summers. 

They both managed but they also admitted it was hell at some point. When I was asked if it's all worth it...this is what my Thai friend said,

"I'll tell you an insight. My husband helped a lot. But mind you. I have good and bad times with my husband  but overall you will be happy to see your husband so happy. It's  something that I cannot put in words. But when I see my husband's face, sometimes my tears go out with joy. I cannot make him happy as my daughter does...poor me hahaha. But do consider your inlaws as an option. Babies grow up in a blink of an eye. It's a pity if you are stressed and tired all the time. You have to do what is best for you and your marriage and enjoy the short moment."

She is a marketer too and when she said insight, she meant it as a "universal truth that opens doors to opportunities". 

That made me feel better. 

You know, I agreed to allow medication (plenty of it)  into my body because I know my husband wants a child. And a child is something only I can give him. I know this baby will make him happy. Because I love my husband, I will be happy if he is happy.

And so last night, when he felt the baby move, I saw his smile and I almost cried too.

Now, as I am writing this entry, he is holding a flash light to my belly. The baby is reacting and my husband is laughing. I am sure he is very happy this Christmas. I am still a bit scared that my peaceful  days are numbered, but I'm glad he is happy.  Love is sacrifice talaga. 

In deep thoughts,


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Asking My Parents for My Hand in Marriage

In Filipino culture, the  man traditionally asks the parents of the woman for her hand in marriage. If the girl has brothers, ideally he should personally ask them too. This can happen either before or after he proposes to her.

In Filipino-Chinese culture, the parents of the man asks the parents of the girl in a semi-casual ceremony called the Kiu Hun. Of course, I don't refer to every Filipino-Chinese out there.

When my husband proposed to me in New York in 2013, I decided that he deserves the chance to "feel more like a man" by giving him the opportunity to ask my parents...

" Ma, Pa, I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter?"

Friday, 18 December 2015

Cause of Infertility: High Prolactin, Low Progesterone

Before I got married, I had myself checked if I am capable to "spawn".  Initial diagnosis was very positive. I do not have a defective hardware: no odd cysts, correctly shaped uterus, on time ovulation with healthy eggs.

I was also very much in tune with my reproductive health and I have been doing regular pap smears since I was 28.

Apart from my regular check ups, I also know how to do calendar method and monitor ovulation through my cervical mucus.

If you are wondering why I know so much about reproductive health, that's because I am a hypochondriac (from my OCD) and I have a interest in biology and pharmacology.

That being said,  I got married with full confidence that conception would not be an issue.

When I got married in 2014, I purposely didn't try to have a baby. That means I avoided all my fertile days and I only had intercourse during my safe period. I planned not to conceive for a year. I actually thought that one unprotected contact would instantly make me pregnant.

Then on New Year's eve, it occurred to me that I would be 33 and I panicked. On that very night I had unprotected contact with my husband.


We tried again the following month and then the next.

Still Nothing.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Our Christmas Tree Is Ready

Look O!

Our Christmas is very very ready. I bought gifts for my family yesterday. My mom goes for quantity over quality kaya maraming gifts for her.

I'm not done with my Christmas gifts yet. Last minute shopping always feels more festive.

Are you done na with yours?

Very Happy,


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Husband's Birthday at F1 Hotel (and more)

We celebrated the eve of my husband's Birthday at F1 Hotel.

Parang Christmas Eve lang di ba!

Yes! My husband's birthday is that special! I make a big fuss about it every year because he told me that there was a time that everyone forgot his birthday.  Sabi ko, "Never again!!!" OA parang linya sa "Gone with the Wind" di ba.

So, I planned to make a weekend out of his birthday. Not just a usual dinner, na eat and run lang.

I have actually been planning and saving this treat for myself, A STAYCATION AT F1 HOTEL.  It was supposed to be for my quiet time.

However, I decided to give the treat to my husband instead. He has been working so hard this year and I figured, he needs a quick respite.

Our check-in was very efficient. The receptionists were all very friendly. We were in our room within 10 minutes upon arrival!

When we opened the door to our room, GOSSHH! We were amazed at how big and gorgeous it was!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Gift Idea: BUILT NY OVEN MITT

Because I cook A LOT,  I like things I can actually use in the kitchen.  

If you know someone like me, you may want to give him or her a colorful oven mitt by BUILT.  It's looks cool and modern.

Not like tela mitts. They look lola-ish and they stain easily!

Here's why I like this particular brand:

Neoprene isn't just for wetsuits. It protects against, spills, splashes, bumps, and drops, making it perfect for safeguarding the things you love.

Made a mess, no problem. Simply toss this product in the washing machine to make it look like new.

It’s as soft as a glove but protects like a mitt, shielding your fingers and hands from temperatures up to 500° F.

The textured neoprene handle helps prevent slipping, sliding and spilling.

AVAILABLE IN RUSTANS. I love shopping there. Ganda ng wrapper!

Happy Shopping,


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I Hate End Of Christmas Breaks!!!!

The best time of the year is the week before the Christmas Break. Everyone in the office is so happy na! No one is actually working anymore.

The worst time is returning back to work! My gulay, I really hated it. Feeling ko my heart went down to all the way to my feet!

I think, this conditioning started when I also hated going back to school after the 2-3 weeks Christmas Break. Mas worst pa if may exam pag balik!

It didn't help that my mom had a song to taunt us..."Our vacation has passed. It is school time at last..." We hated it!

I wish my parents gave me new notebooks, new bags to mentally trick me into looking forward to resuming school. Unfortunately, they gave me a TV set which just made me want to stay home even more.

If you know a kid who is like me, you better buy them a new bag to mentally condition them! It sounds materialistic but I liked the start of the school year because I had new stuff that smelled really new!

Last week, I went to Rustans and I saw these cute bags by Beatrix. They were designed in New York and are now available in the Philippines. I like that they are machine-washable.

I like their trolleys too. Pwede for travel. Maybe I can also get for myself for hand carry.

Cute no?

I love the lunch boxes too. Dati baon ko iced milo. It would spill all over my bag and my mom would get upset. Wala pang pang tetrapack milo noon!!!! Oh gosh!!! Tandercats na ako!!!!

If medyo dalaga or yuppie na, I like BUILT. Also from New York and available in Rustans or online in and

I like BUILT kasi it is lightweight and stretcheable. It is made of the same material used in wetsuits, so it's water resistant so bagay for those who commute. Water resistant ha, hindi water proof! Wag naman ilublob sa drum.

Ayyyyyy!!!! New ballpens and notebooks! I love the smell of new paper!  And feeling ko mas maganda handwriting ko if new ballpen. Chaarrrr.

Lapit na Christmas! Kaloka! Hindi pa ako nag shoshop!!!




Monday, 7 December 2015

Filipino-Chinese Relationships: How to make his sisters like me?

A reader posted a question and I thought, it's best that my friends answer it instead of me,


Hi! I just would like to ask for suggestion. 

I have a fil chi boyfriend. His parents died and he is left with several sisters. 

I wonder how can I win his sisters view on me. 

Last time we met on a lunch date. None of them liked that I was there. It seemed that I ruined lunch.

I hope to handle this conflict better. 

Is it ok to go on marriage without their approval?


Nako. (Yan lang sagot ko)

Hahahaa uhmmm just go on and make their lives living hell!!! Hahahahaah!!!!

Lawyer Cousin:
For as long as your bf is above 25 yrs of age,no need sang approval nila o guardians advice.

In our case, kami yung mga evil sisters. Hahaha

Ewan ko ba bakit may ganyan pa??!!

May the odds be forever in your favor.

Are you prepared to be feel judged and *unaccepted* your whole life?  If your answer is yes, go for it!
But to be truthful - life is too short to spend time with people who make you feel shitty.

Oh sya, I'll go back to eating,


Sunday, 6 December 2015

First Time We Talked

Today is the 4th anniversary of the first time my husband ever talked to me. 

He sent me a message via YM. 

You see, we were kai shiao-ed (introduced) by his cousin. We started talking online first. A month later, he flew to Iloilo to meet me in person. The following month, he flew to Singapore to officially "woo" me.

My husband remembers this story differently.

He said, I sent him the first message in YM. He even said I "poked" him in Facebook,

I don't know where he got his story. But I will let this one pass because I love love love my husband today. I don't love him everyday but I love him today. 

How about you? Do you remember the first time you talked/met your husband? 

Happy Sunday,


Wife of a Cheating Husband

Once in a while, I receive a comment that deserves to be a post of it's own. Here is one comment I received from a reader for my entry Thou Shall Not Covet Another Woman's Husband

It was honestly written by a wife, whose husband is a serial cheater. Sadly, It was signed as "anonymous". 

Whoever sent this, Thank You! 

Happy Sunday,



My husband has both emotional mistresses and physically involved ones. I lost track na how many. More than the fingers of my hand. It's like he can never be vacant. There always has to be 2 or 3 of us at the same time. Silly me it took 10 years before I found out.

Friday, 4 December 2015

The Little Prince Gift Ideas

Have you watched the movie na? This is actually one of my favorite books of all time. It's so simple and yet it's so profound!

I think these versions of The Little Prince Classic will make great gifts for Christmas!

The coloring book- 655 Php

(This is a big book! Nearly a foot in height!)

The graphic novel with glossy pages -499 php

And ofcourse...

The classic version in hard bound for 749 php

All available in They have lots of The Little Prince Books buy I think they ran out ever since the movie premiered.



PS>If you are wondering why I always promote Milk and Honey (Instagram:, my sister in law owns it. She is in our office too. I see her stocks in the office, so I go through it when I'm bored. Minsan naman I have to give you content na hindi naman about me noh.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

We Are Pregnant!

And God delivered his promise! Our God is a good God and He is true to the promises He made in the Bible...

 “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the Lord: Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn; look to Abraham, your father, and to Sarah, who gave you birth. When I called him he was only one man, and I blessed him and made him many. The Lord will surely comfort Zion and will look with compassion on all her ruins; he will make her deserts like Eden, her wastelands like the garden of the Lord, Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing." 

Grabe, Naiiyak ako as I'm writing this entry. I have been dreaming of this day that I will write this post. Finally, the time came. It came in His perfect time.

I waited on The Lord and it honestly felt like an eternity.  There were times that I questioned myself. Kulang ba faith ko? When I felt weak, I kept reading Psalm 27 to keep me strong.

Alam nyo, I went to the doctor thinking that she is an IVF specialist. My friend had IVF and went to this doctor. Ayoko na kasi mag try and ma-frustrate every month. I'm not a patient person. I just wanted to "get it over and done with". So, the whole time I was getting blood tests, I thought the doctor was just doing due diligence to ensure a successful IVF. 

It was only now when I got pregnant that I found out that she is not an advocate of IVF because of all the wasted ovum, which to her is wasted life. She never does IVF pala. She just takes care of IVF patients because they are classified as high-risk. She told me that if my "problem" wasn't addressed, my IVF would have failed anyway.

How amazing is God? He knows me and He wants me to trust Him. All my life, I have trusted no one but myself.  He gave me a problem that money could not quickly fix. It was something out of my control. 

God wanted me to wait patiently on him.

I am crying as I type this entry on my Ipad. This journey, made me fall in love with The Lord. The whole time we were trying to conceive, there was nothing I could do but trust Him. It was not a matter of hard work or skill. 

This life inside me now is a miracle. From two cells, billions will be formed. Only God can create something this great. I did not conceive out of my own skill and talent. This is all God. I am only a vessel. I am only an canvas for God to paint his miracles.

Please pray for me as I embark on this journey. If you are also trying, do message me. I will pray with you. I can also send a rosary with a prayer.

Lastly... Isn't it ironic that Life Started While I Was On Pause?

In Awe of God's Goodness,


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Muni Muni: A Second Chance

Grabe! Eto na ang hugot movie ng taon!! Wives, watch with your husbands! Hopefully after watching mag open up kayo ng feelings nyo sa isa't-isa. charot.

Relate ako sobra!!!

My husband doesn't share his stress and issues with me...willingly. Ofcourse, medyo heightened ang senses ko sa mga yan and I have a way of getting info through questions. Yan mga natutunan ko sa mga researcher friends ko sa industriya.

The way he sees it, he doesn't want me to worry. The way I see it, he just doesn't want to involve me because he doesn't value my opinions.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Christmas music already fills the air and I am reminded of all the things I should be thankful for this year! 

One thing I am truly blessed with is my small kitchen because despite its size, it has everything I need to whip up a feast. 

Ever since I got married and regained access to a functional oven,  I have been more confident in throwing "intimate" dinners at home. Just like when I was still living  in Singapore! Ofcourse, it helps that my brother is a professional chef.  

The rare time I open my doors to a much bigger crowd, I always make sure that the spread is impressive. After all, with the traffic in Manila I need to make it worth the drive. 

This year both my parents and my husband's family  made it to our Thanksgiving Dinner. My parents flew in from Iloilo to witness my brother's culinary skills, the stuff he learned when he interned at the Ritz Carlton Florida. All of which are useless when it comes to preparing traditional a Filipino feast. A western menu is the best way to showcase his skills to my provincial parents.

My 2 closest friends also made it to dinner. So our small home was filled with people. Some had to sit on the floor.  YES! It is that small. It's the price of choosing to live in the middle of Makati! 

My brother single handedly prepared everything on that table, except for the Ube Cake. Joy got that for me. I love Ube!!!

Louie's preparation started the day before, when he brined the turkey over night. The trick to a flavorful turkey is to brine it for atleast 24 hours.

Then he seasoned and roasted the turkey for 6 hours, basting it every 30 mins. Indeed a labor of love.

The outcome was perfection.

He also prepared all the traditional sidings: Mix berry sauce, Gravy, Potatoes, Yams etc. We wanted our parents to experience how to be "Emericans". Copycats lang kami. We just started celebrating Thanksgiving last year. Blame it to too much Television.

I'm thankful my mom flew in because she cleaned up after dinner.  Bonggang-bonggang maid. My brother used A LOT of pots, pans and trays kasi. Kaloka. By 10 o'clock, our kitchen was meticulously clean, thanks to mama!

My friends and I had cake and coffee til midnight. It felt like Christmas!

What a wonderful dinner! Ubos lahat!

The next feast will be NOCHE BUENA and this time, It'll be my turn to cook for my family. Thank God, Filipino food is relatively easy to prepare.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling "Emerican",


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Help via Mail

I've been sad these past few days. First, I was stressed-courtesy of a cousin, who I have never ever talked to in nearly a decade. Then once the stress subsided, sadness seeped in.

Perhaps, God saw me in wallowing in misery again. When my husband arrived from work yesterday, he brought me a parcel. It was my my friend kaye, the other half of The Bento Mommas (Instragram) and author of

The mail cheered me up! Because for one thing, I love getting SURPRISE stuff via snail mail. It reminds me of my penpal days in High School. And ofcourse, I smiled because the arrival of the gifts could have never been more more timely. 

Believe it not, I never mentioned to Kaye that I am sad, in fact, I only posted yesterday as well.

I got 3 DVDs of Louie Giglio's sermon. Kaye figured, I will like his talks because I am interested in astrophysics and biology. Louie Giglio uses the maginifcence of the universe and the human body to illustrate the greatness of our God.

Then, I got a compilation of Christian music and an album of Hillsong.

God delivers in His perfect time and through other people! Amazing! 

I think I will be back to normal programming in a few days. These things work as fast as the strongest antibiotics.



Friday, 13 November 2015

Celebrating Life Passages in Rituals by Cynthia Baga

During his last visit, papa gave me a book. It's a book about creating and celebrating rites and rituals in the family. The book was written by my psychologist/life counselor, Cynthia Baga.

Cynthia is an amazing, kindhearted and soft spoken lady. I have been seeing her since I was in highschool. The last time I saw her was when I got dumped by my ex-fiancé. That was a long time ago!

Maybe it's because of her profession but I honestly found it easier to talk to her than my parents. When I was dumped, my mom was so hurt that she was so keen to ask questions to help her understand the situation. Because my mom was hurting too, she was going back and forth between condemning my ex and blaming me. I didn't resent my mom. I understood then  that because she loves me and because we are one, she equally felt rejected by my ex. It actually seemed like she was feeling the pain more than I did.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Right To Use Maiden Name After Marriage

Last night I read something that made me "praning" and made me wonder if I am LEGALLY REQUIRED to use my husband's surname after marriage.

I consulted my lawyer friend, Atty. Leo Ganzon, and he shared the Article 370 from the New Civil Code of the Philippines. 

Art. 370. A married woman may use:

(1) Her maiden first name and surname and add her husband’s surname, or

(2) Her maiden first name and her husband’s surname or

(3) Her husband’s full name, but prefixing a word indicating that she is his wife, such as “Mrs.”

The "MAY" in the sentence means it is OPTIONAL. It is not a duty. It is not mandatory to adopt your husband's surname after marriage.

A woman is allowed to keep and continue using her maiden name in ALL LEGAL DOCUMENTS after marriage. 

IMPORTANT: However, if the married woman starts using her husband's surname in her passport, license, SSS and other forms of national identification and/or she signs any legal documents/contracts using her husband's surname, she will never be able to revert to her maiden name until  her marriage is annulled or until she is widowed.

The last part was also confirmed by a friend, who was going through separation. Only until her marriage is annulled by the courts can she start using her maiden name legally again. 

Bottomline is: FILIPINA WOMEN CAN KEEP AND LEGALLY CONTINUE USING THEIR MAIDEN NAMES AFTER MARRIAGE. However, if they plan to do so, they should NEVER use their husbands' surname IN ANY identification, legal documents and legal contracts.



P.S. I'm not a lawyer. I'm a housewife. Don't ask me legal questions.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Short Story About My Parents

This is how mama usually serves mangoes at home...
Always with a flair. 

I grew up in a home where mama and papa did small things with great love. Don't get me wrong, they were both tiger parents, who both believed in "STRIKE THE IRON WHILE IT'S HOT"

They made sure we had memorable Christmases, New Years, Birthdays, you name it. Even PBA GAMES were festive. Somehow, they always made sure they appreciated us through celebrations,actions and words.

Mama never missed a school event, much to my dismay. I would usually not invite her because I don't want her to see me lose in a competion. I preferred bringing home a medal. I never lost a competition,  so all went well!  

I dreaded her meeting my teachers. I was scared of the things that they will report. They usually had something bad to say because I usually did something bad in school.

Papa would go to my school every Valentine's Day to bring me flowers and chocolates. Even as a kid, he made me feel special and loved. 

Even if they were rather primitive/ barbaric in their discipline methods, they gave credit where credit was due.

 I was reprimanded when I did something wrong and I was acknowledged when I did something good. My medals were framed and displayed. And yes, so were the belt marks. If I did something wrong, I also had something to show off.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Together Forever

When you are trying to have a baby, you and your husband need to be together all the time...

Ideally, you need to have "contact" (do the doodie) every other day too.

Hey! I'm not complaining! 

It's just that...there are days I want to go home to Iloilo and stay there for a month or even more. But I can't because I'm only on a 24-26 day cycle.

I miss...

And this...

Sing with me nalang...

Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don't you know
I would move Heaven and earth
To be together forever with you


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Chinese Medicine: Deer Horn

My mother-in-law finally decided to use Chinese medicine to cure my husband's fever. In a matter of hours, he is up and about. He just finished eating 3 cups of rice just now.

I am baffled.

My MIL used deer horn. It's literally the horn of a deer. I thought it was just a fancy name for a plant.

The helpers shaved off some parts of the boney material then mixed it with water.  Then my husband drank a glass full. He said it just tasted like water with flour.

(Looks like a weird penis)

While this idea is new to me, and I am quite good in pathology and pharmacology, this medicine has been used in China for over 2,000 years.

I searched online and found the benefits of DEER HORN/DEER ANTLER.

DEER ANTLERS provide the following benefits to your health:
  • Improve blood circulation and increase blood volume.
  • Revitalise your body and give you extra energy.
  • Strengthen immune system.
  • Help to improve sexual disorders in men.
  • A rich source of calcium.
  • Help to improve sore muscles on limbs.
  • Help to improve efficiency of kidney.
  • Source:
Sounds good! After this,  I will get a healthier and an even more "potent" husband. Wink*wink*

Gosh, I still have so much to learn as a Chinese wife. 

Itching to go home,


Suspect: DENGUE

At around 3:45 pm yesterday, my husband told he " I think I have dengue". Since I saw red rashes all over his body the night before, I took it seriously and took him to the ER. 

Thank goodness, we only had to cross the street to go to one of the best hospital in the country.

Upon arrival, he was asked if he had a fever and rashes. POSITIVE. We were both made to wear masks and he was sent to the isolation room.

In the isolation room he was put on IV because he was very dehydrated. He refused to drink water and eat the soup I was giving him the previous night.

We had to wait for 3 hours for the results of his dengue test, platelet count etc. Thank goodness he was cleared.

It is important to note that when you have dengue or is really a battle of your immune system versus the virus. The more stress you are--the more you are prone to getting sick. 

When you are attacked by viruses, you feel too weak to do anything--even eat. 

Simple rule: When you are dehydrated, you are weak. When you don't eat, you are weak. When you are weak, your immune system can't fight the virus.

That's why when infants/kids have dengue, it is very dangerous. It's because they can't force themselves to eat and drink. That, and their immune system is still pretty weak. To be safe, if an infant has a fever of 39 to 40, better bring him/her to the hospital. A fever is just the body's way of announcing there is bacteria or virus. The fever itself is not the problem.

So, now we are in New Manila again. Our inlaws picked us up. I was made to go with them so that my husband can rest without worrying about me being home alone. I had to bring all my gulay and leftovers so that they won't go bad. I looked like a member of the "akyat bahay gang" went I left my home yesterday.

I'm feeling lethargic. I wasn't able to sleep very well last night. Probably, NAMAMAHAY.

In sickness and in health,


Ps> he was taking pics and sending it to me! while he was in the isolation room. And complaining na masakit ang IV

Monday, 2 November 2015

Comfort Food: Arroz Caldo

So...I don't know why my husband is back home. He did come home with meds but he still has a slight temperature and has no appetite.

had to quickly change my dinner-for-one (me) to dinner-for-the-sick. Thank God for my well-stocked ref.  I made Arroz Caldo. Easy Peasy but it took me  an hour to make.

Here's the simplified recipe. No measurements kasi that's how housewives cook, "pacham" or pacham ba-chamba. Hahahaha

Minced Garlic
Minced Onions
Julienned Ginger
Cooking Oil
Hard Boiled Eggs
Turmeric for color
Knorr Chicken Cubes
Fish Sauce

Sauté Onion, Garlic and Ginger in Cooking Oil
Add Chicken and "brown" sides
Add 1 tsp of Fish Sauce
Add Knorr Chicken Cubes and melt into the chicken 
Add 3 cups of water
Add 3/4 cup rice
Stir every 5 minutes
Add 1/2 tsp of turmeric

Garnish and Serve

Mommy Duties,