Monday, 7 December 2015

Filipino-Chinese Relationships: How to make his sisters like me?

A reader posted a question and I thought, it's best that my friends answer it instead of me,


Hi! I just would like to ask for suggestion. 

I have a fil chi boyfriend. His parents died and he is left with several sisters. 

I wonder how can I win his sisters view on me. 

Last time we met on a lunch date. None of them liked that I was there. It seemed that I ruined lunch.

I hope to handle this conflict better. 

Is it ok to go on marriage without their approval?


Nako. (Yan lang sagot ko)

Hahahaa uhmmm just go on and make their lives living hell!!! Hahahahaah!!!!

Lawyer Cousin:
For as long as your bf is above 25 yrs of age,no need sang approval nila o guardians advice.

In our case, kami yung mga evil sisters. Hahaha

Ewan ko ba bakit may ganyan pa??!!

May the odds be forever in your favor.

Are you prepared to be feel judged and *unaccepted* your whole life?  If your answer is yes, go for it!
But to be truthful - life is too short to spend time with people who make you feel shitty.

Oh sya, I'll go back to eating,


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