Sunday, 6 December 2015

First Time We Talked

Today is the 4th anniversary of the first time my husband ever talked to me. 

He sent me a message via YM. 

You see, we were kai shiao-ed (introduced) by his cousin. We started talking online first. A month later, he flew to Iloilo to meet me in person. The following month, he flew to Singapore to officially "woo" me.

My husband remembers this story differently.

He said, I sent him the first message in YM. He even said I "poked" him in Facebook,

I don't know where he got his story. But I will let this one pass because I love love love my husband today. I don't love him everyday but I love him today. 

How about you? Do you remember the first time you talked/met your husband? 

Happy Sunday,



  1. "I don't love him everyday but I love him today." -- LOL at this, I can totally relate :)

    1. Naka drugs ang babae na mahal Nya asawa Nya everyday.

  2. Ikaw po ang naunang kumausap sa akin... hindi ako =)

  3. the more kilig question is who fell in love with whom first ? ;)


  4. My husband is pure Chinese too and I am partly chinese (my dad's middle name is Lim) but we're more traditional Pinoy family while hubby's fam is traditional Chinese na medyo modern na. I met him thru his BFF and we (hubby) became friends first (as in madalas magkasama). Ayun nagka developan na and naging Bf ko na siya. Noon, pinakilala ako sa family, his dad is super OK but his mom and sis, just so-so lang. But habang tumagal din, nag effort din si Mom na maging mas friendly sa akin until ngayon, talagang very OK na relationship namin also with his sis. Now we've been together for almost 20 years, married for 10 at talagang accepted na ako sa pamilya. I love his family and all his extended family, everyone is super bait sa akin. I remember pa nga his ahma giving me ang pao dahil 1st time lang niya ako na-meet. I'm just glad my Fil-Chi relationship and marriage is a successful and happy one. =)