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Wife of a Cheating Husband

Once in a while, I receive a comment that deserves to be a post of it's own. Here is one comment I received from a reader for my entry Thou Shall Not Covet Another Woman's Husband

It was honestly written by a wife, whose husband is a serial cheater. Sadly, It was signed as "anonymous". 

Whoever sent this, Thank You! 

Happy Sunday,



My husband has both emotional mistresses and physically involved ones. I lost track na how many. More than the fingers of my hand. It's like he can never be vacant. There always has to be 2 or 3 of us at the same time. Silly me it took 10 years before I found out.

Thing is, when you are a wife. You have certain expectations and IF you are the quiet type with  no demands, being quiet also puts a bit of stress on weak men. 

Hindi nila malaman why sobra kang relaxed. 

In my case there were many other more important things to worry about and it was just logical to give trust AND concentrate on earning a living and bringing up children and a husband.

Being PROUD  is really our downfall and our saving grace as well.

Seriously (bitterness aside) talaga I was younger, mas maganda, I still look like I am in my 20s (sad to say- maybe kaya he didnt think I was woman enough, anyways) he shacked up with older women with multiple sleeping partners, and multiple children plus being way overly multiplied many times over his age.

Mistresses were very matanda, somewhere in the middle of us in our late 20s and his mom in her late 50s. In the line of 40s and 50s. I once saw one of them and it really made me laugh. 

Initially long ago I thought oops somethings wrong with me siguro. Not pretty enough, not sexy enough or not alluring enough.

Then I saw HER and THEM and the others too. I thought maybe I forgot to comb my hair and I looked like a mess. 

Apparently he likes ordinary women, no ayos no anything. Just ordinary. Nag torture pa sarili ko thinking oh my god she must be Bb Pilipinas or something.

Bukod dyan mataray pa sobra in their own private lives, Not someone sweet and accomodating. These were women who were the take charge types. Patay ka pag niloko mo.

Well I never did get angry at the mistresses kasi apparently they were of the variety na biological clock is ticking-kahit ano nalang. A few were discontent with their own boring husbands. Vanilla flavored.

 I realized that  I never had the misfortune of being compared with anyone in my childhood and I was sure as heck not willing to be in a competition with these women in my prime years.

Fast forward 5 years, I realized having no husband does not change daily life. You get in your car everyday and go to work. It's exactly the same minus all the worries and suspicions and the mental torture.

Peace of mind is indeed priceless.

For mistresses naman, if wives are demanding, You can be sure they are DOUBLE that. Kasi they have more at stake and they sacrificed more and have more FEARS na kelangan magperform at baka mapalitan siya ng ibang mistress. Thats really a hard job to get. 

I would not want to be her shoes. Its like any job, you put so much on the line for it, and you would really kill to make it work.

Begging doesn't work with these mistresses. 

They are like horses with blinders. As with any normal person, too much invested na eh. Kahit they are having second thoughts, there so much work to prove na kahit mistress and kahit wrong choice, pipilitin gawing tama in the end by winning.

 It only stops when the guy says ayaw na or if she finds out na she is MWF, and another lady is T TH S. Sunday is for me, the lowly wife.

These husbands always miscalculate the wrath of their wives, hindi ba. It's either she's too nice, then she-hulk pala. Or Ms Taray. under the saya, then drops you like a hot potato when nakabukingan na. Akala nila ipapaglaban sila.

 How amusing but then yun pala no effort si wife in the end kasi really fed up na.


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  1. Hi L, can u help me kaishao too? I know i am anonymous.. but im decent person. I just dont want to live alone anymore. How can i contact you privately ? I live in sydney by the way. Also fil-chi. Can u email me or I'll email you ? Search me in fb?