Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

 Merry Christmas from me and my husband!

This was my Noche Buena spread for 3 last night.

Had to leave my inlaws house by 8 pm so that I can eat with my own family in Manila,  my family being my brother, me and my husband.

I was so touched that my husband got a gift from my brother. He rarely receives gifts from his own relatives. Usually, Chinese people give angpao. So, it was nice that he opened a thoughtful gift last night, a STAR TREK tshirt. I always believe that a gift or a card is a sign that someone took the time to think of you.

FYI:  My brother and my husband are both Trekkies. They both don't like Star Wars.

After we came back from church, we watched the fireplace from our TV, turned the aircon full blast and shared a cup of hot coco. And just like that, it felt as if we were in a wintery place.

Do you have any Christmas traditions too?

Wishing all of you a happy holidays,


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