Saturday, 28 February 2015

Facials at Dermalogica Rustans

One of the very few luxuries I enjoy in life is a 1 hour BASIC FACIAL in Dermalogica at Rustans.
I usually do this during Christmas, my birthday or when I'm feeling really ugly.

It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. A basic treatment is only 900 pesos. 

The facial in Dermalogica is different from the typical painful session at the doctor's clinic. One main difference is the ABSENCE OF NEEDLES.

The next most obvious difference is the "chi-chi" ambiance.

As soon as you walk into your private room, you are asked to change into a robe.

Spa music fills the dimly lit room.
You feel relaxed even before it starts.

Once you are ready, a trained therapist will pamper your skin for 1 hour using only the best Dermalogica Products.

The facial is very indulgent, complete with cleansing, exfoliating and ending with a massage

The therapist do extract blackheads and whiteheads but they only use their hands. Yes, expect some pain but seriously, it's nothing compared to having those pesky things pricked with needles.

I swear after my treatment,  my skin is glowing. Best of all, no prick marks!

You can find Dermalogica inside Rustans. I usually go to Makati but today, I went to Shangrila Mall because we had lunch in the area.

Right beside Dermalogica is Nail Tropics. 

IDEA: You can schedule a day of pampering. Start by having brunch. Then go have facial. After your facial, have merienda at EAST restaurant. End your day of Self Love with a mani and pedi at Nail Tropics. 

Cost of Self Love Day: 2,500 max!

To Make Reservations CALL:

Ayala Center
Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1226
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City 1552


Feeling Fresh,


Friday, 27 February 2015

First Feature Article

Happy Friday! Just came back from Barcinos. Hey hey happy hour! 

A quick post to share a picture of my first ever published feature. I got a spread on this month's issue of Working Mom.

Thanks Leah and the editors of WORKING MOM PHILIPPINES for the opportunity.



Thursday, 26 February 2015


Today is a special day because it's my first day of school at the INSTITUTO CERVANTES de MANILA. I signed up for Level 1, Spanish Class.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law went to a Chinese Temple in Cebu and asked about our past lives. The master said my husband was a wealthy tax collector in Paris and I was dancer in Africa.

Makes sense. He does think of money all the time and I do dance quite well. Or so I'd like to believe.

However, I really feel that in my past life I was a Spanish lady.

I love Spanish architecture, Spanish food and the beautiful language. Unfortunately, in this life time I was born a Filipino-Chinese.

I want to name my future son, JUAN MIGUEL IÑIGO and my future daughter Maria Carmela Ysabel. BUT! Let's face it, it sounds odd if the last name is CHUA right? So, I will name my kids Ping Pong or Ah Choo instead.

The small campus of Instituto reminds me of the Picasso Museum in Malaga. Sadly...they are moving to Makati in a few months.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Moment We Fell In Love

My boss, Marga Mathijssen once told me..."Never forget the exact moment you fell inlove with each other. When the kids and the problems come and life happens...that moment will sustain you"

So I made sure I never forgot mine.

The first time S said I love you, we were sitting on a bench inside the Botanical Gardens, Singapore. It was around 7pm, dusk. I was lying on his lap.

He said... " I love you.."

I said..."That's nice..."

And no, I didn't just give you a bull*shit story grabbed from "Nottinghill". This really did happen.

It was in Paris, under a full moon on a bridge across the church of Notra Dame that I FELL IN LOVE with my husband. I'm sosyal that way.  Dun pa talaga eh, no?

It was our last day in Paris and we were sad that we were back to doing LDR again. We cried because the thought of being apart is just painful.

 Love and its many expressions really do change in time. You won't always have the dreamy eyes and the corny lines. All you are left with is the memory of THAT one DEFINING moment (two or three if you are lucky)  that the world stopped and only your hearts spoke.

Last year, we found ourselves in Paris again. But this time, not so in love na. We went to that same spot in Notra Dame and all S could think about was "Nutella Crepe". He couldn't admire the view because all he could think about was that stupid crepe.

Instead of getting mad at him, I just closed my eyes and recalled the time we fell in love. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and said..."Why don't we go find that crepe." He smiled and held my hands.

How about you, can you remember the moment you fell in love?

Sentimental Fool,


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Don't Cheat In Your Own Backyard

...or better yet, don't cheat at all.

If you are wondering why there are several posts about cheating here in my journal, that's because I am pissed at the husband of my cousin and my dearest friend, Belle.

What a stupid asshole. His pregnant mistress' workplace is just 2 km away from his wife's office.

I wonder if he has heard of the saying..."Don't sh*t in your own backyard."? Iloilo is one big backyard. Everyone knows everyone. Which is why, I never dated in Iloilo. Well, I was an ugly teenager but yah, that's not the point!

I don't know why guys love sh*tting where they work too. Someone from my old office had an affair with a brand manager. They would have their dates abroad while they were on business trips. Ofcourse, his wife caught them...AFTER 7 YEARS!

I also don't know why some girls don't really see a wedding ring as a deterrence. If a wedding ring is not enough...then surely these beautiful coffee cups from 7/11 won't stop someone from stealing what's yours!

But hey, the brewed coffee by City Blends is good. If you want to keep you Jowa, then buy a cup from 7/11 and deliver to his office everyday.  Mura lang. Effort lang nga to deliver.

If this won't stop the thieves, atleast your jowa will love you again/more. 

Anyway, the saga between my cousin and her stupid husband continues. Everything is happening in one small backyard called ILOILO.

Astounded with the stupidity of humankind,


Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm not a Prude

I'm thankful I have friends who are vocal about their sexuality.
I've heard it all, from threesomes, to bdsm...from straight, gay to bi.
When you don't know much, listening to the experts is like going to Chorla School of the Arts.



Sunday, 22 February 2015


In real life, I have very few friends. My life is very simple and uneventful.

Sometimes, I envy people who frequently post pictures of themselves attending parties and get-togethers. I say to myself, "Wow, they are so lucky they have such exciting lives."

Then, I remind myself that this is my choice to keep life simple. I have eliminated people who I believe are vexation to my spirit. I'd rather be alone that have friends like that.

There was once a girl who, when I posted a picture of my dream wedding shoes, posted a comment in my journal. Her comment was this...

" Ouch! Those look painful".

I found that comment quite hurtful because I saved up for those Louboutin Pumps. I restrained my inner demons from responding.

Another time, I shared about a wedding seminar that S and I attended. I shared about how the seminar helped us understand why we fight and helped us understand how to resolve the fights. The same girl made this comment...

"I'm glad my fiancé and I don't fight."

I was really put off. There I was humbly sharing the flaws of my relationships and she had the audacity to rub in my face that hers was bright and dandy.

If you know me in real life, you know how mean I can be. My tongue is sharp and my punches are strong. If I choose not to respond, it's because I don't want you to cry. 

As a marketer, I am trained to read between the lines, to know your fears and insecurities  and to see what's behind the facade.

What's behind my facade?

I am a recovering bitch. I am working on being nice. I am trying to keep life simple. I am trying to appreciate what I have. In short, I am trying to change. And if you are in my way, I will drop you in a heartbeat. 

I believe there are just people who bring out the worst in me. It could be someone who makes bratty comments or just someone who posts endless selfies. 

I hate selfies. 

I want to punch girls who pout their lips and take narcissistic images of themselves. SERIOUSLY! I try to avoid these people.

 I remember that there was a time that I just couldn't stop myself. So, when my friend posted a selfie with a totally unrelated caption (some stupid quote), I couldn't stop myself and I made this comment...

"Love yourself much?"

Yes...I am that mean. That's why I'm changing.

So now, I have few friends. And these friends help me in my journey to be a better person. 

These are people who have accepted me in their homes, dined in mine and have met my parents. 

These are people who, I can run to when I'm sad. I go to them when I'm scared. With them, I can take off my shields and be weak. I know they won't judge.

Sadly, many of them are not in Manila. I'm thankful that the internet has made them accessible. 

So, how few exactly are my friends?

I think I only have around....5. Just 5. I have met many people but I realize only 5 can genuinely be there for me.

How about you? How many real friends do you have?

Here are some guide questions...

1. You are stranded along Edsa, who will you call?
2. You need to go to the obgyn, who will you ask to accompany you?
3. You have to go to the emergency room at 10 pm at night, who will go to you?
4. You are depressed at 2 AM, who will you send a message to?
5. You are out of the country and your parents encountered something bad, who will you ask to go there and check?

Lastly.... Who among your friends now, will you be there for all the 5 questions I asked. 




Saturday, 21 February 2015


ANG PAO/HONG BAO/ 红包/Red Packets are the standard gifts given during special occasions...weddings, birthdays, Chinese New Year and sometimes, even Christmas!

The amount should be in EVEN NUMBERS but never a 4 in the amount. Bawal 4, 44, 400.  4 sounds like death in chinese.

Ang Paos are usually given by MARRIED couples to Singles and Children. It is to ward off evil and to bring good luck. But, this year I got angpao from my in- laws because we need luck! My MIL said, she's giving me and S for 财气! TSAI KI in hokkien. I learned a new word!

Then I also got ang pao with 20 pesos from the temple!

 Feeling luckier,


Thursday, 19 February 2015

FO GUANG SHAN New Year's Prayer

For me... Buddhism is a way of life.

It is relevant to people who have everything and yet feel empty. It talks about simplifying one's life because the joys and pleasures of the world are but temporal.

I am a lover of all religions. However,  I believe in One God, the Almighty and I believe HE created the Universe. The Universe has a dynamic and a plan. Everything that happens is meant to happen for us to get from point A to point B and ultimately to our destination.  

I also believe that people are innately good. 

My goal now is to CONTINUE simplifying my life. I want to find the joy in the simple things and  to enjoy the now. I'm working on giving happiness to others. Admittedly, it is really not very easy for me to love everyone because I do get agitated and I worry easily but this is my journey.

To clarify, I'm not really Buddhist but I do appreciate the teachings.

Here's the prayer last night. It's so easy to understand why it resonates with me.

Ash Wednesday and Chinese New Year

Yesterday, I felt like a Filipino-Chinese more than ever. I had to celebrate two very important traditions in one day.

In the morning, I attended the ASH WEDNESDAY mass and ate my obligatory JOLLIBEE TUNA PIE for breakfast.

Later that afternoon, we dropped by Ong pin on our way home. The chaos!  Pinoys, Fil-Chis and Caucasian tourists were buying tikoy, fruits, balloons and charms.  I just love the optimism of Filipinos. Hit talaga pag pam pa-swerte

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Chinese Name

Before my ting hun, I was asked to change my Chinese name because it was exactly the same as that of my mother-in-law's. All 3 characters!  I really didn't mind. I wasn't using my Chinese name for anything important.

So, I approached my aunts in Hong Kong to ask for help. I am thankful that they really took the time to discuss and to search for a name that is very well suited to me and a name that will help shape my future. 

I'm sharing in VERBATIM what my aunt said, In verbatim because I just literally copy pasted every word  from her email. Unedited. Raw!  

Auspicious Food To Prepare for Chinese New Year

The most resonating word during Chinese New Year (CNY) is AUSPICIOUS.  Nearly all Chinese people wish for success and prosperity.  And, this desire for an auspicious year is reflected in the CNY repertoire of dishes.

I'll make this quick, because I personally haven't done my shopping yet.

1.  Nian Gao-  A glutinous rice-cake.  The mandarin translation of Tikoy sounds like higher (gao) year (nian). It's usually given to wish someone Good Luck.  At home, we pan-fry with egg wash to make it crispy on the outside and gooey soft inside.
Side Notes: 
- Nice sigure to serve with sesame or shredded coconut. Ma try nga.
- If you have no tikoy, serve Kutchinta

2. Whole Fish- Fish in Mandarin is yu. Yu also sounds like abundance.
 Side Note: Wag ubusin. Leave some left to represent "surplus" for the year ahead.

3.  Dumplings-  For wealth because they represent inggots/money. In China, they have a tradition of eating dumplings at midnight.
Side Notes: Pera talaga iniisip noh? As in kakain tayo ng pera! Hay nakow.

4. Longevity Noodles- Ofcourse you know this! This is for long life.
Side Note: Don't cut the noodles. The longer the noodles, the longer your life.

5.  Egg Rolls- This represents fertility and mortality.
 Side Note: If walang egg roll, pwede rin sigure hard boiled egg nalang.

6.  Mandarin Oranges-  They represent prosperity. I started practicing giving pairs of oranges when I was in Singapore.
Side Note: According to Alvina, if you receive a pair of oranges, you are obliged to also give a pair of oranges. No recycling of oranges please.

7.  Black Moss with Dried Oysters/Abalone-This is to wish for a successful  and prosperous business.
Side Note: Mahal to. I think ung mga may-ari lang din ng successful businesses makakabili.
Cost cutting? Pwedeng din Hot Pot nalang of Talaba.

8. Yu Sheng- The Pièce de résistance. I never heard of this until I celebrated CNY in Malaysia and Singapore way back in 2005. From then onwards, it has always been part of my personal traditions.
 However!!! I'm starting to see some restaurants in the Philippines serving this for this year's CNY celebrations. #pa-uso.  
This is a raw fish salad which sounds like "increase abundance" in mandarin. 
What I like about Yu Sheng is the way it is prepared, served and enjoyed. The ingredients are added in a certain order with "chants" per addition. Then the entire family tosses the salad and as they toss, they recite their wishes loudly.

Side Note: I actually have my set of Yu Sheng but I'm shy to shout out my wishes infront of my inlaws. Hahahah!
Also, I read somewhere that the higher the toss, the better the fortune. So sa 19, I will aim for the cieling. Sabi ni S, he will aim for the heavens. 

Sino gusto sumali sa tossing game?



Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What To Wear For Chinese New Year

Friends for Chinese New Year, wear red if you want power and green if you want wealth. If you want both, then by all means, go dress like a Christmas tree. KIONG HEE HUAT TSAI!

Best Valentine's Day Gift Evaarr by Serendipity Print Shop

And the award for the Best Valentine's Gift for 2015 goes to Louie! Not to my husband, who never gave me anything! Shet! Gift daw nya "self nya and his love" Charotero!

I've been itching to write something about this but I didn't want to ruin my brother's Valentine's surprise to his girlfriend.

This is like a super corny gift but I'm sure if you get this, as in kilig to death,  laglag panty ka rin.

So he gave her a set of cute name cards with the title: Louie's Girlfriend. Plus! he created pa shared email account.


Monday, 16 February 2015

Baby Making is like executing the Expecto Patronum Spell

Patronus Charm:
This ancient and mysterious charm conjures a magical guardian, a projection of all your most positive feelings. The Patronus Charm is difficult, and many witches and wizards are unable to produce a full, corporeal Patronus, a guardian which generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity. You may suspect, but you will never truly know what form your Patronus will take until you succeed in conjuring it." 
-Miranda Gosha 
Harry: "And how do you conjure it?"
Remus: "With an incantation, which will work only if you are concentrating, with all your might, on a single, very happy memory."

I'm starting to feel Baby Making feels exactly like this.  You are scared and pressured  but you obviously need to have very happy and positive thoughts to do "chorlabelles".

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Oh My Gulay! I just realized that today is my first year anniversary in journaling!!!  12 months and 188 posts. Award!

I have achieved no commercial success! Wahahaha!

And that's okay! I can't really be a professional writer because of my bad grammar and my crazy auto correct!  I usually type on my Ipad while I'm waiting for my food to cook.  

I also can't be a "blogger" because I am anti social. Hence, no events for this weirdo. 


Also, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm still trying to stay incognito.

BUT!!! I am very happy that I gained a number of online friends! Yey! They are my reward! 

Shout out to...

Valentine's Lunch at La Cabrera, Makati

I was telling Didi a few days ago that I rarely share my restaurant finds. For one thing, I'm not a blogger and secondly, I'm selfish.

But for this one I will make an exception because I'm sure everybody has seen or has heard of this restaurant along 6750 Ayala.

Yesterday, after a sad Friday night, we decided to cure our sorrows with food. Without any planning, we ended up in La Cabrera, an Argentinian Steak House located beside Shangrila Makati. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Still No Baby

On our 2nd month of trying... still no success.

What do I mean when I say try?

It means...

1. I have visited the doctor
2. We have intercourse during my fertile days
3. I am already taking folic acid


On the upside, more chorla galore.

Still Sexy,


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Spain is my Favorite Country

I've been to many cities in many countries but Spain is my favorite.

Here are my top 7 reasons:

1. Architecture
The architecture of Spain is very similar to the Philippines. The only difference is theirs is well preserved and ours is like the set of Resident Evil.
You see, I love old houses and old buildings. I am old soul.
A couple of years ago, I stepped inside a old and dilapidated mansion in Iloilo. I closed my eyes and images of a people and parties that once transpired in the grand hall flashed in my mind.  Spooky? Not really. Imagination.

When I explore the streets of Spain, I feel as if I am being transported back to the grandeur that was once the Philippines.

Parang Avenida lang noh?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Watched 50 Shades Of Grey With My Husband

I have never ever watched porn with my husband. We don't need porn to get into it. Joks!

And no, I also don't want porn alone. As a matter of fact, I never got to watch porn until I was 27yo. I was in Amsterdam and my hotel room came with free access so I though what the heck, ma try nga. Hay I was disappointed. There was no storyline. Boy looked at girl. Girl looked at boy. CHORLA na. Ngek ano yun. I called Mico, who was in the next room and asked him ba't ganun. His reply..."Doh, what did you expect?"

That was the first and last time I watched porn. So I was quite curious what it would be like to watch "soft porn" with my husband.

OMG... Jusko! Wa effect! As in wala! The only effect of the movie was that we both felt really sleepy. 

I'm not a movie critic but I have experience in casting actors.  For me the main issue is chemistry.  I couldn't feel the intense attraction between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. If you have read the book, there should be have been a cloud of strong sexual tension to the point that either of them could have orgasmed without touching each other. Without words, only acting and chemistry could achieve this objective. Pero wala e, para lang silang actors doing their day jobs.

Jamie Dornan is pogi but he just didn't have that aura of strength and dominance. For me, he's more bagay playing a prince charming or a male lead in a romcom.

Then, there were a lot of blurs which looked like  "black clouds".  In one scene parang Anastasia was mounted by an evil poltergiest from Ghost Buster. In my opinion, the blurs coupled with the corny lines made it comedic. 

The movie also didn't have highs and lows. It seemed flat. My husband who didn't get to read the book found the movie dragging. 

In fairness though, they got it right with Dakota Johnson. She has that good balance of weakness, strength and humor.

Sigh...It is ironic that for something that should've been sexually charged, the movie had no climax.

Needless to say, we both were not aroused. Kwang Kwang Kwang! No chorlabelles tonight.



Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Morning Prayers of A Housewife

Dear Lord,

Thank You for this beautiful morning.

Thank You allowing me to wake up beside a wonderful husband.

Thank You for my home.

Thank You for the smell of coffee brewing and the bread toasting in my kitchen.

Thank You for sun that smiles at me while I am having breakfast.

Thank You for my peace of mind.

Thank You for my good health and that of my loved ones.

Thank You for this opportunity to stay and take care of our home.

Thank You...

I feel so blessed....




Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Last night, I was watching David So on YouTube. In one of his vlogs, he and his friends discussed this documentary about an American company that makes realistic and anatomically correct dolls.

THIS IS A LEGIT COMPANY! They make more than  5 Mio USD a year in revenue!  They even sell worldwide!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


A quick post while I'm waiting for our  delicious dinner to digest. 

FYI: I'm not a paid brand ambassador of Lee Kum Kee. Jusko, I'm not that popular noh!  But, I am friends with their Malaysian brand manager :) 

On a serious note, I geniunely believe that Lee Kum Kee is a must have for Chinay Wives.

Moving on to the recipe! 

This dish is really easy to make. You need only 20-30 mins.

Prepare the following:
200g minced pork
1-2 eggplant
6 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 red bell pepper (diced)
1 pack of Lee Kum Kee Spicy Egg Plant Mix

1. Heat pan for 3 mins
2. Heat oil for 2 mins
3. Sauté garlic
4. Sauté minced pork, add a bit of water
5. Add in bell pepper
6. Pour LKK pack
7. Add in the eggplant 

8. Wait for the eggplant to be tender.

Easy Peasy! 



168 Manila: Gowns and More

My favorite place in Metro Manila is 168! Everything you need is there!

These wedding gowns cost 18, 000 php. I'm pretty sure I can nego them down to 12,000 pesos.
Not bad actually! Very classy!

Monday, 2 February 2015


Mama. Her name is Lourdes.

Last Jan 15-19, when the Pope was here.

Not really. Hence I don't do calligraphy?

Rice and anything fried and saucy.

Yes but truth be told, I have very few friends.

6. Do you have kids?
Not yet. Crossing my fingers.

Not really. But I can be passive aggressive.

Not in a million years.

Many! I cant leave the house if it's messy. I also hate seeing my hair on the floor... These are manifestations of my OCD though.

Tocino, Rice, Atchara, Coffee. I always order the same thing.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

How To Keep Your Husband

Wise words from Tita Ingrid...

"I'll share to you the advice I read & practice to keep & make my man happy!"

"Dress  to the nines everyday. 
Dress like a mistress in bed.
Feed him like a mother. 
In short be a sexy wife with a motherly touch." I guess I have to stop wearing my uniform even if it's really comfy.

Happy Sunday Y'All,



Intermission: Kanina sa mall nakita ko Mommy Fleur. Nakakahiya feeling ko talaga, kilala ko silang lahat. Hahaha! I guess when you read someone's blog you really get that feeling that you know the blogger. So when she introduced me to Alvin,  I was like, "Oo si Alvin, I read about him sa blog."

Face Palm.

Anyway, going back to my real story.

I was having a serious discussion with my husband regarding his business goals. I told him that he shouldn't start with a number. The desire for wealth is insatiable. It will never be enough.

Instead, I told him to start by envisioning a way of life.