Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm not a Prude

I'm thankful I have friends who are vocal about their sexuality.
I've heard it all, from threesomes, to bdsm...from straight, gay to bi.
When you don't know much, listening to the experts is like going to Chorla School of the Arts.




  1. I would like to have friends like that :)

    I remember walking into my first (and last) peep show place in NYC with a few friends (nagkatuwaan lang) a long long time ago, I wanted to be all cool and look around. Unfortunately, my girl friends started pointing, giggling and shrieking (i.e. "eeek, ano yan!", "ang laki yuck!", "gross!"), making us even more conspicuous and obviously out of place. We left immediately because the creepy guys started coming over to where we were.

    I was so bummed, I wanted to see more *wink*.

    1. It's actually quite nice nga to have very liberal friends.
      I also have 1 very conservative friend who counsels me on spiritual matters.
      And I have scientific (ie doctor, nurse) friends
      Good Mix in the few the handful that i have.

      My liberal friends teach me without giggling how to do better in bed. And if ever I get bored and want "toys", they will buy for me without hesitating. And they can answer just about any female hygiene related questions. For real!

      My Gay Best Friend took me to red light district and the sex stores in Amsterdam. And yes, the sex museum too!

      It's nice to have people to talk about these "adult/ x rated stuff". And you know what, its not at all bastos the way the talk about it. Just very factual. sometime, to do when there's nothing good on TV that sort of thing