Thursday, 12 February 2015

Spain is my Favorite Country

I've been to many cities in many countries but Spain is my favorite.

Here are my top 7 reasons:

1. Architecture
The architecture of Spain is very similar to the Philippines. The only difference is theirs is well preserved and ours is like the set of Resident Evil.
You see, I love old houses and old buildings. I am old soul.
A couple of years ago, I stepped inside a old and dilapidated mansion in Iloilo. I closed my eyes and images of a people and parties that once transpired in the grand hall flashed in my mind.  Spooky? Not really. Imagination.

When I explore the streets of Spain, I feel as if I am being transported back to the grandeur that was once the Philippines.

Parang Avenida lang noh?


2. Wine, Sangria and Pinxtos
In Granada, for every order of wine/beer you get a free plate of tapas. A wine of glass in Spain is around 1.50-2.00 euros whereas in Paris it is 3.50-5.00 euros.

And during the summer months, a glass of Sangria or Tinto Verano is so refreshing. You will love it even if you are not lounging around at a beach.

3. Coffee
I normally have my coffee black no milk, no sugar...but the Cafe con Leche of Spain is an exception. The blend of the bold Spanish coffee with the creamy milk is like a flamenco dance in your mouth. 

4. Food
The flavors of Spanish dishes are stronger  compared to other European countries. Honestly, I find the food in the Western Europe a bit bland. Although those with more refine palates would  probably describe those flavors as "balanced".

I love the abundance of garlic, paprika, olive oil and pork in the menu! Sopas de ajo..yumyumyum. Albongidas...yum yum yum... Calamares Fritos...Bacalao Frito...Berenjas con miel...divine.

5. Language
Ilonggo has a lot of Spanish words. Infact, we count in Spanish. 

6. People
One thing I hate is the fact what when we go out with my friends, we are always on the phone. I count myself guilty of this social crime.
In Spain, when people go out for drinks and tapas, they are talking to each other and even to you! No phones in sight! No one taking pictures of their food!

7. Shopping
Popular Brands, Cheaper Prices, Higher Tax Rebate...enough said.
Spain is the home of Zara, H&M, Mango, Blanco, Desigual, Loewe, Zegna and many many many more.

For me, Spain beats France! Good food, Best Value, Friendly People and Affordable Shopping!




  1. I love looking at old Spanish houses!!
    Creepy ba? Sa New Manila ang dami and I love the *old* feeel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SOmeday magse-spain ako.. Some day

  2. Isolated Philippine mansions may resemble some of those found in Spain but the streets are so different. Avenida Rizal for example has that ugly LRT structure running through it with monstrous electrical/cable wires, endless billboards,pollution and chaos all around.Spanish streets are much more cleaner and beautiful.

    1. Ofcourse it's different now. You have to imagine how. It was before the LRTs and wires. Now...just pitiful. Sad