Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Don't Cheat In Your Own Backyard

...or better yet, don't cheat at all.

If you are wondering why there are several posts about cheating here in my journal, that's because I am pissed at the husband of my cousin and my dearest friend, Belle.

What a stupid asshole. His pregnant mistress' workplace is just 2 km away from his wife's office.

I wonder if he has heard of the saying..."Don't sh*t in your own backyard."? Iloilo is one big backyard. Everyone knows everyone. Which is why, I never dated in Iloilo. Well, I was an ugly teenager but yah, that's not the point!

I don't know why guys love sh*tting where they work too. Someone from my old office had an affair with a brand manager. They would have their dates abroad while they were on business trips. Ofcourse, his wife caught them...AFTER 7 YEARS!

I also don't know why some girls don't really see a wedding ring as a deterrence. If a wedding ring is not enough...then surely these beautiful coffee cups from 7/11 won't stop someone from stealing what's yours!

But hey, the brewed coffee by City Blends is good. If you want to keep you Jowa, then buy a cup from 7/11 and deliver to his office everyday.  Mura lang. Effort lang nga to deliver.

If this won't stop the thieves, atleast your jowa will love you again/more. 

Anyway, the saga between my cousin and her stupid husband continues. Everything is happening in one small backyard called ILOILO.

Astounded with the stupidity of humankind,



  1. i just realize that some women are even more attracted to married men. kainis!!
    I feel terrible for your cousin and friend! I know of a couple.. the kabit also works in the same office it's just that evening shift si kabit and wifey is morning shift (call center) so there and the man got both wifey and kabit pregnant one month apart!! It's a perfect story for a teleserye but it's real.

    1. WTF! Cguraduhin Lang Nya nga ang sweldo Nya kasing laki ng libido Nya.

    2. hahahaha e that was the time when i was going gaga over The Legal Wife on TV so i totally feel for the wifey!

  2. You should have a side gig as a dating guru of a weekend newspaper, I'm sure your experiences would be very useful. I am or was tempted to ask for an opinion on a film chi relationship but I don't want to bog you down with details. But thanks for writing all the posts so far, it was nice to follow and read.

    1. Nyay my grammar occasionally sucks. I feel I have to read and re read my entry to notice the errors. Hahaha.

      I have a post on fil-chi relationships :) but if your question is more specific, ask away. I'll even ask my mother in law for a more conservative view :)

    2. Hi thanks for replying, not so much a problem just confused and wanted an opinion. I did read the earlier post and it was interesting thank you. I think one of the issues about filchi relationships which is quite important is class (social background).

      In my case I'm in a LDR with a middle class Filipina and I'm Chinese (born in Europe). Just wanted to know really if there is a typical middle class Filipina? Or family. What are they like? I actually don't understand her sometimes, the way she thinks.

      P.S. you have no idea how many late nights editors stay up correcting grammar, that could be you =p grammar is not the issue, its all about the content!

    3. 1. You are first generation born in Europe :) Where is your family from? China? Indonesia? Philippines? Malaysia? Singapore?

      2. Middle class is a good place to be in. It's a growing segment in the Philippine population and is a driving force in our economy. Technically speaking in socio demographics, they are considered CLASS B&C. And this segment works in corporations and BPOs. They could very well afford to travel, eat in nice places, buy mass premium and entry level luxury brands.


      If you want to talk about class, you have to be more specific. What's the work of her parents? What does she do? Where does she live? Where did she go to school?

      Money can put you in a certain demographic but it can't buy you class. Cliche but true.

      Case in point....ME.

      I am technically middle class (based on SEC definitions). BUT, I am mixed with provincial austerity and sensibilities. I married someone from the upper class...sorta. I mean, not the top most but borderline upper class.

      I'm a freaking embarrassment!

      I may have enough funds but I don't have class to survive a society event. This is not because of the fact that I'm middle class but rather the background and the environment where I grew up in.

      You want to know someone better? Visit her home. Spend time with her family. The fruit doesn't usually fall far from the tree.

      Lastly, if you love someone...class shouldn't matter. My husband loves me in spite of all the social faux pas I have committed haha.

    4. I actually am, also happen to be the first gen to finish school and university. Transitions, sad, hopefully my children will be more successful. No lawyers or doctors in this gen at least (typical asian stereotypes). I did do Law but not my cup of tea unfortunately. My family is actually from Hong Kong, which is more common where I live.

      To give you more detail. When I refer to middle class (she actually might be borderline top, but I would say middle class) I'm talking about the fact that she lives a similar lifestyle compared to me (developed: developing country) and in some cases even better, this is despite the inflated prices for western style living and products in Philippines and taxes, lots and lots of those. Specifically, she has the right name, which as far as I understand is considered more important when talking about social background. A few generations back her grandad was a Duke. I can't remember where she went to study however it is definetly middle class or higher, I'm classing her as middle class based purely on the disposable income she has compared to normal Filipinos (and me), but what I'm saying is that socially she would be considered middle class at least, according to cultural standards there. To name another example, her best friends mum is a leading lawyer in Philippines. But honestly I don't think she has the social manners either to survive a social event ahahah :)

      Maybe I should have rephrased it better. Why are women so confusing? Or does growing up in a middle class family in Philippines predispose you to learn or think in a certain way? #blogideas

      I love her silly and we get along well and have even thought of the M word, but I'll wait few years and see where we are. I was just really interested in your blogs and wanted a chat really =D thanks for replying!

    5. All women are complicated...regardless of nationality or class. If you figure us out, I'll be the first to buy your novel. Cheers.

    6. Will do, love your latest post by the way place looks really beautiful :)

    7. Oh, you wanna give me the name of your girlfriend :) this is a small community :) I'll see if I can dig up something hahah

    8. Ahahah I'm okay but thank you, she has a lot of cousins though :) I appreciate your curiosity. Will be visiting this May so looking forward to it, still planning where to go but was thinking Palawan and another place, she has a car anyhow but I think we'll probably visit some holiday places.