Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Chinese Name

Before my ting hun, I was asked to change my Chinese name because it was exactly the same as that of my mother-in-law's. All 3 characters!  I really didn't mind. I wasn't using my Chinese name for anything important.

So, I approached my aunts in Hong Kong to ask for help. I am thankful that they really took the time to discuss and to search for a name that is very well suited to me and a name that will help shape my future. 

I'm sharing in VERBATIM what my aunt said, In verbatim because I just literally copy pasted every word  from her email. Unedited. Raw!  

We finally choosing the Chinese name for you is瑞君, or 君瑞, Candy IQ is very fast, I tell her you choose this 2 word she immediately suggest for this name, the rest of the girls tell that is a good name also.

Teresa explain me that , this is very good word and good meaning in Chinese, it stand peaceful, luck and power.  The 2 symbol animal in China, Lion & Phoenix, both of them are big and powerful, so Chinese people like to placing them in house or in front of the Company, like HKB, or Bank of China in Central, due people trust they are big and powerful, can protect the company bring them luck and of course in peace, and in Chinese we call this 2 animal in 瑞獸, and we never using the word in , you know this wordgive to the people have a feeling that you just like to show up how powerful you are is overbearing, Candy also don’t like the name in翔威.

There is a Chinese saying, that we are not scare you select the wrong family name, but more scare for whatever the name you are choosing, the name will affect the rest of your life.  I’m not superstitions but in my present stage, I’m more realizing the deep meaning of that, as you can say I’m more surrender in my life.

The word in , in ancient time of China, this word 君臣is a king, very high position=Monarch, and this word put on lady size on that period, it means that lady is being respectful, a virtuous person, and in now we saw this word we can described it as this person is smart and doing something in a gentle way, means smart and gentle.  So now can you get the whole meaning of it?

These two Chinese words are showing positive. 蔡瑞君, OR 蔡君瑞 are ok, the first one are more lady, people sure will know it is lady, second one like men’s name, hard to guess you using this name, surely this name is not in common, hardly to find the same one, due you are the one who choose this 2 words, and make the name of your own.

Lastly the voting is Mimi,Lam Lam and me are prefer the first one, Candy like the second one.  The final decision you consider la…

Momo suggest 蔡曉君, it is very lady’s name and common, I don’t think you will like it.

My advise as a smart person they always do something that can impressive and convincing to the people, I think that is the most powerful, keep always in humble and in peace, it is necessary, than you were find life is happy and soft, otherwise you will feel life is hard and not enjoyable. Something you have to learn to understand due you  soon become someone’s wife, different identify, can’t act childish anymore, special in front of your husband's parents will you catch what I mean?

All for now, good luck and all the best!


So this Chinese New Year, I am revealing my name to you... It's...


Chong Ching Chong,



  1. I can't imagine how I'd react or how I'd handle being asked to change my Chinese name. I don't really use it much these days but it is still *my* name. On the other hand, it's not uncommon for people to change Chinese names, my nephew's was changed when he was 5 - something to do with him missing an element or two and that caused him to be sickly, he is fine now after the name change.

    It's nice to meet you, China Lion Phoenix Royal =)

    1. My name changed before this. My mom can't speak Chinese so she wasn't that invested in choosing a name for me.

      First, it was 美龍 for beautiful dragon but then someone said it seemed like a name for a drag queen. So they changed it to 美玲 Mei Ling which doesn't really mean much.

      I was too young to complain that it seemed really blah.

      I was quite happy when I was asked to change it. There were some negative superstition association w having the same name,

      Had I loved my name,though, it would have been a totally different story.

      Nice to meet ya!