Tuesday, 3 February 2015

168 Manila: Gowns and More

My favorite place in Metro Manila is 168! Everything you need is there!

These wedding gowns cost 18, 000 php. I'm pretty sure I can nego them down to 12,000 pesos.
Not bad actually! Very classy!

Their entourage gowns are also not too shabby! 

Little girls' gowns. I got this for 600 pesos. It's for a school birthday party. It was either this or a badly constructed Elsa costume. They actually have more decent and nicer ones but I had to choose something cartoonish.

Ofcourse, 168 has lots of shoes. These Valentino Studs are only 300 pesos! 

This tiara is 300, 250 php if you buy 6 pcs up.

There's even a piano for 12,000 pesos.

Comme des Garçons T-shirts

Bazaar Stuff

There's more at 168 but my battery ran out. 




  1. been wanting to spend more time in divisoria or 168mall, but it's such a trek to go there from mandaluyong, plus the whole place is incredibly stressful.

  2. What is the name of this store? the top picture of the wedding dresses looks to be of nice quality?