Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Best Valentine's Day Gift Evaarr by Serendipity Print Shop

And the award for the Best Valentine's Gift for 2015 goes to Louie! Not to my husband, who never gave me anything! Shet! Gift daw nya "self nya and his love" Charotero!

I've been itching to write something about this but I didn't want to ruin my brother's Valentine's surprise to his girlfriend.

This is like a super corny gift but I'm sure if you get this, as in kilig to death,  laglag panty ka rin.

So he gave her a set of cute name cards with the title: Louie's Girlfriend. Plus! he created pa shared email account.


Ang corny di ba! Pero, aminin if binigyan ka ng crush mo cguro clap clap ka rin.

Oi! but before ka man-lait, know that this was my brilliant idea! MY IDEA!BRILLIANT!

It all started when I ordered my own name cards from Serendipity Print Shop. It was just a very random purchase from an IG seller...
I really liked how the owner gave me design ideas and accommodated my vision, which changed a number of times because I couldn't seem to make up my mind.

You like my "Loubotin-wearing housewife" name card?

I really liked what she did for me! Super love! And she is so mabait! So, I asked my brother if he wanted one for himself too. This is what she made for him.

Then, kasi super aliw to the max ako, I said..."Hey make one din for your girlfriend!" Louie said, "I don't know what she wants written in her name card." I said, "Eh, di put Louie's Girlfriend tapus give it to her this valentines." Ay natuwa si brother sa idea ko.

The best part is...the prices are super good! As in shockingly good! You have to email serendipity.print.shop@gmail.com to find out the rates. If I put it here, mabubuking price ng gift ni Louie.

They have super nice designs to choose from! I love the floral prints!

You know, maganda din to for proposal. Imagine pag bukas ng card...it has this design 

and these words...


as in Mrs na and using your boyfriend's last name na!





  1. Aww... Thanks so much, L! Touched that you would write an entry for my online design + print shop :) -Serendipity Print Shop

  2. Super love my cards too!!
    And yours aswell!! :)

    Natuwa ako dahil may MRS pa talaga!!

    I want you to meet Sab minsan. :) Sab is super nice :)