Friday, 13 February 2015

Still No Baby

On our 2nd month of trying... still no success.

What do I mean when I say try?

It means...

1. I have visited the doctor
2. We have intercourse during my fertile days
3. I am already taking folic acid


On the upside, more chorla galore.

Still Sexy,



  1. awwww don't feel sad L.... I know exactly how you feel. as my OB would say, if nothing is wrong then just keep on trying till you hit jackpot. the baby will come when its the right time. Sending good vibes to youuuu!!

    1. Para kasing ticking tim bomb e

    2. ano ba!!! think positive parati! we've been married for 4 yrs so i can so relate pero isip nalang namin the baby will come when it's the right time..right now enjoy nalang the chorlas :)

  2. Try not to worry about it too much. My husband and I "tried" for a little over a year before we conceived.

    We would kid around nga that it's much easier to get pregnant if you're unmarried and still in school, isang try lang buntis na!

    1. i guess its the pressure and also our age. I'm 32 and he's 34. The pressure gets to both of us.
      we had to do "work-up" and apparently we both need to do it.
      honestly, i dont mind adopting etc but my husband has a different view.
      the different view i think adds to the pressure

    2. I was exactly the same age when we started trying :) It was also extra-stressful for us because we knew a few other couple-friends who were trying and were having fertility issues. I swear, para kaming nag-re-reunion sa fertility clinic because at one point, there were 3 couples visiting the place.

      We did our work-up and were already convinced about trying IUI and we decided to wait till the next cycle. Surprisingly, we conceived that month. I suspect that it might be because we were relaxed and there wasn't much pressure on us to "produce" anymore because we were getting help soon.

      Lots of luck :)


    3. The funny thing is, I never even doubted up until now.
      Facts and numbers talaga can result to fears
      I have been to the doctor before, so I know I'm all good
      But with fertility... There's the chamba factor that the sperm arrives just the right time to meet the egg, which incidentally stays for number of hours only.
      At eto pang egg ko, napaka punctual din at parang nagmamadaling umalis.
      I've never been late since I got my period in elementary.

      Gosh, di na Talaga ako natutuwa mag chorla. :(

      Kaya I need to really practice the expecto patronum charm

  3. L, si Panget married me when he was 34 and we conceived 35 na siya. OK Lang yan.
    Alam mo.. GET DRUNK one night and gooooooooo!!

    Minsan kasi yang clean living na yan is confusing your body! Pag preggy na tsaka na mag clean living! Hahaha.. I would love to comfort you but I don't know how. Basta one day it will come. Hirap kasi if it's a chore. My friend who were trying 2 years ago said na masakit na daw tuhod ng asawa niya! Hahahaha...

    Will pray for you and S!

    Same tayong on the dot and periodicals... :) I got mine at 10!!!

    1. With guys naman parang til 100 can have baby. Unfair no! I got mine din mga around 9.
      I'll be fine. Happy happy Lang yan. I tell my husband, I never doubted myself. I come from a long line of fertile women. But he needs to be less stressed! It takes two to tango Afterall