Saturday, 28 February 2015

Facials at Dermalogica Rustans

One of the very few luxuries I enjoy in life is a 1 hour BASIC FACIAL in Dermalogica at Rustans.
I usually do this during Christmas, my birthday or when I'm feeling really ugly.

It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. A basic treatment is only 900 pesos. 

The facial in Dermalogica is different from the typical painful session at the doctor's clinic. One main difference is the ABSENCE OF NEEDLES.

The next most obvious difference is the "chi-chi" ambiance.

As soon as you walk into your private room, you are asked to change into a robe.

Spa music fills the dimly lit room.
You feel relaxed even before it starts.

Once you are ready, a trained therapist will pamper your skin for 1 hour using only the best Dermalogica Products.

The facial is very indulgent, complete with cleansing, exfoliating and ending with a massage

The therapist do extract blackheads and whiteheads but they only use their hands. Yes, expect some pain but seriously, it's nothing compared to having those pesky things pricked with needles.

I swear after my treatment,  my skin is glowing. Best of all, no prick marks!

You can find Dermalogica inside Rustans. I usually go to Makati but today, I went to Shangrila Mall because we had lunch in the area.

Right beside Dermalogica is Nail Tropics. 

IDEA: You can schedule a day of pampering. Start by having brunch. Then go have facial. After your facial, have merienda at EAST restaurant. End your day of Self Love with a mani and pedi at Nail Tropics. 

Cost of Self Love Day: 2,500 max!

To Make Reservations CALL:

Ayala Center
Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1226
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City 1552


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