Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014, A Boring Year

There are years that are the best of times.
There are years that are the worst of times.

2014 is not one of those years.  I mean it in a good way. It's a peaceful year with no manic highs and with no steep lows.

If you were with me Q4 of 2011, you would understand why I deserve this year of peace and silence. 2011 was the year of change, career growth and disintegration of life as I knew it then.

This year, I rested. My life stopped and I had time to look around and appreciate the little things around me.

Yes, you can argue that it was an exciting year for me because I got married last July. But honestly, my wedding was just one awesome event. And if you know me, you'd also know that I have many events and several memorable parties under my belt.

The wedding was wonderful but it was the marriage that I looked forward to. My marriage brought me joy through a lot mundane things, such as breakfasts, new traditions, dinners and chores (Yes! Chores!).

Last night, I was lying beside my husband and this is what I told him...

"At this very moment, everything is good. We are together. We have good health. We have food. We have nothing specific to worry about. Our families are safe in their homes. Nothing exciting is happening. I am bored. All these make happy."

You know, sometimes we wish for significant and exciting things to the point that we fail to appreciate the boredom. 

True, boredom is the absence of anything exciting.  But! hear me out. Boredom is also the absence of worry. How can you be bored if you are worrying about a problem? ABER!

If you have experienced a depressing and traumatic period in your life, you will appreciate the peace that boredom brings. 

I know that this phase will not last forever and I am cherishing every second of it. Every time that I sit down and my brain is empty, I feel so happy. I deserve this pause. I am happy being bored. My body thanks me for it. And I thank my husband. Without him, this pause is not possible.

If I wear to summarize my 2014...

2014 is a year of pause. It is the year of rest. It is the year that I stopped and observed my environment and appreciate the little things and the people in my life. It is a good year and I never want to forget it.


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Traditional Filipino Media Noche Menu

I haven't even digested my Noche Buena (I had 3 Christmas Dinners!) and here I am preparing for Media Noche!

This is my first New Year's Celebration away from Iloilo.  I have decided not to be ambitious. I will not attempt to match mama's menu. My mom throws the most epic Media Noche (and Noche Buena!)
FYI: Traditionally Noche Buena is enjoyed on the 24th of December and Media Noche is the feast enjoyed on the 31st.

The picture below showcases her spread last year. Bonggangbels di ba!

Okay, wag ma windang! 

For those who are not as skilled as my mom you may copy my Basic Media Noche Menu.

1. Twelve (12) Round Fruits - For luck

2. One (1) Pineapple-  Also for Luck!  Pineapple in Hokkien is called Ong Lai which sounds like "Luck Come"

3. Spaghetti or Pancit- For long life. Another Chinese Tradition.

4. Lechon- Isn't ironic that we will serve noodles for long life and yet lechon will actually shorten it?

5. Biku, Sapin Sapin or Any Form of Sticky Rice- for Family Togetherness. Yet another Chinese Tradition. Looks like Pinoy Tikoy noh? 

6. Whole Fish Preferably Lapu-Lapu con Mayonesa!- Fish is for abundance. Still a Chinese Tradition!

Most of the items are pretty easy to do (or buy) except for the Mayonesa. I really want to make one but it looks so difficult!

Good Luck with your Media Noche Preparations!

Domestic Goddess,


Monday, 29 December 2014

Unexpected Dark Clouds Causing Strong Waves

...Causing Stong Waves of Emotions...

My heart is burdened now.

My parents have gone back home to Iloilo. My first ever Christmas feast was a success. Things are slowly getting back to normal..except my tummy which still demands to be seen!

I will write about my Christmas celebrations soon but for now, I need to get something off my chest. 

Yesterday, before we drove my parents to the airport, we attended the 9 am Sunday service at CCF.  It started out really well. We had a hearty breakfast and I was all pumped up to do my praise and worship.

Then when the choir started singing Chris Tomlin's Song, "Whom Shall I Fear"  a thought came to me. I turned to S and said, "You know, a few weeks ago, maybe Miss P also sang this song in this very halls."

I started weeping uncontrollably again. I faced S so that my mom won't see me. Nahiya ako to show my mom that I'm on my crayola mode again. My mom rarely cries. Feeling ko spartan sya. Para syang member ng 300.

After the service ended, we bumped into Miss P's husband. Understandably, he was very sad. I sensed the heaviness of his heart so I started crying in front of him. It's embarassing.  I don't know him. I just met him that day! But I wanted to hug him and cry with him. S didn't know how to react. 

I really hate it when I feel strong emotions such as this. I could never control it. Lalo na if may music! I seem to have taken to extremes the saying, "Put yourself in other's shoes". 

This is not the first time such thoughts and emotions occurred to me. Early this year, when I watched the newsfeed of the crash of MH370, I told S..

                "You know at some point, the people on that plane also 
                  watched the newsfeed of the ferry accident in Korea.
                  I wonder what they were thinking then..." 

Do you also have these thoughts? Or am I weird?'s a blessing.

I think my very existence is surreal. Sometimes, I don't understand why I have thoughts and feelings that are different from S and from other people. Same hardware but different software. How did that come about? Soul?

Life fascinates me. 

Life also scares me a lot. It's great now but the future is so uncertain. I only have a 3-month planning horizon. Anything beyond 3 months is so vague for me.

All these dark thoughts reinforce the importance of NOW.  

My NOW is so important that I don't want anything or anyone ruining it. My "now" is the only thing certain. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come. 

It's hard for others to understand my lack of regard for public approval. Truth be told, it is rooted in my fear of the future.

I pray every morning and every night for God to help me strengthen my faith so that I can ward my fears away. I do yoga so that i can learn to let go.

Sorry if this post is just a bunch of mumbles.  The incident yesterday compounded by the disappearance of AirAsia 8501 casted a dark cloud over me.

It's hard for me to structure my thoughts because I feel terribly down again. I spent the entire night praying for all the love ones left behind. S has been watching the news nonstop since yesterday. I want to help. I don't know how. 



Monday, 22 December 2014

Your Guide To Noche Buena

I grew up in a home where Christmas is a big deal.  My mom goes all out in decorating the house and in preparing the Noche Buena.


My mom owns Christmas. Even if our house looks like it's dressed in drag, we really appreciate that she makes an effort to make holidays memorable for us.  

During Christmas,
 Our house is the auditorium...
the Noche Buena is the show... 
...and my mom is the star.

Note the present tense. My mom is still at it.

Now that I am a wife and we have our own home, I decided to "mount" a traditional Noche Buena. Traditionally, it should be enjoyed after midnight mass.  But truth be told, it starts as early as 11 in the morning of the 24th and it's non-stop eating until the 25th.

Yesterday, I did my grocery for my First Ever Noche Buena. Nice spread di ba? I can't wait to cook.

My shopping inspired me to write this post for OFWs, Foreigners (who married Pinoys) and the new home-makers like me who are planning to host their first ever Noche Buena too. 


1. Lechon
  In Iloilo, my mom serves an entire adult-size pig. I think, we will only buy 1 kilo.

2.  Macaroni Salad
As the former Brand Manager of Lady's Choice, I can sincerely tell you that this is the best brand to use for your PINOY-STYLE macaroni salad. It has a different taste profile from Kraft and Best Foods. If you want your macaroni salad to be savoury and malinamnam, get Lady's Choice.
However,  If you want it sweet then get Best Foods Mayo Magic or Wonder Mayo.

3. Pinoy Style Spaghetti
I got the Del Monte Pinoy Style Spaghetti Sauce but I will mix it with the Dole Pure Tomato Sauce so that it will not be that sweet. I also got Kraft Cheese.

4.  Fiesta Ham
I want to play it safe so I went for the Purefoods Fiesta Ham . It costs around 500php for 900g. A bit more expensive. There are cheaper ones but they contain extenders. Read the back labels.

5. Quezo de Bola
This is edam cheese. If you want pure Edam, check the ingredients list. If you see "Modified Food Starch", it means it has extenders. The ones around 500-900 are pure edams.  The one below is around 280 php.

6. Tsokolate
I know its probably easier to use make a cup by just using Swiss Miss but okay...since it's Christmas I will put the myself through the hassle of preparing it from a tablea.

7. Fruit Salad

(Photo from

8. Kakanin
You can have sapinsapin, puto, puto bumbong. I'm just buying a small pack of Puto from Rustans.

(Photo from iamlouise23)

9. Leche Flan
(Photo from Panlasang Pinoy)

Then, out of nowhere.... I just got a text from my brother, "Inday, I'll make eggnog ha..."

Huh? Where did that come from? Haha! That's not pinoy! And yes, he calls me INDAY.

Hope this helps! 



Note: Majority of the Photos are not mine. I don't claim any credit over them.  This is not a paid post :)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

I'm only Human

I'm only human.
I get attached to people.
I feel sad when they have to leave or 
when they have to be let go.
It's really difficult
Sometimes, I feel I'm better off not developing relationships.
I fear feeling sadness when I'm faced with the possibility...
and eventual fact that I will never see them again.

I'm sad. It's a good thing my husband is here to cheer me up.

Friday, 19 December 2014

What Your Lunch Bag Says About You

I won't really call myself a fashion expert...

But I admit, I do look at other girls' shoes, accessories, bags to get an idea on what type of personalities they have. And for guys, I look at their watches.

A brand is a brand for a very good reason. A lot of thinking went into its name, designs, price, adverts etc.

In the words of Miranda Priestly,  "So, it's sort of comical how you think that you have made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff.

I believe that style is personal and is a form expression.  And it's not just one item. It's not just that blue sweater or that black Louboutins. It's everything put together into one cohesive outfit, which people in social media refer to as #OOTD (outfit of the day).

And call me crazy but I believe that even your lunch bag is an extension of your style.

I mean imagine wearing a smashing black power #OOTD, Prada and all and you're carrying one of those canvas shopping bag with the name of the supermarket plastered all over it. Parang di bagay! Although admittedly, it is also a form of personal expression.

When I saw this chart from BUILTNY, I couldn't help but think of myself and my friends... What print suits us?

Can I pull off being a fashionista? Nahh... 
And I certainly am not a rocker chick!

Maybe it's easier to start with my friends first!

So after a few minutes, I managed to connect the dots.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Because I was feeling down yesterday, my husband took me to Rockwell. 

Rockwell was decked with boughs of holly fa la la la.  No corner and columns were spared.

Then when we got to the food hall, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a new food outlet. LA LOLA CHURRERIA serves authentic Spanish churros.  The owner told me that they just opened 5 days ago! 

We ordered the small pack which had 6 HUGE churros and was around 100 pesos.  The churros of La Lola make the churros of S&R look anorexic.

The  churros themselves were fresh, crispy on the outside and soft, moist and warm on the inside. They were lightly dusted with sugar but it wasn't too sweet. Just right! 

If you get to try their churros, your taste on churros will surely be redefined and all other churros will just taste blah! I swear!

Enough said. PERFECTION!

You need to order the Belgian Chocolate dip separately for 60 bucks. It was thick and creamy and my mouth is watering just by writing about it.

After we had coffee and churros, I was starting to really cheer up. Sugar, Caffeine, Lights....go figure.

I  went around Rockwell for some retail theraphy. I needed to buy new loafers and top to complete my desired look for the holidays. 

You see, every year I make sure I buy a new red dress or a red top and lots of red accessories.  I must wear red for luck! 

This year, I'm going for a more casual look. I love this simple red tshirt and this red BUILT NY, that my husband gave me.

This bag makes the entire look pop!

Tomorrow,I will go to Rustan's to finish my Christmas Shopping for my husband. I'm dreading the traffic in that area.

Looking for my FESTIVE mojo,


Churreria La Lola
B1 Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati;

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why Am I Iyakin?

Last night, S went out. He advised me not to join him because I am notorious for crying at just about anything and everything.

I don't understand why. Maybe I just have very high empathy and extremely high levels of hormones
I cried when I watched Land Before Time.
I cried when I watched American Tail.
I cried when the emperor awarded Mulan with a Medallion and told her to tell her father what she has done for China.
cried when Simba was born and Refiki raised him up and the music started playing.
I cried when all the rats came to help Remy and Chef Linguini.

My gosh...all those movies are cartoons.

I cried when I read Amy Tan's JoyLuck Club.
cried when I watched Joy Luck Club!
To make it worst, I also cried when I read my history books way back in highschool.

At work, it got really embarrassing.

cried during our Global Conference when Mico showed the introductory video about Indonesia.
cried when Mico showed the Libaran TVC of Blue Band.
cried infront of the entire team when I attempted to share the Smart TVC about a husband who had a stroke and about that robot who befriended a lola.

S says I can cry at a drop of a hat.

I cried at nearly every episode of Junior Masterchef US. By the final round, I was bawling.
I cry everytime I listen to Peter Tanchi's sermon.
I cry when I watch the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.
I cry when gymnasts make a perfect landing.

The most ironic this is I am one of the bravest person you will meet. I don't back down from fights. I take criticisms with a straight face. I argue passionately.

But I don't know why I am such a cry baby. Nakakahiya talaga.



Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Near Future

In real life, I am quite different from the way I write here. 

The truth is sometimes I'd go through my "sad seasons" for weeks or months. 
During these sad seasons, my thoughts would be very dark, somber and hopeless and so I would translate these thoughts into optimistic and humorous stories.  Let's be pragmatic, who wants to read depressing entries?

However, behind the scenes, I would search for blogs and people I could relate or I could draw inspirations from. I believe that what I feed my mind can shape my views about life. 

It was during one these sad seasons that I stumbled upon Patty's blog,

Patty was a corporate girl who took a career shift and became a stay at home mom because she was going through cancer treatments. I felt I could relate to her.

I devoured her blog when I was sad. I latched on to every word and thought because to me...those were like prescriptions on how to deal with the new chapter of my life.

Then her blog disappeared!

Sunday, 14 December 2014


When I got married, I didn't really plan on conceiving right away. I just wanted to enjoy married life with S. That's it. Then one day, I woke up and realized that I want a baby. Yes, it happened just like that!

So, for weeks now, I have been oggling at baby videos on YouTube. I repeatedly watched, "IN THE WOMB" on National Geographic. I have been drooling over nursery room photos. Ang while in Iloilo,I took every opportunity to carry my friends' babies. 

Oh my! I'm even starting to get addicted to that baby smell. It's  officially. I have Baby Fever and I'm letting the universe know so that I can attract positive juju.

I don't know if the universe was teasing me but last week, I went to Iloilo and I just saw babies everywhere I went!

My first event for that trip was baptism of Donric, the first born son of Richard and Donna Ali. The amazing and friendly couple is based in Qatar. I was honored when Richard asked me to be a ninang and I was so happy to see him again, this time with a beautiful wife and son!

When I saw Donric, I was so surprised when Donna told me that he is only 3 months old. I thought he is 6-7 months na. Donric used BabyPlus. 

He is very alert.

He looks very curious.

He is attentive. 

He is sociable.

He is calm.

Other babies were crying their heads off during the baptism ritual but Baby Donric was just listening intently to the priest.

Donna told me that many of their relatives commented that Donric is more attentive compared to other babies his age. When you talk to him he listens and it seems that he understands everything you are telling him. It maybe too soon to assess the full impact of Babyplus,  but it's obvious that Donric will be achieving his developmental milestones earlier compared to other babies. I won't be surprised if he says his first word before he turns 6 month old.

Babyplus is a prenatal education device that is patterned after the maternal heartbeat. 

The product idea is pretty easy to understand.

Many moms believe that they can help with the fetus mental development by talking or singing to their tummies or making the fetus listen to classical music.

But what I learned from watching National Geographic's IN THE WOMB, the loudest and clearest sound the fetus can hear is the mother's heartbeat. The grumbles of the stomach fluids are also very loud.

Because of the loud sounds inside the mother's body, spoken word and music are not that clear. In fact, they all sound muffled to the fetus because they need to pass through air then water. Imagine the radio is on the table and music is blasting from it. Then go into the water and try listening to music from that radio. Not clear, right?

By the 13th week, the fetus's ears are starting to develop. By using Babyplus, the fetus starts to learn by differentiating between the  series of heartbeats from the  device vs the heartbeat of the mom. This process of differentiation is the first step in learning.

Remember when we started preschool, our first exercises in school were CIRCLE THE ODD ONE OUT.

This is the fetus version of that. It makes sense right? How can you differentiate from muffled sounds of words and music. Not apples to apples.

I have received a lot of positive feedback about BabyPlus. A couple of ladies in our office used this and they all had wonderful things to say.  My good friend borrowed the Babyplus device from my gorgeous boss, Pinky and she had this to say.

I also read this message from another mom.

And several more positive notes on Instagram.

Because I'm not that young, I want to prepare my womb. I have started taking folic acid for 2 weeks now. I have made my first appointment to the OBGYNE. I hope I get the chance to use Babyplus really soon. 

Please pray for me :)



For those interested to know more about BabyPlus, Visit If you're in the Philippines, add BABYPLUS PHILIPPINES in Facebook. 
It is available in Mothercare, Rustans, Cudsly, Babyland, Chicco, Baobao Babies and other baby shops.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


The true test of friendship is called a PAPSMEAR TEST.

My best friend Dr. Estherwell Portigo-Uy, one of the youngest and finest Obgyne-Obstetrician in Iloilo City conducted my papsmear test this afternoon. 

Initially I was really apprehensive to show my privates to my bestfriend. I mean, she knows everything about me but I don't think she should know EVERYTHING.

However my other friends, Irene, Em-Em and Lessu convinced me that it's really normal and I'm being a prude.

Eventually, I did end up in her clinic in QUALIMED, where I reluctantly spread my legs so that she could take "swabs".

After the procedure I felt that Estherwell or Dr. Portigo-Uy and I have taken our friendship to the next level.

For Real?! 

How many of you here can say that your bestfriend has seen you naked?

How many can say that your bestfriend has seen your privates? 

Well, wala kayo sa akin. My bestfriend has not only seen my vajayjay, she has seen my CERVIX too.



Monday, 8 December 2014


There are days when we feel the need to be all romantic, to connect on a "spiritual level" and to do all those sappy stuff. 

Unfortunately, an overnight stay in a nice hotel is expensive. It will cost us atleast 5,000 pesos for one night.

So, we just replicate the staycation experience in our own room.

Here are some of our essentials:

1.  Gorgeous, Soft, Smooth and Hotel Quality Bedsheets- The one below is my favorite, the DwellStudio Peacock Citrine.

2. Tray!- To replicate the room service experience! CHAROT!
We got this tray from Rustans. It was around 2,000 php.

3. Wine- The best choice is to get a bubbly. Put some cherries and you have a Bellini-ish drink.

4. Strawberries or Grapes

5. Cheese- Please don't get the stinky ones

6. Chocolates- I love Fauchon and Royce. If on a budget, Cadbury! 

7. Lastly...NO INTERNET.

Oh di ba! And this is how we ROI on our bedsheets and our room!

Please don't serve rice and ulam. Hindi bagay.

Missing my husband,


Sunday, 7 December 2014

How To Use A Fan To Communicate

I don't know why the ladies in the big city don't use Abanicos or "Folding" Fans. Perhaps, it's because there are aircons everywhere they go.

In my hometown, a number women still use Abanicos. The richer they are, the more beautiful and the more exquisite their fans.  I think this is how they look mayaman over here. How To Look Mayaman

The ALTA props in my home town are not bags but Abanicos and Handkerchiefs.

It's very common to see the "altas" attend mass with fans that match their outfits. Mama said, "If hindi alta, pamphlet or misalette ang pamaypay".

My mom explained that this is because of our strong Spanish influence. Iloilo was once awarded "The most loyal city of Spain" and was the last one to revolt. While we don't speak broken Spanish like the Zamboanguenos, there are a lot of Spanish words in our dialect...including our most common curse phrase, "Iho De P#T@".

That or maybe, the ladies here still use Abanicos  because Iloilo has one of the highest electricity rates in the country.

Whatever the reason is, my mom collects Abanicos. She especially loves those that are handcrafted in Spain. She has been collecting since she was 20 years old. Her collection is huge!

Here are some of her favorite pieces:

I got her this when I went to Madrid.

This one is from Seville.

From Granada

This one was from my dad. This is more than 40 years old. He gave her a fan when he was still courting her.

This is one is also gorgeous but she told me that this from HK.

Do you know that you can communicate just by using your Abanico? No words!  I saw online an article called " The Language of The Fan".

This Christmas, I'm giving my mom 2 Abanicos from Rustans. Rustans sells gorgeous Abanicos, handcrafted from Spain. Apart from the fact that they sell reasonably priced Abanicos, Rustans also has the best gift wrapping service in the whole country!

Come to think of are very useful too when you have sore throat.



Another Opportunity To Wear My Wedding Gown

If and when I do have a baby, I will wear my wedding gown during the baptism ceremony.

Fitting into that gown will surely serve as a good motivation to lose weight.

Dear God, please give me a baby. I really want to wear my CECILIO ABAD  gown again. 

Hoping & Praying,


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Isn't It Ironic?

With only 30 mins left til my flight, I was still on the road. 

To make it worse, the song of Alanis Morisette, "Ironic" was blasting away from the radio. When it got to the part, " Traffic Jam When you're already late", S turned the volume up. 

Finally to make it worst, I  wanted to pee BADLY! 


Traffic to the airport was so bad with all the construction work etc. I can safely assume it will only get worst during the peak festive days.

I did make it. BUT...for a few minutes there I was shouting like Sisa because my check-in counter was closed when I arrived.

Now it's boarding time.

S, I'm sorry for questioning your judgement. Sorry! Bye! Won't dillydally again. Last na to. Swear to god, hope to die.



PS> wrote this while I was falling in line for boarding but didn't make it in time to post.  Now I'm having Pizza and wine here in Iloilo.

CROQUE: French Cafe and Bakery in Makati

If you love food and wine as much as I do, France is one of your heavens on earth. French cooking has simple ingredients but has very high technique. I love France so much that I actually had my pre-wedding photos with S in Paris.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Why We Fight

S and I, we fight. Oh boy, we fight good.

I occasionally envy couples who never ever fight. But to hope that we will never fight is wishful thinking.

The core reason is revealed by this chart. S is the eldest and the only boy. I am the eldest and the only girl. Our age gap from our siblings is 7-8 years. 

Allow me to dissect each element from this chart.

1. Natural Leader
    He leads. I lead. No one follows.

2. High Achiever
    We are competitive and we more often than not, compete with each other. 
    While I am very proud of my husband, it hurts my pride that when he does something better than me, he makes it a point to rub it on my face. He told me yesterday that he wants a memo pad with the note "I told you" printed on all the pages.  

3. Organized
    S is super organized to the point that he is bordering OCD.  
    I am diagnosed with a mild case of clinical OCD but I manifest it differently. Everything is in order but I  have places where I hide my stuff. Remember Monica from Friends. I am Monica in real life. (FYI, This is just one of many symptoms. The rest are darker.)  So, when S opens my cabinets he gets very agitated when he sees all the things I stuff inside it. He gets very annoyed that I don't close or cap anything and that I don't put things (phones and eyeglasses) in their case. 
My principle simple: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. I have yet to figure out what S' principles on organization are.

4. On Time.
    If it's a work related, I'm on time.  If I'm in Singapore, I'm on time. The rest, time is relative. S is always on time and to make it worst, he is always early. When I was still working in UL, he waited for me for 30 mins- 2 hrs.

5. Know-It-All
   That's me! I "think" I know everything and I get upset if S doesn't know those things which I think are "elementary" information.
   And S knows everything about real life. He got really upset when I tried to clean my Tori Burch leather flats with lotion.
   We are both Know-it-All but on different fields of study.

6. Bossy
   Enough said.

7. Responsible
    I am very responsible. S is very responsible. The problem is when he meddles in things I am responsible for and vice versa. For instance, when he starts cleaning the house which is my jurisdiction. I feel offended. Then, I also want to do finance analysis of his business and give unsolicited consultancy. He feels offended.

8. Adult Pleaser
    This is more S'. I rarely bother.

9. Obeys the Rules
    I love obeying rules. I also read a lot which leads me to learn more rules. I get really upset when S doesn't follow those rules which only I have read about. 
Then S imposes all these societal Fil-Chi rules on me. Like, attending parties where I obviously don't know anyone or understand anything.

So with our fundamentals a mess, the whole  Love and Respect  thing is really a struggle for both of us. 

But because I love my husband, I try.

Do you fight guys fight too? Or are we the sick ones?

Trying to be good,


PS: I didn't make the chart. If anyone knows the original source, please let me know. I  just saw it on my friend's wall.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

So It's Not Easy As The Teens Make It Seem

Last Monday my period arrived. I'm not pregnant.

For nearly 2 weeks, I didn't take allergy meds and didn't drink a drop of alcohol even if my veins were singing "Cab Sauv...Sauv Blanc". 

After I had chorla during my fertile phase, I felt I had to be a little more cautious lest I sabotage the future of my spawn.

Anyway, I realize that it is not that easy to get pregnant.  Right time (of the month) and Lack of Stress don't necessarily result in two lines.

So for those who get pregnant from 1 night stands...ang swerte nyo naman. Parang "add water" and instant baby na.

Am I sad? 

I'm more of worried about the possibility that my hardware may not be operational. I'm not exactly young! 32 years old na! 

On the other hand, I am relieved. I have been suffering the worst allergy attacks during the last 2 weeks. THE WORST, I tell you. In fact the first thing I did when I got my period was to drink Iterax.  I have also been feeling rather thirsty for wine.


My consuelo de bobo is I have a wine tasting gig tonight.

I'll try again next time. 

For Now Let's Drink Up,


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Round Mirror for Ke Tseng

A mirror in Chinese traditions is a tool to ward off evil spirits. Have you ever noticed that a Ba Gua has a mirror in the middle?

In Feng Shui, Ba Gua mirrors are used to counteract negative Qi.

One of the items in my Ke Tseng List was a ROUND or OBLONG WALL MIRROR. Ideally the frame should be gold, but I really found most designs tacky.  I spent many months looking for a design that would match my style and our home,

I went to Home Depot and couldn't find anything that was remotely close to what I want. I even saw a mirror with puca shells as frame. Ayaw ko nga! Baka isipin ng guests ko na  ni-nenok ko lang yun sa isang hotel sa Boracay!

S saw a round mirror with sun rays in one of the high end furniture stores in Greenbelt. It was around 50,000 pesos. Aside from that fact that it is super expensive,  I didn't like it because it looks like a 
Monstrance (The gold container that has a place to put the Host in the middle. It used for Adoration 
and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament).

Finally ages of stressing over my Ke Tseng Mirror, I stumbled upon this really nice furniture store along Pasay Road- MAV.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

I love myself...

14 ...because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Friday, 28 November 2014


It's almost 2 am and I still have a residual high from my first ever THANKSGIVING DINNER in our new home.

No, I didn't grow up in the States. I've just always been so fascinated with the concept of an American Thanksgiving that when I finally got an oven, I asked my brother Chef Louie to prepare a feast for me.

He certainly did!

Starting at 6 pm on a Wednesday he started BRINING the turkey and he made a raspberry compote. Kasi wala pong cranberries sa bukid namin. OS!

He arrived at around 2 pm THURSDAY ( technically yesterday na yun kasi it's 2 am now). 

He seasoned the turkey with herbs and spices then glazed it with honey and sugar. On top of that he coated it with....secret. He wanted it flavorful and malinamnam.

Lastly he stuffed it with lemons.

Every 30 mins he would take the turkey out of the oven to baste it.

It took 4 hours or so for the 12lbs turkey to cook. My inlaws arrived 2 hrs before dinner time, so Louie panicked! You can't rush the turkey.  Then S arrived and he announced that he is hungry. In fact, he was so hungry that while the master was basting, he took spoonfuls of turkey fat and slurped it. Higupin ba naman ang taba. 

By 6:00 the turkey was almost was starting to look gorgeous

Hangtagal!!!! Hungry!!!

At exactly 7 pm,we were all so  gutom. We just had to eat na! 

But...when he put the turkey on the table, I was aghast! Oh no ano to? TURKEY binakol?! I thought it was overcooked and charred but surprisingly, the skin was flavorful, sweet and crispy. No burnt taste at all!  Apparently this was his plan all along. How dare I question the skills of the Master Baster.

We also had yams...which I just found out yesterday are just sweet potatoes. Ngek. Kamote lang pala.

For dessert, we had CLAFOUTIS. It's actually a french kind of fruit pie. Since the entire metro has no stock of confectionary sugar to dust the top of the pie, AS IN WALA, we had to make chantilly cream. 

Pretty naman di ba. Here's a beauty shot of my pie.

Because we were super hungry, we ate the turkey with RICE! Ofcourse rice + roasted poultry demanded a liter of cold COKE. And as if it wasn't filipinized enough, I ate with my hands...much to S' horror.

It was such a filling night! Filled with good food and good conversations with 2  good friends and my inlaws. When I saw the pictures, I am reminded that there's just so much to be thankful for.