Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014, A Boring Year

There are years that are the best of times.
There are years that are the worst of times.

2014 is not one of those years.  I mean it in a good way. It's a peaceful year with no manic highs and with no steep lows.

If you were with me Q4 of 2011, you would understand why I deserve this year of peace and silence. 2011 was the year of change, career growth and disintegration of life as I knew it then.

This year, I rested. My life stopped and I had time to look around and appreciate the little things around me.

Yes, you can argue that it was an exciting year for me because I got married last July. But honestly, my wedding was just one awesome event. And if you know me, you'd also know that I have many events and several memorable parties under my belt.

The wedding was wonderful but it was the marriage that I looked forward to. My marriage brought me joy through a lot mundane things, such as breakfasts, new traditions, dinners and chores (Yes! Chores!).

Last night, I was lying beside my husband and this is what I told him...

"At this very moment, everything is good. We are together. We have good health. We have food. We have nothing specific to worry about. Our families are safe in their homes. Nothing exciting is happening. I am bored. All these make happy."

You know, sometimes we wish for significant and exciting things to the point that we fail to appreciate the boredom. 

True, boredom is the absence of anything exciting.  But! hear me out. Boredom is also the absence of worry. How can you be bored if you are worrying about a problem? ABER!

If you have experienced a depressing and traumatic period in your life, you will appreciate the peace that boredom brings. 

I know that this phase will not last forever and I am cherishing every second of it. Every time that I sit down and my brain is empty, I feel so happy. I deserve this pause. I am happy being bored. My body thanks me for it. And I thank my husband. Without him, this pause is not possible.

If I wear to summarize my 2014...

2014 is a year of pause. It is the year of rest. It is the year that I stopped and observed my environment and appreciate the little things and the people in my life. It is a good year and I never want to forget it.



  1. I heartedly agree I wish I could be as bored as you, I would embrace it with so much pleasure. I wish you the best of 2015. It will be a challenging year for us but after 2013 and 2014 bring it on we can face it heads on. Take care . God Bless.

    1. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! This is it!!!

    2. Funny that's what I always tell myself. We are just waking up to a new day on a new year. All the best.