Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why Am I Iyakin?

Last night, S went out. He advised me not to join him because I am notorious for crying at just about anything and everything.

I don't understand why. Maybe I just have very high empathy and extremely high levels of hormones
I cried when I watched Land Before Time.
I cried when I watched American Tail.
I cried when the emperor awarded Mulan with a Medallion and told her to tell her father what she has done for China.
cried when Simba was born and Refiki raised him up and the music started playing.
I cried when all the rats came to help Remy and Chef Linguini.

My gosh...all those movies are cartoons.

I cried when I read Amy Tan's JoyLuck Club.
cried when I watched Joy Luck Club!
To make it worst, I also cried when I read my history books way back in highschool.

At work, it got really embarrassing.

cried during our Global Conference when Mico showed the introductory video about Indonesia.
cried when Mico showed the Libaran TVC of Blue Band.
cried infront of the entire team when I attempted to share the Smart TVC about a husband who had a stroke and about that robot who befriended a lola.

S says I can cry at a drop of a hat.

I cried at nearly every episode of Junior Masterchef US. By the final round, I was bawling.
I cry everytime I listen to Peter Tanchi's sermon.
I cry when I watch the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.
I cry when gymnasts make a perfect landing.

The most ironic this is I am one of the bravest person you will meet. I don't back down from fights. I take criticisms with a straight face. I argue passionately.

But I don't know why I am such a cry baby. Nakakahiya talaga.



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  1. Stalker levels na talaga.. Parehas tayo!! I am super tapang but mababaw ang luha ko! I cry at commercials ng J&J dati! Gosh....

    Uy, yung Junior Master Chef nakaka-iyak kasi naman yung mga kids diba? I saw an episode and I cried! Panget was laughing at me! OMG..