Monday, 8 December 2014


There are days when we feel the need to be all romantic, to connect on a "spiritual level" and to do all those sappy stuff. 

Unfortunately, an overnight stay in a nice hotel is expensive. It will cost us atleast 5,000 pesos for one night.

So, we just replicate the staycation experience in our own room.

Here are some of our essentials:

1.  Gorgeous, Soft, Smooth and Hotel Quality Bedsheets- The one below is my favorite, the DwellStudio Peacock Citrine.

2. Tray!- To replicate the room service experience! CHAROT!
We got this tray from Rustans. It was around 2,000 php.

3. Wine- The best choice is to get a bubbly. Put some cherries and you have a Bellini-ish drink.

4. Strawberries or Grapes

5. Cheese- Please don't get the stinky ones

6. Chocolates- I love Fauchon and Royce. If on a budget, Cadbury! 

7. Lastly...NO INTERNET.

Oh di ba! And this is how we ROI on our bedsheets and our room!

Please don't serve rice and ulam. Hindi bagay.

Missing my husband,


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