Friday, 19 December 2014

What Your Lunch Bag Says About You

I won't really call myself a fashion expert...

But I admit, I do look at other girls' shoes, accessories, bags to get an idea on what type of personalities they have. And for guys, I look at their watches.

A brand is a brand for a very good reason. A lot of thinking went into its name, designs, price, adverts etc.

In the words of Miranda Priestly,  "So, it's sort of comical how you think that you have made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff.

I believe that style is personal and is a form expression.  And it's not just one item. It's not just that blue sweater or that black Louboutins. It's everything put together into one cohesive outfit, which people in social media refer to as #OOTD (outfit of the day).

And call me crazy but I believe that even your lunch bag is an extension of your style.

I mean imagine wearing a smashing black power #OOTD, Prada and all and you're carrying one of those canvas shopping bag with the name of the supermarket plastered all over it. Parang di bagay! Although admittedly, it is also a form of personal expression.

When I saw this chart from BUILTNY, I couldn't help but think of myself and my friends... What print suits us?

Can I pull off being a fashionista? Nahh... 
And I certainly am not a rocker chick!

Maybe it's easier to start with my friends first!

So after a few minutes, I managed to connect the dots.

Mariebelle is good in calligraphy and DIY stuff.
Claribelle  paints, plays the guitar, sings.
Rohina is an amazing writer. Read her blog, NERDY DEVI and you'll see what I mean! I'm so looking forward to her novel!

Sweet :
Primrose is the sweetest girl I know. Really Caring.

Estherwell. Hands down! Brave and opinionated!

Abbie Sinjian has the most amazing shoes and bags collection. Valentino, Celine...drool....

Smart and Driven:
Cherie Alipat is one of those girls I truly admire. She moved to the US. Put herself through school. Now with a law enforcement job in New Mexico.
Merissa is a powerhouse in the Australian BPO industry. She's a jetsetter who is the president of her very own company!

Rocker Chick:
Em-em may have transformed into a glamourazzi but to me she will always be that Silver Chair fan.

Carmela won many-oh-so-many gold medals from national and international swimming competitions.
Myrell was a volleyball superstar in highschool.

Fun Loving:
Alvina, the perky and happy girl! When I was sad in SG she really knew how to cheer me up!
Joy B. Always smiling, happy and optimistic.

Finally, ME!  I'd like to think  that I fall into the Fun-Loving Category but I really love the Smart & Driven Bag, the red one. Hmmmm....

How about you? What's your style?

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Good Luck!

Shopping Mode,


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