Sunday, 7 December 2014

How To Use A Fan To Communicate

I don't know why the ladies in the big city don't use Abanicos or "Folding" Fans. Perhaps, it's because there are aircons everywhere they go.

In my hometown, a number women still use Abanicos. The richer they are, the more beautiful and the more exquisite their fans.  I think this is how they look mayaman over here. How To Look Mayaman

The ALTA props in my home town are not bags but Abanicos and Handkerchiefs.

It's very common to see the "altas" attend mass with fans that match their outfits. Mama said, "If hindi alta, pamphlet or misalette ang pamaypay".

My mom explained that this is because of our strong Spanish influence. Iloilo was once awarded "The most loyal city of Spain" and was the last one to revolt. While we don't speak broken Spanish like the Zamboanguenos, there are a lot of Spanish words in our dialect...including our most common curse phrase, "Iho De P#T@".

That or maybe, the ladies here still use Abanicos  because Iloilo has one of the highest electricity rates in the country.

Whatever the reason is, my mom collects Abanicos. She especially loves those that are handcrafted in Spain. She has been collecting since she was 20 years old. Her collection is huge!

Here are some of her favorite pieces:

I got her this when I went to Madrid.

This one is from Seville.

From Granada

This one was from my dad. This is more than 40 years old. He gave her a fan when he was still courting her.

This is one is also gorgeous but she told me that this from HK.

Do you know that you can communicate just by using your Abanico? No words!  I saw online an article called " The Language of The Fan".

This Christmas, I'm giving my mom 2 Abanicos from Rustans. Rustans sells gorgeous Abanicos, handcrafted from Spain. Apart from the fact that they sell reasonably priced Abanicos, Rustans also has the best gift wrapping service in the whole country!

Come to think of are very useful too when you have sore throat.



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  1. I so love fans!! Pero yung chipipot lang.. mala saizen/daiso fans.. i can't seem to have enough! Its a staple in my bag. As in every bag I have may corresponding pamaypay.. Ayoko kasi ng naiinitan. PLUS! When you get stuck in an elevator - it comes in handy. Twisted noh? Yan ang reason why I always bring a fan in the first place! Hahaha.. Labo ba? Kelangan kasi prepared!!