Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Round Mirror for Ke Tseng

A mirror in Chinese traditions is a tool to ward off evil spirits. Have you ever noticed that a Ba Gua has a mirror in the middle?

In Feng Shui, Ba Gua mirrors are used to counteract negative Qi.

One of the items in my Ke Tseng List was a ROUND or OBLONG WALL MIRROR. Ideally the frame should be gold, but I really found most designs tacky.  I spent many months looking for a design that would match my style and our home,

I went to Home Depot and couldn't find anything that was remotely close to what I want. I even saw a mirror with puca shells as frame. Ayaw ko nga! Baka isipin ng guests ko na  ni-nenok ko lang yun sa isang hotel sa Boracay!

S saw a round mirror with sun rays in one of the high end furniture stores in Greenbelt. It was around 50,000 pesos. Aside from that fact that it is super expensive,  I didn't like it because it looks like a 
Monstrance (The gold container that has a place to put the Host in the middle. It used for Adoration 
and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament).

Finally ages of stressing over my Ke Tseng Mirror, I stumbled upon this really nice furniture store along Pasay Road- MAV.

MAV is a chic furniture company owned by Eric Po, Eric Mendoza and Vincent Sandoval.  These 3 visionaries understand that the Filipino home owners want furnitures and accessories that are stylish, beautifully designed and affordable.

And that's exactly what I found! I got a unique round mirror that looks like a window hatch of a ship or even a submarine and it was so much more affordable compared to the blessed sacrament. Hahaha.

Mav also sells DwellStudio Bedsheets, which are the prettiest and coziest bedsheets in my opinion. 

After the unveiling ritual, we kept the Mav Mirror in our bedroom for 100 days as per the instructions of my Mother- In-Law. 

But, we didn't want to keep the mirror in our bedroom forever because it is meant to be displayed for everyone to appreciate. Now, it is finally mounted in our living room! LOVE!!!!

Look at the details! My Christmas Tree is peeking haha.

I'm glad I didn't have to compromise design for traditions. All you Chinay brides or anyone who wants unique  home decors, go make a beeline to MAV! They even have more designs of round  mirrors available now! 

PS. This is not a paid post! I don't get paid for my posts.

I see, I love, I buy, I write!



Makati Branch:G/F 926 Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Road)
Makati City, Philippines 1223
(Near New World Hotel)
[Click here to See Map]
Tel: +63.2.8449549
Greenhills Branch:
Designmix Building
59 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills

San Juan City, MM
Tel: +63.2.7057185

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