Monday, 22 December 2014

Your Guide To Noche Buena

I grew up in a home where Christmas is a big deal.  My mom goes all out in decorating the house and in preparing the Noche Buena.


My mom owns Christmas. Even if our house looks like it's dressed in drag, we really appreciate that she makes an effort to make holidays memorable for us.  

During Christmas,
 Our house is the auditorium...
the Noche Buena is the show... 
...and my mom is the star.

Note the present tense. My mom is still at it.

Now that I am a wife and we have our own home, I decided to "mount" a traditional Noche Buena. Traditionally, it should be enjoyed after midnight mass.  But truth be told, it starts as early as 11 in the morning of the 24th and it's non-stop eating until the 25th.

Yesterday, I did my grocery for my First Ever Noche Buena. Nice spread di ba? I can't wait to cook.

My shopping inspired me to write this post for OFWs, Foreigners (who married Pinoys) and the new home-makers like me who are planning to host their first ever Noche Buena too. 


1. Lechon
  In Iloilo, my mom serves an entire adult-size pig. I think, we will only buy 1 kilo.

2.  Macaroni Salad
As the former Brand Manager of Lady's Choice, I can sincerely tell you that this is the best brand to use for your PINOY-STYLE macaroni salad. It has a different taste profile from Kraft and Best Foods. If you want your macaroni salad to be savoury and malinamnam, get Lady's Choice.
However,  If you want it sweet then get Best Foods Mayo Magic or Wonder Mayo.

3. Pinoy Style Spaghetti
I got the Del Monte Pinoy Style Spaghetti Sauce but I will mix it with the Dole Pure Tomato Sauce so that it will not be that sweet. I also got Kraft Cheese.

4.  Fiesta Ham
I want to play it safe so I went for the Purefoods Fiesta Ham . It costs around 500php for 900g. A bit more expensive. There are cheaper ones but they contain extenders. Read the back labels.

5. Quezo de Bola
This is edam cheese. If you want pure Edam, check the ingredients list. If you see "Modified Food Starch", it means it has extenders. The ones around 500-900 are pure edams.  The one below is around 280 php.

6. Tsokolate
I know its probably easier to use make a cup by just using Swiss Miss but okay...since it's Christmas I will put the myself through the hassle of preparing it from a tablea.

7. Fruit Salad

(Photo from

8. Kakanin
You can have sapinsapin, puto, puto bumbong. I'm just buying a small pack of Puto from Rustans.

(Photo from iamlouise23)

9. Leche Flan
(Photo from Panlasang Pinoy)

Then, out of nowhere.... I just got a text from my brother, "Inday, I'll make eggnog ha..."

Huh? Where did that come from? Haha! That's not pinoy! And yes, he calls me INDAY.

Hope this helps! 



Note: Majority of the Photos are not mine. I don't claim any credit over them.  This is not a paid post :)


  1. ohhhhh u used to handle Lady's Choice? I used to work with them before when I was still handling a certain food magazine :D hahaha your choices above are perfectly aligned with mine. :P

    1. Yep! Regional SBM for 6 years :) next feast...CNY!

  2. Lechooon!!

    Uy, for the ham - I go for Victoria's Ham from Bacolod. Ang sarap nun super!! :) I'll give you when I get my orders.. Hehehe..

    Ang sarap naman ng mga ihahanda mo!! Juicecolored - ako, I BUY na! Tamad na to prepare!! Hihihihi.. (BI-ing you!!)

    Love, Didi