Sunday, 14 December 2014


When I got married, I didn't really plan on conceiving right away. I just wanted to enjoy married life with S. That's it. Then one day, I woke up and realized that I want a baby. Yes, it happened just like that!

So, for weeks now, I have been oggling at baby videos on YouTube. I repeatedly watched, "IN THE WOMB" on National Geographic. I have been drooling over nursery room photos. Ang while in Iloilo,I took every opportunity to carry my friends' babies. 

Oh my! I'm even starting to get addicted to that baby smell. It's  officially. I have Baby Fever and I'm letting the universe know so that I can attract positive juju.

I don't know if the universe was teasing me but last week, I went to Iloilo and I just saw babies everywhere I went!

My first event for that trip was baptism of Donric, the first born son of Richard and Donna Ali. The amazing and friendly couple is based in Qatar. I was honored when Richard asked me to be a ninang and I was so happy to see him again, this time with a beautiful wife and son!

When I saw Donric, I was so surprised when Donna told me that he is only 3 months old. I thought he is 6-7 months na. Donric used BabyPlus. 

He is very alert.

He looks very curious.

He is attentive. 

He is sociable.

He is calm.

Other babies were crying their heads off during the baptism ritual but Baby Donric was just listening intently to the priest.

Donna told me that many of their relatives commented that Donric is more attentive compared to other babies his age. When you talk to him he listens and it seems that he understands everything you are telling him. It maybe too soon to assess the full impact of Babyplus,  but it's obvious that Donric will be achieving his developmental milestones earlier compared to other babies. I won't be surprised if he says his first word before he turns 6 month old.

Babyplus is a prenatal education device that is patterned after the maternal heartbeat. 

The product idea is pretty easy to understand.

Many moms believe that they can help with the fetus mental development by talking or singing to their tummies or making the fetus listen to classical music.

But what I learned from watching National Geographic's IN THE WOMB, the loudest and clearest sound the fetus can hear is the mother's heartbeat. The grumbles of the stomach fluids are also very loud.

Because of the loud sounds inside the mother's body, spoken word and music are not that clear. In fact, they all sound muffled to the fetus because they need to pass through air then water. Imagine the radio is on the table and music is blasting from it. Then go into the water and try listening to music from that radio. Not clear, right?

By the 13th week, the fetus's ears are starting to develop. By using Babyplus, the fetus starts to learn by differentiating between the  series of heartbeats from the  device vs the heartbeat of the mom. This process of differentiation is the first step in learning.

Remember when we started preschool, our first exercises in school were CIRCLE THE ODD ONE OUT.

This is the fetus version of that. It makes sense right? How can you differentiate from muffled sounds of words and music. Not apples to apples.

I have received a lot of positive feedback about BabyPlus. A couple of ladies in our office used this and they all had wonderful things to say.  My good friend borrowed the Babyplus device from my gorgeous boss, Pinky and she had this to say.

I also read this message from another mom.

And several more positive notes on Instagram.

Because I'm not that young, I want to prepare my womb. I have started taking folic acid for 2 weeks now. I have made my first appointment to the OBGYNE. I hope I get the chance to use Babyplus really soon. 

Please pray for me :)



For those interested to know more about BabyPlus, Visit If you're in the Philippines, add BABYPLUS PHILIPPINES in Facebook. 
It is available in Mothercare, Rustans, Cudsly, Babyland, Chicco, Baobao Babies and other baby shops.

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