Thursday, 20 October 2016

Our Baby Nursery

On my baby's 6th month,  she finally has a nice room all for her.

The crib and the changing table came from the house of our in-laws. They were delivered there because we initially intended to stay with them for 6 months. When left on our 2nd month, much earlier than planned, we left without our baby furnitures.

See that gray sofa, that's the nanny's bed. We got that from SM for 4,500 pesos. Mahal din pala. Maganda kasi foam. I want the yaya to sleep well.

For nearly 4 months, Baby G slept beside her in our guest bedroom because our bed is on the center of our room and we were worried that the baby will roll off. Aside from that practical reason, my husband also couldn't sleep if she's around.  Sinasabunutan nya daddy nya. 

Now that she's crawling and attempting to jump off the bed, the crib really gives us a peace of mind especially when we are all in the kitchen or living room doing our chores.

She's still not used to sleeping inside her crib though. At night "sisilip" and "tatawa" sa nanny nya.  Eventually she'll get used to it.

How have you all been! Drop me an email to say hi! I've missed you all!


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