Thursday, 27 October 2016

Nips Limited Edition

By now, you already know that I like Nips and it's my trademark Halloween Giveway.

I went to the grocery store to buy Nips for the trick or treat event in our Condo. And I saw these interesting two new variants from Nips.

This is my favorite. Nips Chocomint Delight. I really like anything minty. Even my favorite tea is mint!

The Berries  n' Cream, I got for my husband. I personally don't like fruity and chocolate combinations.

And the best part is...each bag only costs 18 pesos!  

Now, excuse me. I need to go back to my chores.




  1. Ako ulit ito Ms. L. Meron pang isa na parang nips nung araw, Moonbits. Ewan ko lang kung meron pa ngayon. Throwback na Ms. L, since thursday naman ngayon.

    -Cheapangga Fan (meron na akong name Ms. L. Derived from your previous post about sa cheapangga lootbag :D Na realize ko cheapangga din ako. hahaha)

  2. san po pwd mkbili po nyan im cavite city po

  3. san po mern po nyan. taga cavite city po ako.