Monday, 24 October 2016

How To Be Close

One can't simply say, " We are family, let's be close."

Cordial and civil, yes. But "to be close" is a different matter. It takes effort, chemistry and time to develop a close relationship with someone.

In real life, I draw a clear line to differentiate friends from acquaintances. Friends are those who you can viber at any time of the day and share your joys and woes with. Acquantainces are those you say hello to when you bump into each other in the mall.

One of my close friends is a reader of this journaL. She just started emailing me and we have been friends now for more than a year! 

That being said, how can one develop a close relationship with a person.

1. Ask questions to get to know him or her better. 
    What's your favorite color? 
     Yes! Parang slam book lang! These useless tidbits will come in handy in time. Trust me.

2. Keep in touch
    Libre na po mangamusta thanks to viber and social media platforms.
    Easy lang naman to message, 
    Hey! Kamusta?

3. Be thoughtful
   A.  Remember the useless info you gather from #1 
    I saw this pink toilet paper and naalala kita. Hope you like this!

   B. Remember birthdays and other important occasions.
   C. Check up on them when they are sick.

4. Listen
    This is the hardest part because there are times that you will not  like what the person will be saying.
    Do not say cliches like, "Don't worry." just to cut the conversation short.  If you really want the   
    person not to worry, find something meaningful and hopeful to say.

5.  Be there during the happy and the tough times.
     It's easy to be physically present when there is a celebration. But people disperse during difficult      
     times. They stay in the sidelines, not knowing what to do or desperately trying to maintain their
     own sanity or happiness.

6. Be patient
    Strong relationships take time to develop. Rome was not built in a day.



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