Monday, 24 October 2016


""Only open your mouth if what you have to say is more beautiful than silence."

                                                                                                                                     Arabic Proverb

As a new mom, I get a lot of well-meaning comments/suggestions on how I can mother my own child. Most of these unsolicited suggestions , come from those who don't even have kids of their own.

I realize that when you don't have kids yet, you have this idealized standard of how motherhood should be and you judge people based on your stock knowledge or views.

Honestly, naiinis lang ako with these "suggestions". 

They range from how I should carry my baby down to what time and how I should play with her.

As far as I'm concerned, if you didn't push one out, best to keep quiet. 

But if the suggestions come from other mommies, I really value it. The more babies you pop out of your vajayjay, the more credible you are.



  1. Hi Mommy L, So glad when I dropped by and you have a whole slew of new posts :) Na miss kita!

    Ako, I try not to give unsolicited advice kasi I have a personal experience where one of my good friends and I had a tampuhan about how I was raising my kid (yep, MY kid). We all have different ways of parenting and coping and sa totoo lang, unless one happens to be a psychopath, we all have the same goals of wanting the best for our children and we just have different ways and capabilities to do so.

    1. Apir. Honestly, instead of being grateful, na badtrip Lang ako.