Sunday, 30 August 2015

Things I Learned From Doing "Nothing"

When I was in school, my grades were the most important thing in the world. Every examination I took seemed like a matter of life or death.

Then I started working and my projects became the most important thing in the world. Every obstacle and delay gave me mini heart attacks. Every time my outlook crashed, my heart would literally ache.

Eventually, I turned 30 and realized that I spent most of my youth worrying. So, 5 months before my wedding, I retired from my job of 10 years and decided to take a breather. It was this time that I started this journal, which is why this page is titled ME ON PAUSE. 

After 1 year and 6 months of doing "nothing", Here are a few things I realized:

Life never gets any easier.
There will always be problems. So there is no point in taking everything to heart. 
Enjoy every boring day for you don't know what chaos tomorrow will bring. When you are happy, savor every second. Get off social media!  And when you have a huge problem, take comfort in the thought that "this too shall pass." 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The SPA at FORT: Couples Massage In A Private Villa

One of the best gifts we got during our wedding was a THE SPA  voucher from one of our dear friends. We really planned on saving it up so that we could use it on our first anniversary. 

When our anniversary finally came, we decided to use the voucher on something extra special: a one hour couple's massage  in one of their private villas.

The cost was 1,760 Php per person. If you choose the same massage but in a common room it's 820 Php per person + 10% service charge.

When we arrived at The SPA, we were greeted by a very relaxing lobby. The place smelled heavenly, like  lemongrass and flowers.

After we signed up, we went up separately. I was directed to the female lounge where I had a bit of ginger tea, while I waited for our villa to be ready.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dark Thoughts

Okay, sorry for the negativity but I have to write all these down.

My demons are back and I'm plagued with despair. I am having the same usual dark thoughts, all of which always end up in death.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Bakit Kaya May Mga Taong Plastik?

Thanks to the slew of sexually related scandals courtesy of their eldest son, Josh, the Duggars have been labeled as Big Hypocrites.

The Duggars are the stars of the TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting. This is a reality TV show that is meant to be the opposite of " Keeping Up With The Kardashians." The family espouses strong Christian values. They have strong views on morality and are against premarital sex, adultery, materialism, abortion, contraceptions and even same sex marriage.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


A quick post!

I love attending marriage seminars, talks, workshops, encounters. You name it! 

We don't have a heavy marriage problem or anything of that least for now. PHEW! Praise God for that! 

I just enjoy learning new things with my husband. And it's fun to meet other couples too!

Anyway, CCF is holding a Marriage Enrichment Seminar titled "Bridge to Forever" this coming Sept 26-27.

 We attended "SaturDates" and "Before I Do" last year and we really had a wonderful time getting to know each other better. The sessions were pretty much like structured and guided dating. We had questionnaires. We filled those up individually  and discussed as a couple and then we shared with other couples.

So, I'm very VERY excited to sign up for another CCF marriage retreat. 

The upcoming seminar an overnight thing. WOOHOO ! It costs 6,500 per couple and includes everything. YES! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

If you have any questions, you can call Tin. Her number is 0915 847 2627. I actually don't know her! Haha! But hey, her number is on the brochure.

Hope to see you there,


Saturday, 22 August 2015

Guilty Pleasure

Okay... I just want to share this...

I love smelling my husband! Even if he hasn't showered yet! Minsan, he'd be asleep and I'd be sniffing him. Then he'd wake up and he'd be all startled. Isip siguro nun, jusko aswang ata tong asawa ko.

The longer in a day, the more I love his smell. Is that weird?

(Picture Credit:



Thursday, 20 August 2015

Coq Au Vin

.. In English, chicken with wine. Pag French talaga mas sosyal  pakinggan.

The method of cooking Coq Au Vin is pretty much the same as ADOBO. BRAISING. 

After the first step, I had to make a choice: WINE OR VINEGAR.  I went for wine and just like that...the dish ended French. 

Then my husband came home and asked, "Nag luto ka na ba ng rice,?"


Rice and Coq Au Vin?!


I said...." We have mashed potato, bread and salad. If you want rice, go buy sa 7/11. I'll make sardinas na rin to go with it."

Hay, pero sa totoo lang feel ko rin mag adobo, rice and atchara. Pero syala ang ulam e. Tiis tiis. 

Hirap mag social climb,


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

RICHMONDE HOTEL ILOILO: Business, Pleasure and Luxury

Every time I go home to Iloilo, the landscape of the city changes. The city, I call my home, is becoming more progressive and more...chic.  

Well...some bands in Smallville still belt out songs by Asin and Aegis but yeah...Iloilo is slowly becoming chic thanks to investors.

The good people from MegaWorld is transforming my hometown into a city that means serious business and a city that knows how to have fun. 

Since turning 33 years old is all about "Transformation", I figured I need to try something new and splurge a bit to welcome the adult version of myself. 

After much consideration, I decided to welcome the big day by checking in at the newest and most glamorous hotel in Iloilo to date, the RICHMONDE HOTEL ILOILO.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Ghost Month 2015

The Chinese Ghost Month started August 14 and will last until September 12. The Hungry Ghost Festival will be on August 28.

These dates change every year. As a general rule, the 7th month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the Ghost Month. 

It is the believed that the gates of heaven and hell open during this time and the hungry ghosts come back to earth to visit the living. 

It's pretty much our Undas or in Ilonggo, Pista Minatay. Except that it goes on for one entire month. It is also customary to serve food on empty seats, burn incenses (in our case, candles)  and with the addition of making paper offerings like money. 

(Photo from


Another  difference from Undas is, this month is generally perceived to be UNLUCKY. I asked my MIL what are the things to avoid so that I don't get into trouble. 

Here are the DOs and DONT's during Ghost Month:

1. Do not start a new job.

2. Do not start a new business.

3. Do not buy a big a house or a car.

4. Do not move into a new house.

5. Even construction or renovation of a house/building  must not commence.
According to MIL:  "May date yan they called "thong tho 動土". Kung sana before ghost month if you do the digging you tuluy tuluy ang construction ok lang."

6. Do not celebrate Ting Hun.
Note: I  guess this also means, it's not a great idea to propose no?

7. Do not get married.

8. No grand and long travels abroad. 
Note: It's summer in Europe anyway and most European are on holidays. Many shops are closed. 

9. No big and major life decisions. 

10.  Stay Safe and Cautious.

Pahabol! To my friend C na may nagaaligid na poging professional, no new relationships. Hahaha. 

So now you know. Chill. Stay home. Relax. Yehey!

Tired...very tired,


Monday, 17 August 2015

Birthday Cake From Happy Kitchen Iloilo

Knowing how much I enjoy baking, friends and family have been extending their well wishes through cakes. 

I got a cake when I ate at Chef Jesse's Restaurant at the Rockwell Club. I got a cake when I checked in at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and another cake when I celebrated my birthday at their new Granary Restaurant. 

The best cake I got however was from a quaint and charming restaurant in Iloilo. 

Meet the Happy Kitchen Coffee Cake.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Filipino-Chinese Relationships: All I Am Asking For... Is A Chance

I saw this in my comment inbox today.  The person, who wrote this "comment" clearly poured her heart out to share her story. I believe her comment deserves a "time under the sun".


This article just hit home. I am in a very similar situation and its getting complicated every minute of everyday. 

My family is just 50% Chinese but nevertheless still very conservative and traditional and my boyfriend is pure Filipino. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Grand Dame Hotel Iloilo

My Bonggang Bonggang Birthday will be in a few days. I don't know if I want to cry or just embrace being 33. scary. Recently, I've been feeling pain down my lower back so I've been doing yoga more diligently.

I am contemplating on booking myself a hotel room, the night before the big day so that I can have sometime to be alone and reflect. I've never been alone since I got married. Don't get me wrong! I'm not complaining.

There are 2 hotels that I am considering. The first is the brand new Richmonde Hotel. which is on soft opening. A night costs 3,800 nett for 2.  My online friend, Jet is raving about it and I am verry very tempted.

(Picture from their website)

Then there's my tried and tested , Grand Dame Hotel in Lapaz.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Question: Lover's Past

Eto pang Miss Universe...

Question: If it has come to your attention that your husband or fiancé cheated on another woman so that he could be with you, what will you do and why? 



Whole Wheat Pancake Mix by Maya

Brunch is a religion I picked up when I was living in Singapore. It's still not a big thing here so I prepare my own Sunday spread. I don't mind. It's cheaper to do it myself anyway!

And what's brunch without pancakes! They brighten up the table and the day! 

If you bake cakes, you can make pancakes from scratch. All the ingredients should be readily available in your pantry.

However, I'm usually lazy in the mornings. I prefer to just buy the Maya Pancake Mix nalang because it's so easy to prepare and it's always taste amazing. You can't go wrong. 

A couple of days ago I spotted a pack of Whole Wheat Pancake Mix by Maya while I was doing my grocery at Rustans. I was really intrigued because I only get to eatwhole wheat pancakes in Mamou and infairness medyo mahal dun.  Since a pack only costs  40.25 php, I bought a pack to try.

Then using the can of Del Monte peaches I got from the tinghun, I made Peach Pancakes. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Wedding Gowns in Landmark Makati

Alam nyo in fairness, ang ganda ng mga wedding gowns selection sa Landmark ha. And the prices, ang reasonable! Parang gusto ko nga bumili at suotin sa birthday ko e!

I fell in love with this wedding gown in particular...

Ang ganda di ba??? And ang likod, bonggangbelles!

Monday, 10 August 2015

My Birthday Gift-Wish List

I thought it'd be fun to list down all the material desires I have for my birthday.
So let's do this for kicks!

1. Cotton Candy Maker

Sunday, 9 August 2015

I'm Turning 33

I was so kilig that my brother asked me out to a Sunday lunch.

When I got to Chef Jessie at the Rockwell Club, I saw my husband and the rest of my in-laws waiting for me. Apparently my husband planned it to be an advance birthday celebration.

I was so touched! It was really very sweet of my husband to surprise me. Na tats ang lola mo,

33! Wow! It's such a milestone to reach this age.  Do you know that Jesus saved the world from sin when he was 33 years old? 

(My Birthday Invitation)

Aptly, this year is my Jesus' Year! I am so thankful to be alive with no serious health issues. Most importantly, I am thankful that people I love are well and healthy.

There are many things I don't have now. I don't have a successful career. I don't have a baby yet. But the things I do have...BOY! They outweigh the things I don't have. 

Every night, I pray the rosary and read the bible with my husband. Every night, I learn how much God loves me. Yesterday, I came across this verse in Jeremiah...

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

I cried when I read this and I cry as I write it again here now. 

You know... it is when I am at my weakest that I realize how much God loves me. My life is always never complete because God wants me to save a spot for Him. 

Sometimes, when we have everything, we tend to forget God. 

Anyway, I am so thankful to have started this journal and share my life with you good people. I hope that soon we will get to have afternoon tea together. In the mean time, thank you for reading!  

Feeling Blessed,



QUESTION: Who proofreads my entries?
ANSWER: My husband 

So... If may grammar error, blame him! Hahaha 

Happy Sunday,


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ting Hun Jewelries for the Bride

Recently I attended a ting hun. After the ceremony, I was quite surprised that the guests hovered around the dowry being displayed and some even took pictures of the jewelries! 

I texted my friend and she said, "Normal yan! Hindi naman lahat ganyan ka obvious but most people do talk about what jewelries the bride received."

A couple of days later, I chatted with a friend online and she asked, "So, how were the BLINGS?"

In a ting hun, a mininimum of 4 sets of jewelry sets must be given to the bride. On top of this, she also gets a watch, a necklace medallion and a pair of Chinese bangles. 

(by Chow Tai Fuk)

Typically, the "mainstay" jewelry sets are:

Monday, 3 August 2015


I think by now you have picked up that I seem to have a bit of OCD in me. Yes, you are right! I have a mild case of CLINICAL OCD.  It means, I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist to have it.

How does it manifest in my life?

I fixate on things and thoughts and that results in compulsions. Example:

1. I fixate on electricity bill, so I keep checking if the lights are off.
2. I worry about being robbed, so I check the locks 3-4x.
3. I worry about sickness, so I keep going to the doctor.
4. I'm obsessed with cleanliness so I fixate on the hairs on the floor and I vacuum every morning and every night.

Those are the very basic and more frequent examples.

There are also those instances that I fixate on a thought or a problem. In such cases...

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Professional Housewife

A lot of people tell me that I am so lucky that I have a very generous husband. But I hope they realize that the reason why my husband gives me allowance is because I actually have chores too.

We don't have a maid. I clean the house and I cook.

If you get the chance to visit our small home, you can see that I really do work hard to maintain it. I even go down on all fours to clean our bathroom ha!

And cooking...well, I even go as far as plating the food. 

Example ha! 

This is our breakfast today.