Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The SPA at FORT: Couples Massage In A Private Villa

One of the best gifts we got during our wedding was a THE SPA  voucher from one of our dear friends. We really planned on saving it up so that we could use it on our first anniversary. 

When our anniversary finally came, we decided to use the voucher on something extra special: a one hour couple's massage  in one of their private villas.

The cost was 1,760 Php per person. If you choose the same massage but in a common room it's 820 Php per person + 10% service charge.

When we arrived at The SPA, we were greeted by a very relaxing lobby. The place smelled heavenly, like  lemongrass and flowers.

After we signed up, we went up separately. I was directed to the female lounge where I had a bit of ginger tea, while I waited for our villa to be ready.

The attendant called for me and lead me to the villa. I was pleasantly surprised to see a garden.

Inside, my husband was waiting.

Each villa is equipped with it's own jacuzzi and steam/bath.

If you want to make your stay special and you want rose petals scattered on your bath,  bring those yourselves. I inquired and they didn't have that service. Pfft. 

We were allowed 30 mins to enjoy the facilities.  I think the time is a bit "bitin" because getting undressed and fixing out stuff already took 10 mins minimum.  That left us with 10 minutes for the bath and steam and 10 minutes for the jacuzzi. I felt a bit rushed.

Then the therapists called to inform us that they were coming.  

As expected, the SWEDISH massage was great. It was very relaxing and indulgent.

After the massage, they served ginger tea again. We stayed in the room for 15 more minutes to chill and to get ready.

Personally,  I think it's better value to just stay in the common room. You get the same quality of massage anyway! The villa is nice but the time  is not enough. I would only recommend it if you really really really REALLY  want to be with each other.

To make reservations: 

  1. THE SPA at the FORT
  2. B8, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Ave


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