Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Ghost Month 2015

The Chinese Ghost Month started August 14 and will last until September 12. The Hungry Ghost Festival will be on August 28.

These dates change every year. As a general rule, the 7th month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the Ghost Month. 

It is the believed that the gates of heaven and hell open during this time and the hungry ghosts come back to earth to visit the living. 

It's pretty much our Undas or in Ilonggo, Pista Minatay. Except that it goes on for one entire month. It is also customary to serve food on empty seats, burn incenses (in our case, candles)  and with the addition of making paper offerings like money. 

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Another  difference from Undas is, this month is generally perceived to be UNLUCKY. I asked my MIL what are the things to avoid so that I don't get into trouble. 

Here are the DOs and DONT's during Ghost Month:

1. Do not start a new job.

2. Do not start a new business.

3. Do not buy a big asset...like a house or a car.

4. Do not move into a new house.

5. Even construction or renovation of a house/building  must not commence.
According to MIL:  "May date yan they called "thong tho 動土". Kung sana before ghost month if you do the digging you tuluy tuluy ang construction ok lang."

6. Do not celebrate Ting Hun.
Note: I  guess this also means, it's not a great idea to propose no?

7. Do not get married.

8. No grand and long travels abroad. 
Note: It's summer in Europe anyway and most European are on holidays. Many shops are closed. 

9. No big and major life decisions. 

10.  Stay Safe and Cautious.

Pahabol! To my friend C na may nagaaligid na poging professional, no new relationships. Hahaha. 

So now you know. Chill. Stay home. Relax. Yehey!

Tired...very tired,


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  1. I remember being told *basta umpisahan ng pukpok sa renovations or building a house* pwede. Hahahha!!