Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Whole Wheat Pancake Mix by Maya

Brunch is a religion I picked up when I was living in Singapore. It's still not a big thing here so I prepare my own Sunday spread. I don't mind. It's cheaper to do it myself anyway!

And what's brunch without pancakes! They brighten up the table and the day! 

If you bake cakes, you can make pancakes from scratch. All the ingredients should be readily available in your pantry.

However, I'm usually lazy in the mornings. I prefer to just buy the Maya Pancake Mix nalang because it's so easy to prepare and it's always taste amazing. You can't go wrong. 

A couple of days ago I spotted a pack of Whole Wheat Pancake Mix by Maya while I was doing my grocery at Rustans. I was really intrigued because I only get to eatwhole wheat pancakes in Mamou and infairness medyo mahal dun.  Since a pack only costs  40.25 php, I bought a pack to try.

Then using the can of Del Monte peaches I got from the tinghun, I made Peach Pancakes. 

And I served the pancakes with strawberries and more peaches and drizzled it with honey. Looks good noh?

They taste really good too! The pancakes are moist and not too sweet. There is a grainy texture which I love.

And because they  are made with"whole wheat",  I didn't feel that guilty in indulging myself.  Whole wheat is good for me anyway! 

- It has anti oxidants.
- It helps lower my cholesterol.
- It helps in weight loss.

Why don't you give it a while and let me know whatchatink!




  1. The Maya Whole Wheat Banana Cake Mix is good too. We make muffins with it so that you don't pack too much of the calories in one sitting, hehe.

    But I am actually intolerant to wheat. Oops.

    1. I should get that for my husband. He has been asking me to make banana cake but my motivation is very low because I want to bake butter/sponge cakes. I only make 1-2 cakes every month because it's hard to clean. But I think with the Maya Banana cake, 1 bowl Lang huhugasan ko. Thanks! I will definitely try!