Wednesday, 19 August 2015

RICHMONDE HOTEL ILOILO: Business, Pleasure and Luxury

Every time I go home to Iloilo, the landscape of the city changes. The city, I call my home, is becoming more progressive and more...chic.  

Well...some bands in Smallville still belt out songs by Asin and Aegis but yeah...Iloilo is slowly becoming chic thanks to investors.

The good people from MegaWorld is transforming my hometown into a city that means serious business and a city that knows how to have fun. 

Since turning 33 years old is all about "Transformation", I figured I need to try something new and splurge a bit to welcome the adult version of myself. 

After much consideration, I decided to welcome the big day by checking in at the newest and most glamorous hotel in Iloilo to date, the RICHMONDE HOTEL ILOILO.

Richmonde Hotel is located within the expansive Iloilo Business Park township of the premier real estate developer, Megaworld Corporation. 

I was so impressed when I entered my room. This is without a doubt, the most sophisticated hotel in the city.

The twin-sharing room comes with 2 queen size beds.  The beds are covered with premium sheets. (Message me and I will tell you which hotels in Iloilo have rough bed sheets.)

The bathroom is meticulously clean as expected. 

The shower area is interesting because it has a marble bench and a roll up curtain that gives you a full view of the room while you are taking a bath! This means you can shower while watching TV!

They don't have a bathtub but they do have a rain shower.  This is the preferred shower of businessmen and travelers. It wakes you up in the morning and refreshes you at night.

Their coffee maker is a bit old school. No high-tech Nespresso machine yet but I don't really mind. And of course, I love that they use Lipton from Unilever Food Solutions!

After a few hours in my room, I got bored being alone (despite the fact that it was suppose to be my alone time). I called front desk and asked if someone can show me around so that I can take pictures. Some areas are still closed to the public.

A lovely lady named Cha met me in the lobby. Cha is a very typical Ilongga. She is friendly, charming and welcoming. FYI: I am also like Cha. Hahaha!

Because I need to exercise when I travel, Cha first showed me the gym. They are still fixing up the place but I can already tell that it will look amazing once it's done.

She then showed me their lounge.  I think she sensed that I love wine and spirits.

Sigh...the place brought back a lot of pre-retirement memories. I used to grab a drink at the bar before heading up to my room. It was my way to unwind and dust off all the work vibe... (ie. stress)

They also have a small business center where you can do telecons and catch up on your emails.

Richmonde is a business hotel situated right beside the Iloilo Convention Center.  In fact I can see the construction of the convention center from my room.

They have function rooms which make the perfect venues for meetings, round table medical discussions and local product launches. 

Companies can do their big salesconference in the convention center and have their break-out discussions in Richmonde.

And what's a business meeting without after-work drinks? The pool area is the perfect place to bond among colleagues over a cocktail or a glass of wine. It's still closed to the public, so Cha needed to pull some strings to show me the place. 

Can you imagine chilling here after a whole day of serious discussion? When I was still in Unilever, after our salescon, we would have dinner to motivate the team.

Now, that I am no longer working, Richmonde is the perfect place for relaxation, STAYCATIONS, celebrations and parties. I can already imagine celebrating my next birthday at their pool area.

Hmmm..... I am now dreaming of mojitos, margaritas and sunsets.

I think staying in Richmonde was really a good decision. I was hesistant at first because I can always sleep in our house di ba!

But, the place was so indulgent and the staff treated me as if I was family. They were all so nice and everyone greeted me before and during my birthday.   It was indeed the best treat I gave myself. It was money well spent.

To book:

Tel: (632) 570.7777 loc 8502 [c/o Eastwood Richmonde Hotel] | Mobile:

Back in Manila,


PS> I will post about my Birthday Brunch at Richmonde soon. I'm sure after you get to read that, you'll celebrate your birthday there too. Hahaha!

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