Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Several weeks ago, my blog entries in blogspot were copied and put under a different blogger/blogspot url.

Frannywanny discovered it while she was searching the web for her sister's Ke Tseng.

I was so scared! I thought someone hacked my account. Then... I felt so violated.

It took more than 3 days for the issue to be resolved. The copycat blog  would disappear and  then appear again. KALOKA! AS IN!  It was so frustrating. I thought it was spam.

Finally, after several email exchanges with Google, the copycat decided to take the blog down. I was this close to going to the GOOGLE HQ in my wedding gown to prove that I own the original blog!
Phew! I honestly don't know why it happened to me. I am not popular naman.

Anyway! I have a lot of people to thank for helping me: Candishhh, Frannywanny, Geekbubble and my friends from Google (Pudi and Vina).

Here's what you need to do if you have the UNFORTUNATE experience of your blog being copied.

1. Immediately change your password.


3. Check the profile of the blogger who copied your work and send him a request.  Be Polite. The last thing you want is to piss off your hacker.


Good News! Google replies!

It is important that you really describe the plagiarized items very clearly because the google people (yes they are people) work on codes and algorithms.


"The photographs of my 3 friends(an Australian girl carrying red lanterns , a filipino guy carrying a covered mirror, a filipina girl carrying 2 enamel potties), picture of my dowry all displayed on my bed with red bedsheets and the picture of my figurines (the 3 gods, golden Buddha with kids, happy couple, my lantern, a dragon and phoenix plus all my text starting with the sentence "The good thing about living away from my family is SILENCE. " and ending with "Still on Pause, L" have been infringed alongside my other entries from June 2014 to Feb 18, 2015

5. If all else fails you have to report to DMCA which offers protection and takedown services. Please note that  they will charge you a fee to resolve the issue. Here's the link DMCA

My friend from google said..

The bots are called scrapers
They siphon content from other sites to establish new blogspots and try to earn advertising revenue. Insidious!

To protect your blog click on this link: HOW TO AVOID YOUR BLOG POSTS BEING COPIED

Be Safe,


Sunday, 22 March 2015

FIGHTING 101: From Love Letters To Mad Letters

Feeling ko close na tayo. JOKES! 

On a more serious note,  I want to share something personal. My relationship with my husband is not perfect. I'm not perfect and neither is he. We are both the eldest in our respective families. We are both very strong willed, driven and opinionated.  We are so similar in so many ways... from our hobbies to our tempers.

After 8 months of marriage, we have somehow adjusted and refined the way we fight. In the first few months, it was fairly easy to snap. Now, we  have both learned that losing our tempers leads to nowhere good...only tears and resentments,

Last night, S got upset with me. I was so busy talking to friends in Facebook. He hates this especially when we are already in bed. He is a busy man and this is the only time he gets to talk to me.

However that night, instead of insulting or confronting me, he went out of the room and sent me this message via viber. I'm copy pasting it so because I feel this is helpful for new couples...

Friday, 20 March 2015

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


When I started this blog, my only goal was to document the simple things that I'd do while I was on PAUSE, on sabbatical, on a break or however you'd wish to call it.

I wrote about my ting hun, my ke tseng, my wedding, my home and my marriage. I just wanted to write so that I'd feel that my life was fruitful even if It wasn't as busy as it used to be.

But then, I wrote an entry that pulled me out of my obscurity. I never really expected it.  Once my readership went up, I felt more energized to write even if I was no longer on pause. Notice that I stopped signing off with "Still On Pause" at some point.

When my blog was copied, I honestly felt very bad. It is as if someone stole my underwear and raised it up on the flag pole. 

I still feel bad but I can't seem to do anything. Maybe I should take an indefinite break. I don't know if I'll be back tomorrow, next month or move to a new URL. 

In gratitude for reading my blog, I just wanted to repost the entry that gave me my 5 mins of fame. Seems like the right way to end things. Always end on a good note. Right?  

Keep in touch!  I'm sure I'll cheer up and  write again. 


Sabi ni God

Uy chumorla ka nalang at gumawa ng baby
Wag ka na mag blog 
Leche Lang yang google na yan

So friends, konte lang naman kayo dito.  So Kape nalang tayo or email nyo ako

Be back soon



Monday, 2 March 2015

Blog Copied by Another Blogger User

It makes me very sad... That my blog entries from June 2014 to February 2015 were copied in another blogger URL 

I tried getting in touch with author of the blog but he removed his profile. I tried to politely ask through the comment section.

I emailed google too.

I don't understand why my blog was copied. I have very few readers. And this is just an ordinary blog of a housewife. This blog doesn't not receive compensation. It has no commercial value. I just enjoy writing.

It is sad when someone copies stories about my life. It discourages me to share. 

Sigh... I feel very sad.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

1/21: 21 Days to Build A Habit

If you are trying to let go or forget someone...
Don't talk with him on the phone, chat with him online, send him an SMS or see him for 21 days.
Don't look at his photos. Don't read his letters.
Keep yourself busy with other interests.
For 3 days, you will miss him terribly. Pain will manifest itself physically.
After 21 days, you will feel less attached. You may even  start to forget the sound of his voice or the feel of his touch.

If you are trying to sleep early...
Get yourself really good bedsheets.
Don't watch TV atleast 2 Hours before bedtime.
Put your Ipad away.
You can take over the counter sleeping aids for 3 days, only if you have to.
Close your eyes and just accept that it's time to sleep.
After 21 days, you will just naturally feel sleepy.

If you are trying to lose weight...
Don't give up everything you love on the first day.
Try to substitute rice with lettuce or reduce it to half a cup.
Try to walk for 20 mins every day. 
The first 3 days is always the hardest.
By the 4th day, you will feel that your body wants to do more.
After 21 days, you will crave to exercise and you will not crave for your usual favorites.

It only takes 21 days. 

PS> I have a project to exercise for 21 days. Today is my day 1. I ran 5km for 39:11 minutes.