Friday, 29 August 2014



Shoes, believe it or not, are included in the KE TSENG. 

The family of a Chinese bride needs to give her atleast 2 pairs of shoes. Dapat even pairs except 4 because 4 sounds like death.

To be honest, I love shoes so I was very happy to know that I would have them as part of my dowry.

 I agree with nastygal's sentiments..

I used to go binge shoe shopping in Charles and Keith when I was still living in Singapore.  


I got the shoes in the photo below in one shopping trip but in my defense, they were on sale and I was making sg dollars then.


Because, I won't be going back to work after the wedding, I opted to get some functional footwear more befitting for my new role- A HOUSEWIFE.

So, I got tsinelas which I would need when I go to the wet market, sandals for the trips to the grocery store and flats when I go to the mall. 

The picture is not very clear but I got 4 pairs from Charles and Keith and 3 from SM.

Notice that there are only 7 pairs of footwear. When I took the picture I still needed to get 1 more pair.

I wanted to buy trainers but I never found one in time for sang ke tseng.

Since I really couldn't find the right kind of stability shoes, S included one of his wedding gifts in my  KE TSENG so that I could have a total of 8 pairs.

He put it inside one of the plastic containers. 

I just noticed now! Yay!

When we were in Paris, I was drooling over these pumps. He took a mental note of it!

It's a pair of OH REALLYs by Louis Vuitton and I REALLY love it!

Now I need a party to wear these beauties to.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day 193: My Evolution

Phase 1

    Painting by Jose Tence Ruiz

Phase 2:

Intermission: Transformation, wedding as catalyst.

Phase 3: NOW

Phase 4 option A


Phase 4 option B

Sketch by: Inslee


Phase 4 option c


Phase 4 option d

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lessons Learned From Our Matrimonial Bed


When I was preparing to do my Ke Tseng, I thought some of the items on my list would look really tacky in our bedroom. Our bedroom has a gray and white color scheme so I was dreading the red bed sheets and the gaudy prosperity lamps.

Tradition dictates that I could not enter the bedroom after the bed setting day. It was my in-laws and my friends who fixed the bed and arranged all the ke tseng stuff on top of it. 

Although, we were told that we should spend our first night as a married couple in our bed, we opted to stay in our hotel suite and attend to wasted bridesmaids. 

The following night, I finally set foot in our bedroom. And WOAH!  It was very RED and honestly, it looked KINKY!

Everything was red, from the elephant in the room, THE BED SHEETS, to the little details like the slippers.

Then the red lanterns surprisingly gave some sexy mood lighting. 

Our room looked like a prostitution den

The bed taught me that my elders knew a thing or two about STIMULATING DESIRE. Hehehe. I advice brides-to-be to get sex tips from their Lolas instead of their friends!


S and I could not agree on aircon temperature. I only like using the electric fan. This makes me very low maintenance but this also makes S very uncomfortable.

If we are to share a bed, we have to learn how to compromise. 

It's an easy fix for one of us to just sleep in the other room but we know we have to and we wanted to sleep beside each other.

As a compromise, we turn the aircon on for 2 hrs and then it automatically turns off and electric fan and the sheets prolong  the coolness. 

The bed taught me that in marriage, we are bound to disagree on many things but if we want to stay together, we will have to make compromises. 


We both agreed that we won't have TV in the room. However, 1 month into the marriage I realize that we should also ban internet surfing. 

I find S and myself tap-tap-tapping away on our gadgets. We don't talk as much as we should. 

The bed taught me that this is a bad habit that must stop now!


I know what you are thinking.  It goes without saying that you have to enjoy, indulge and linger in THAT too!

But, what I want to say is, just enjoy each other's company, indulge in good conversations and stay in bed as long as the luxury of time permits.

It is here where it is just the 2 of you (not unless you are into threesomes). The bed must be a place of comfort and relaxation.

If you have to go to the mall to relax or to entertain yourselves...jusko!

We spend approx 6-8 hours everyday sleeping. It's the same amount of time we spend at work! We spend a huge chunk of our lives in BED.

Because my bed is very dear to me,  I really make it a point to buy myself good quality sheets. 

When I was living in a studio, the place was so small that my bed took on a more important role because I didn't have much space to lounge around in.

I have lots of great sheets, many are by DWELLSTUDIO but this one is my favorite. The design is called, Peacock Citrine. This was featured in Town and Country a couple of years back.

I bought a set as a Christmas gift for myself but I never got to use it right away. I included this as part of my KE TSENG. Pamparami. Hehe.

Last week, the peacocks invaded our room and took the place of our red sheets.

These sheets have the right thread count for a tropical country. I love that the sheets absorb and keep the coolness from the aircon. Ofcourse, I adore the design! .

My bed taught me to love myself. It taught me to provide and prioritize my own space. Sheets are not like bags that you can show off. Only YOU can enjoy your sheets.

All these writing about our bed make me want to... Chorla? Afternoon Delight? 

NO!  To take a nap lang!

 The new sheets + the bed weather=perfect formula for a lazy afternoon.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Fan Ritual

I actually got 2 fans as part of my Ke Tseng.  One was from Singapore and the other was from Hong Kong.

On my wedding day, I held the fan as I walked out of my room all the way toward the hotel driveway. 

Before I got inside the car, I gently threw the fan to the floor.

My mom picked it up.

This symbolized that as I leave my "old home", in this case the my hotel suite,I don't take all my luck with me. By doing the ritual, old folks believe that plenty more luck would stay with my family.

Si mama extreme hoarder edition yan so hopefully she hoarded lots of luck because of this tradition.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


It is very hard for a bride to choose her bridesmaids. So consider it as an honor if you get chosen.

When I chose my bridesmaids, I chose girls who have made a significant impact in my life. I chose among those who cried with me and among those who constantly cheer me up. 

Usually, bridesmaids in this country  just strut down the aisle.  I took a more western approach. Each of my bridesmaids had roles and responsibilities. Because of this, I felt they deserve gorgeous gowns for all the hassle that I'd be putting them through

After much research, I discovered the work of SARI LAZARO. I asked my friend Cesca and she had so many great things to say about Sari. That really gave me peace of mind.

I admire brides, who go to bridal fairs and choose designers on the spot base on whoever gives the best value.

I really didn't want to risk it. 

I wanted someone who is not only skilled but also has good reputation among my corporate friends. 

Sari was endorsed by 2 girls from work, 2 corporate girls who are equally as particular as me when it comes to timings.

Sari is a fashion model turned designer.  She studied fashion design in Europe. 

I was surprised to know despite her credentials and past works, her prices remain very reasonable!

Sari is known for her figure flattering drape style and so I asked her to make me her signature SARI LAZARO gowns. I had no pegs whatsover. 

You know what I loved about working with SARI?

1. She always gave timely responses. 

2. Her dresses  were never ever late for fitting.  
I'm sure you've heard about designers giving  lame excuses why the gowns are not yet done.
NOT with SARI. In fact the gowns were earlier than committed.

3. Beautiful, feminine and dainty gowns! I love the drapes. My bridesmaids all looked gorgeous! 

Since, they all took their "chores" seriously (career na kung career), it mattered to me that they like their gowns.


Merissa gave me a wonderful Hen's Night complete with penis straws from Australia.

Alvina took care of the Chinese elements of my wedding. She spent long hours in Chinatown to find my robes, slippers and other weird Chinese stuff that I couldn't find in Binondo.

Maribelle slaved many days and nights working on my DIYS. Her work deserves a separate post!

Josette was my prayer warrior. There was a super typhoon that week. The skies were clear during the morning of my wedding day but it rained again in the afternoon. Josette prayed and guess what, THE RAIN STOPPED! Medyo malakas si Josette kay Lord kasi. 

Sadly, I had to make a last minute change on my roster.  Carmela took my engagement photos. She is my brother's girlfriend. She filled in the role and the gown perfectly! 

I'm so happy that they all fit and loved their gowns! They just sent in their measurements since almost all live out of town. 

And because, they worked and partied like crazy with me, I gave them gifts too. Usually Chinese brides give red packets but I thought money seems so impersonal. I gave them bags by BUILT instead.

These bags are made of NEOPRENE, a wetsuit material. They are machine washable. So, they can just throw this in washing machine if they spill lotions or other liquid make up in it. This always happen to me!!!! Which is why I have a BUILT NY bag too. THINKERS ARE DOERS.

Merissa brings it with her when she goes to the beach. Maribel loves that she got a black bag that can resist all the grasa in 3B. And Alvee wants another one.

Carmela, I still have your bag because you were very busy with accounts payable that night. Hahaha. 

 Thank you ladies  for being with me on of my special day. Thank you for drinking with me as early as 8 am. Although, I'm sure you enjoyed that!

And for taking endless selfies....even if you know my stand against it. Hugs.


Seriously though, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

I hope I've made it all worthwhile.

Still on Pause,


You can reach SARI via email:
And you can find the BUILT Bags in Rustans, AVA (online store).
Bridesmaids' Makeup by: Abbie Ferraren

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My CECILIO ABAD Wedding Gown

Growing up, I never had any wedding fantasies. So when it came to my wedding gown, I didn't really have anything specific style in mind.

But I did want a couple of things.

1. I wanted to  walk down the aisle wearing LOUBOUTINS.

2. I wanted to have a CECILIO ABAD Gown.

I've heard horror stories from brides that their gowns were delayed. Some hated their gowns to the point that they actually scrapped it and had new ones made.

These horror stories are the very reason why I chose to work with Cecil. Everyone has talent but not only a few have that high level of professionalism and a team of skilled staff.

Cecilio belongs to that select few. I'm glad Chef Joanne recommended him to me. 

The service from the time my measurements and all through the fittings was very efficient, friendly and smooth. I will miss seeing Cathy, his assistant, and all the lovely people in his studio.

I believe that the brides need to feel fabulous.  And feeling fabulous doesn't just mean that the style is gorgeous, THE FIT MUST BE PERFECT.

I love my dress! I love the style. I love the fit! and most importantly,  Cecil's Team (IKYAT and ANNE) treated me like a princess.

Cecil designs gowns in such a way that the bride's best asset is highlighted. Bwahahaha!

He also provided the viel, cord, bible, unity candles. EVERYTHING was delivered to my room. May style pa ang pag arrange ni Marcy, a member of Cecilio's team.  Bongga!

It was worth every penny spent.

I love my wedding dress.

My only wish is that 10 years from now, I can still fit in it.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 183: The Young and The Useless

Have you ever watched an episode of the soap opera, The Young and The Restless?

My life was never as dramatic or as twisted as that of the characters in that show. However, many years ago, I did feel that YOUNG and RESTLESS were the best adjectives to describe me.

I'd have to say that the best year of my life was when I was 28 years old. I was on top of the year. I went to Santorini, Istanbul, Africa, and to many countries in Asia. I was living in a huge apartment in a posh expat area in Singapore. I was earning a lot. That same year, I got one of my most precious rocks.

I felt young,powerful and rich.

Then a couple of days ago, I turned 32. And to me it was a very sad day. I felt Young but Useless.

I'm sorry this post seems depressing and ungrateful.

After 2 weeks of being a full time wife, I started feeling really sad. I got scared that the only things I will look forward to in life are birthday parties, dinner parties etc. I'm scared that I'll be doing arts and crafts and DIYs to occupy myself.

The strange thing is, I have dreamt and aspired of this very life. I wanted to be one of those women who just go to the gym at 9:00 am, have coffee, cook lunch, have afternoon tea, cook dinner. 

TV really made this life glamourous.

For 2 weeks, I did yoga, cooked, cleaned the house,  attended events, threw dinner parties. I feel it's too early for me to feel sad but I am.

The adrenaline from the wedding prep is gone by now. Reality has taken over.

There are girls who are so excited and so involve with their wedding. It's as if the wedding is the final encore. Their lives revolve around their day jobs and their wedding preps.

After having a close-to-epic wedding, I realize that real life is so much more different.

I remind myself how lucky I am. I live in a nice home that is not on mortgage. my husband provides everything. Best of all,he encourages me to do what I've always wanted to do and promises that he'll pay for it.

So, I stop myself from feeling depressed. I also don't understand my feeling. I feel useless. I used to do great things. I used to own the world.

Hoping I snap out of this soon. I'm scared that I'll upset God. He might take all my blessings away. 

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yoga, Juicing and Salads

Doing yoga at 9 am while everyone is at work has always been one of my fantasy.  It is a sign of FREEDOM and of luxury of time.

I really didn't have any weight loss goals in mind when I started going to TANTRA YOGA. I just wanted to convince myself that this time out is such an amazing thing.

So, it came as a pleasant surprise that, despite all the  food I have been eating ever since I got married,  my weight remains lower compared to when I was running.

Yoga is a wonder drug!

Inspired, I have decided to go back to my juicing routine. Technically it's BLENDING but if it's a liquid fruity drink, it is a juice to me regardless of consistency.

I'm going to bring my blender to my new home. I was told not to bring any old appliance into S' flat. In Chinese tradition, the  bride can not bring her old things into her husband's home for atleast a week after the wedding. Everything needs to be new, even my panty. ESPECIALLY MY PANTY!

To up the ante, I will be eating a salad atleast once a day. 

Since, my Chinese MIL really wants me to eat lunch, I guess I'll just replace my usually cake and  coffee merienda with a bowl of salad.

I saw this really cute salad baonan by BUILT NY. 

The baonan comes with container and it has a NEOPRENE cover, a wet suit material. 

I needed to get this because recently the weather is so hot that by the time I get to BINONDO (from makati), my gulay are all laylay na. Yeecchh Wilted Veggies!

The NEOPRENE COVER has insultating functions so it can keep my salad cool for 4 hours or so. I really like my greens crispy para kunwari chips lang.

You can get these cute baonan in RUSTANS AND HOWARDS.

 I want to prove my 2012 boss wrong. He once told me to eat and get fat before my wedding and start dieting after. He said people usually look great in their wedding photos and it goes downhill from there.

Well, I was fit during my wedding and I will be fitter after.

In my letter to S, I never said, "I look forward to getting fat with you".  I remember saying,  "I look forward to running and living healthy with you."

S still refuses to run but I'm sure he'll agree to a smoothie and a salad.

Still on Pause,