Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 165: My Amazing Wedding Coordinator and My First Week In the Marriage

A couple of nights ago I was chatting with Abbie Sinjian, my awesome wedding coordinator. I told her that now that the wedding is over,I feel so sad.

The wedding was seamless. No glitch in the actual program. No Nightmares. My coordinator was amazing and so was her extended team- the team of NINA!

Against the advice of many people, I decided to go with my go-to corporate events planner. I've worked with Abbie 3x and all 3 events were spectacular.  But Abbie had no experience in running the "church" part so she got the team of Nina Marcelo.

I loveeee these girls! Everything went smoothly and my only regret was that...I was the bride. 

After the dance rehearsals and tea ceremony, Abbie told me to stay in car. I kept calling her and telling her that really want to go down and join cocktails because the DJ was already spinning some Cafe del Mar hits. I could see the people having fun in the lounge!

By dinner, I gave Nina a headache because I wanted to eat and chat with my guests. She was guiding us through the per table photo.

Obviously, I loved my wedding so much I gave these girls a headache by wanting to enjoy rather than entertain the rest of the guests.

The moment the reception ended and the DJ played, the first song: Can't Hold Us Down by Macklemore, I ran to the dance floor! 

I didn't say goodbye to the guests! I danced! No one could hold me down by then! 

S and Abbie took care of the suppliers. Our parents dealt with the guests. While I, the BRIDE, danced like a banshee.

So yes, I loved my wedding. And now that it's over, I feel so sad.


After the wedding, I  moved into S' new home, which is just 15-20 min WALK away from my flat. Everything I need is thers. The flat has been "interior designed". We have plates, spoons and other necessities from my ke tseng. READY NA TALAGA.

Truth be told, I love sleeping beside my husband but we really disagree on aircon temperature. It doesn't help that our bed is facing the aircon because of some feng shui directives.

Also, I really hate it that he repeatedly tells me to...

"L, close the cap"
"L, close the lid"
"L, close the door"
"L, turn off the lights"

SERIOUSLY! It is annoyyyying.

So, after a couple of days, I walked back home for some silence. In the home that I share with my brother, we both ignore each other. Ofcourse, later that night, I came home to sleep beside my husband.  

I guess in marriage, ignoring each other doesn't happen until 10 years or so.

Breakfast is another thing! In my head, it seems wonderful to make my husband breakfast. The TV commercials sure do make it aspirational!

In reality, it is so hard to wake up at 6:30 am to cook.  I think I hit the snooze button 3-5x before I actually get out of bed.

Now the excitement from the wedding is over...I'm feeling a bit lost. Abbie comforts me by saying that there will be other events. Huhuhu.

I am tempted to start applying for work but then I also want to enjoy the new house, the new role and the remaining traditional stuff like visiting my home. It was suppose to happen 3 days after the wedding but we had to fly out to attend to a previous commitment.

Infact, we haven't had our PROPER HONEYMOON. I have yet to plan that one. We also havent opened our wedding gifts.

So My Rating for Marriage Week 1 is a 3/5. I can't seem to enjoy this whole honeymoon phase because I am just so stuck in this POST NUPTIAL DEPRESSION rut.


Still on Pause,


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