Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Wedding Gift

S is not perfect. I believe one of his greatest flaws is PRIDE, which incidentally is also one of the 7 capital sins.

But what he lacks in humility, he makes up for in generosity. S matches my dad in terms of his capacity to give.

A couple of weeks ago, he stopped infront of 7/11 to buy food for an old homeless lady. I told him that the lady is a lunatic and that I have seen her create havoc in the stores. He responded by saying that a person's state of mind should not stop us from giving food to the hungry.

I was embarrassed with my initial comment.

Most of the time, I talk about what I want or what are my dreams to the point that I seldom publicly share what I have lest people will say I'm bragging.

Allow me to share a recent gift from my husband. He gave his to me on our wedding day so this gift is extra special.

Pasensya na if I sound like I am bragging.  

I just want to show the world how good he is. He complains that I mostly write vendettas and sarcastic remarks about the world around me. He feels unappreciated hence this post. 

I suppose I really don't need a lot  words to describe this beautiful set of diamond earrings. I usually don't DESIRE jewelries and I don't fancy big and dangling earrings either.  I have always thought that i don't have the personality to wear something young and fun. Maybe he saw something I didn't.

He actually designed this set himself. His mom's jeweler then made his design.  The earrings came with a very long letter which I never successfully read out loud infront of the camera because I started crying after a few lines.

S' capacity to give makes me ashamed of my never ending discontent with my life. You see, before deciding to come home, I was a citizen of the world. I always wanted to live in a faraway land.  I always dreamt of being great and I think I still do. And yet,the stress also killed me.

It makes S very sad that I rarely say I dream of being a mother or a good wife.  Sometimes I wonder, if I just don't have what it takes.

But like what Mico said on his GBF speech, "L always start out unsure and scared but ends up teaching others how to do it."

For now, I can't help but drool over this beautiful set of jewelry.  I now love dangling earrings but I still hate COACH BAGS. 

Still on Pause,


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