Sunday, 13 July 2014

DAY 146: Lenox Launch in Rustan's

Last night I was watching reruns of Sex and the City and in one episode Charlotte chose a really expensive china set. 

I don't quite understand this American tradition of buying plates and putting them in a display cabinet.

For a Chinese bride, a new set of dinnerware is part of her dowry.  This item symbolizes the welcoming of new members into her future family. 

Hmmm... I guess this is base on the principle of "If you desire it, claim it". 

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the launch of LENOX. It was as if the universe was tempting me to choose my own china pattern. Perhaps, the universe could feel that I am not too happy with my current  plates. 

Lenox is America's number 1 makers of Fine and Casual china. They even have a line from one of my famous designers, KATE SPADE.

More to this..

The highlight of the  launch in Rustan's was the Lenox Marchesa Collection. 

Marchesa is a brand that specializes in high end women's wear. They are famous for their flowy drapings, intricate beadwork and lace. 

Aside from their high end evening wear, they have an amazing bridal collection. 

The whole idea of the Lenox Marchesa Line is the translation of their bridal  designs into china patterns.

That night, there was a contest where all the guests were asked to write their vows  for their significant others. I don't normally win so I wasn't very hopeful...but still, I scribbled a word or two.

But, I guess they liked my sappy vow because I won the one and only prize for the night. I won't share my vow though. I'm too shy.

They gave me  a set of 4 tidbit plates from the Marchesa French Lace collection.

So pretty! I love the intricate floral design. It reminds me of those beautiful lace they use in their wedding gowns. The plates also have beautiful platinum bands.

Oh they look so pretty and fragile. I'm scared I'll end up breaking them someday. 

Now S is stressed that these plates don't go with the plates I got. So he is tempted to buy the complete set! He is just scared because I'm notorious  for breaking wine glasses.

I need to prove that I'm worthy of a Lenox Marchesa.

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  1. Congratulations! I also joined that and I liked your vow. Great entries! Goodbye- I mean Goodnight!