Monday, 28 July 2014

Sang Ke Tseng

The good thing about living away from my family is SILENCE. 

The bad thing is that they can't always be there when I need them.

Like during my SANG KE TSENG, which fell 2 days earlier than their arrival. 

Thankfully, I have a handful of friends who stood on their behalf.

The procession of the dowry started with a chant, which was recited by my AUSTRALIAN bridesmaid who couldn't speak a word of Chinese to save her life.

But M is the sister of the TALENTED MR. RIPLEY so within a few minutes she learned the chant and marched into the house shouting very loudly.

Her Chinese was so good that I swear my in-laws looked at me wondering how this Aussie can speak mandarin better than me.

Then the lanterns were brought in. Followed by the mirror and the potty and the jewelries from my side.

Josette had the highest honors of parading the arenolas.

My maid of honor rushed to the scene all the way from the airport. 

Once they were all inside, they started arranging my matrimonial bed. The rule is simple, "No space left empty". 

I didn't have them put the appliances on the bed because that's crazy. 

After they completed their tasks, my MIL gave them red packets. 

It was a funny and beautiful day that was later ruined by torrential rains!

A couple of days after that more stuff arrived from HK.   The Buddha with kids, The dragon and phoenix and the Fu Lu Shou figurines were all part of the dowry. Habol nalang. Di nakasama sa parade!

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