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The Bed Setting Ceremony is a Chinese Tradition that happens before the wedding day.
The ceremony is done to ensure prosperity and fertility.  It is also symbolic of the groom's parents welcoming the bride into their home  because traditionally the bride moves in with the groom and his family.

This ceremony must happen on a pre-determined auspicious date or the day before the wedding. So, both S and his mom needed to go to a temple in Binondo to get the dates for both the bed setting and the Sang Ke Tseng.

Ideally, my dowry should have been displayed in my home first. Then my family would deliver the effects to my new home. The same items that would've  been delivered would  be used for my bed setting.

Unfortunately, my family is in another island, we had to make a lot of adjustments but it's okay! The most important thing is that all key traditions are done on their respective auspicious dates.

The day started with S and family putting "yenchi" on the corners bed frame. Then S' dad put the mattress.

S' mom put on the HAPPY COUPLE BED SHEET ( other options: Dragon and Phoenix and Double Happiness). The sheets came all the way from Singapore, thanks to Prim. This act of my MIL is symbolic of her welcoming me into the family.  In turn, I will later offer my MIL a pair of shoes and stockings as a sign of respect.

The seeds were placed on the bed to wish for sons.The sweets were placed to wish us a sweet and 
happy life.

I also need to look for a LUCKY BOY who would later jump and play on the bed. 

When all was done, I arrived with M and Eli, the LUCKY BOY. Both of them arrived wearing red, an auspicious color.

Before they went into the room, S ' mom served me 2 glutinous rice balls. She then put her arms around me and  recited her 3 wishes for our marriage. We both got teary eyed.  It was an intimate ritual.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to watch the revelry. I had to stay in the living room. From this day onward, I can't enter our masters bedroom until my wedding day. 

S took M and Eli to the room. Eli is a dragon baby.  Dragon baby BOYS are lucky so they are the ones chosen to jump on the bed. 

When Eli entered the room, he was in a very good mood. M encouraged  Eli to jump on the bed. He looked at her for a few minutes. Perhaps he was thinking, "Mum, are you for real? Are you out of your mind?"

When he saw M and S nod approvingly, he started jumping. And he jumped and jumped!!! He jumped longer than expected!

After jumping, they encouraged him to eat the sweets that were placed on the bed. 

It was like Disneyland for Baby Eli! He ate the candies and chocolates. 

SUGAR RUSH! He started jumping more! He won't  leave the bed! He even ran to our living room and jumped on the couch!

This is a very good omen! The boy jumping on the bed and eating the sweets is symbolic of our wish to have healthy babies!

Finally, when his job was done, his red candy pouch filled and his jumping appetite satisfied, he received his angpao from S' mum.

It was probably one of the best days of Eli's Young Life. 

Traditionally, S should have spent the night with Eli the new bed but after all the sweets and the energy, it didn't sound like a good idea. There is a superstition that the groom must sleep on the matrimonial bed after the bed setting day or the eve of the wedding. But he must not sleep on it alone because he will be a widower early. He must sleep on the bed with a young boy (not with his ex!) however strange that sounds. If not, he better not sleep or even sit on the bed after the bed setting ceremony is completed.

If the bride sits on the bed before the wedding, she will have a fragile health.

It was an interesting ceremony indeed! 

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  1. I always felt that the Chinese culture is biased for the year of the dragon. Dragon boys get to have lots of ampao hehe

    1. strangely...hindi naman lahat ng dragon males successful sa business no? hmm...

  2. Hi! Your blog has really helped me complete my list. Just want to ask if bed ceremony is the same day as Sang Ke Tseng and if you need to be there too or just the relatives? My MIL just told me 2 unmarried male relatives will bring my things to new house.

    1. It's not the same as sang ke tseng day. And you should NOT be there on BOTH occasions :)
      It's not only 2 male relatives needed in sang ke tseng because there are many things to bring in. Not unless you don't have many relatives here just like in my case.mThe items are brought in following a certain order. If it wasn't because of the ho dit, my entire family would've been present during my sang ke tseng.