Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 154: Wedding Eve

On the eve of my wedding, I took a bath in fruit infused water. This symbolizes the washing away of my impurities.

Then I put on my new pajama set and new underwear. Everything must be new. Even the toothbrush I used.

A few minutes later, my parents came inside the room for my hair combing ritual. 

A couple of months ago, I remember mocking this ritual in my posts. I thought it was funny na may suyod pa. Wala naman akong KUTO! 

But that night, it was dark and there were only 2 lighted candles. The room was just filled with emotions.

As my dad combed my hair and my mom recited the chant, I started crying.

My mom asked me why. 

I said, " This wedding is my passage to adulthood. After this, I will have no more excuses. After this I am officially a grown up and you will grow old too. Who will I run to when you are no longer around?"

My dad took out the bible and read a verse from Ephesians. Then he said,

"When we are no longer around, you can run to HIM. He will always be there for you."

 A lot of Fil-Chis do not know why we do certain traditions. They do without understanding. 

I planned my ke tseng with the guidance of my Singaporean bridesmaid, Alvina and my aunt in HK. Every tradition, every item has a meaning and a corresponding functionality.

These traditions, while they seem funny on paper, they are rich in emotions during actual execution. They allow us to bond with our families and our friends.

I don't regret quitting my job to prepare for My Big Fat Chinese wedding. 

It allowed me to follow traditions, respect the almanac and develop appreciation for being Chinese.

I may not be able to speak fookien fluently but my heart understands the culture better that most of those who have mastered the language.

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