Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Wedding Cakes

I don't  like the idea of styrofoam cakes.

I also don't like cakes that are just made to look taller and bigger. I guess I just don't like things that appear deceiving.  I'd be happier with a champagne fountain or a small piece of suman!

For one thing, I have a soft spot for desserts. 

If it's mostly styro....perhaps we should start calling it the "wedding monument" or we can be politically correct and call it "wedding installation art".  

And so when I briefed Penk Ching, I requested for all my cakes to be edible.

Since Penk has been studying painting in Ateneo, I asked for painted cakes. And she did exactly that. 

Penk hand painted the cakes... all 7 of them!

Real cakes are heavy and they can't go really tall. So to have a lot of cakes, my brother suggested we have the satellite execution. CLEVER!

 I'd have to say that this execution is very rarely done in our country because not everyone has a wish to die by diabetes.

Bizu did this gorgeous arrangement by the way. They provided all the other sweets, which I later gave to good friends.

When I first saw the set up of the wedding venue, I was totally floored! Breath-taking set up by Lawrence.

But to be honest, when I saw the cakes, my heart sank a bit because the 3 layer should've been 3D. Instead it was just the small satellite cake on the left that had that effect.

No one actually noticed and everyone loved the cakes but I was just your neighborhood OC bride. I guess there is a downside to being too involved. The wedding was like my baby. 

By the end of the night and after countless glasses of wine, I actually looooveed the cakes and started giving them away.

Two cakes even ended up in ILOILO! One went to the parents of my classmate who were extremely grateful that they had a piece of my weddding. 

The following day, I started looking for the cakes! Hahaha! M brought one to my house and we enjoyed it with a bottle of wine.

The cake was so good. It was lemon and butter.  My brother was impressed that Chef Penk used the best ingredients. 

We are still devouring the walnut cakes. M suggested that we heat it up in the microwave and serve with ice cream. DIVINE!!!!!

I regret giving away the red velvet. I only had a small bite during the cake slicing bit. 

But maybe it's for my own good.

Still On Pause,


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