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TING HUN: What the Bride Needs to Prepare

These gifts are otherwise known as the RETURN GIFTS. These gifts signify that the family of the bride acknowledges the engagement and in turn pledges her to the groom.

In the olden days, these gifts were sent back to the groom's hometown. The exchange of gifts didn't happen on the same day and on the same venue.

Here are the items we prepared for my Ting Hun.

1. Watch and Medallion with Necklace

2. 2 kilos of Rice
I chose Red and Brown Rice because my in-laws eat healthy.

3. 4 Pomelos
 (fun facts: Do you know that on the day of the wedding, the bride must ideally bathed with pomelo infused water)

and the list goes on...

4. 120 RAW eggs with sanghee stickers

MM, my maid of honor, helped me put sang hee stickers on each egg. We had so much fun doing this.

We made sure we kept them in their transparent boxes for safety and easy distribution.

5. Assorted goodies.

 These are S' favorite junk food. I personally bought the items in this basket.

5. Cakes 

These cakes were designed and made by the famous PEACHY JUBAN. It was so hard to reach her but thank God, she's best friends with Chef Joanne Limoanco.

There must be 2 cakes each with the name of the bride and the groom. The cake that bears name of the boy must be bigger.  Ours were of the same size. I wanted to make a subtle point.

The theme of my cake was "POLLINATION". Notice the butterflies en route to my flower cake?

Yet another subtle point.

6. Suit material for the groom

7. Chinese Candy Tray

This would later be part of my  ke tseng. My aunt brought this all the way from HK.
( fun facts: sweets are crucial to Chinese celebrations as they signify sweet beginnings. Candy trays are also popularly used during new year celebrations as well)

8. Chinese Tea Set
Also part of the ke tseng

9. Gold Coin Candies
Not mandatory.
Choz ko lang to

10. Orange Juice- served by my single female relatives. 

11. Sweet Egg soup and cooked Misua
 The restaurant provided these.
 (fun fact: you must always leave the eggs in a pair. You can half them both or leave the 2 eggs untouched).

13. A female relative (or friend) who has lived a good and fruitful life.

Let me introduce Princess, my cousin-in-law.
She is married to my cousin, Apol, a famous doctor.
They have 4 beautiful kids.  My cousin assured me she is very lucky and happy.
Princess assisted me as I entered to room and walked backwards towards S.

And best of all...

14. New Dress and Shoes for the bride-to-be.

Ideally, the Ting Hun is held in the house of the bride. But nowadays, people just choose to have it in restaurants.

While the groom and/or his family pay for the banquet, the family of the bride must treat the venue as their home. They must be the first to arrive and must welcome and entertain the guests.

To know what the groom needs to prepare, click on this LINK

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