Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 78: Brunch at KITCHEN 1B

The only good thing that happened to me today was having brunch at the newly opened KITCHEN 1B. S was obsessing about lamps and he wanted to skip church to look for lamps... on a Sunday.  Hay.

Located in KL Towers, across Legazpi Park, KITCHEN 1B opened it's door to the public a few weeks ago.

Their interiors are gorgeous! The restaurant boasts a bright and sparkly open kitchen.

I like their placemats too. Super bagay for brunch.

 "Fridge Doors" printed on canvas don their walls. I suppose this design aims to make the restaurant look like a homey kitchen. Oh Look at their beautiful ceiling lights! Ganda di ba!

Finally, the food...

I ordered the Bacon and Eggs (260 php) and the brewed coffee (90 php).

S ordered the ever so humble egg sandwich (230 php).

Since we weren't that hungry,  we chose the cheapest items na in the menu.

Kitchen 1B serves continental/American comfort food at expat prices.  Pancakes are at 400++ php, Waffles at 340 php. Same price range as Stockton. 

Since we ordered breakfast staples, I can't rave that the food we had  were extraordinarily revolutionary. They were hearty. It reminded me of the food being served in caf├ęs in River Valley.

They also have Filipino breakfast at very reasonable prices, Longanisa and Fried Bangus at 300++ php. 

 We enjoyed the food but it's definitely not for "LAFANG" moments. We have NIHONBASHITEI for that.

This is the definitely BEST PLACE FOR BRUNCH in my area. I'll definitely back. I'll save up for it muna.

Still On Pause,



  1. Yipes, they look good but a bit pricey.

    1. Yeah I found it mahal too. The area has another nice but pricey resto - Stockton. I guess because there are a lot of expats, the prices in these 2 restaurants are a bargain na for them.