Monday, 19 May 2014

Day 92: Balik Gulay

Happy Monday! 

This week I celebrate BALIK GULAY! I am improving my immune system  by eating fruits and veggies and by sleeping well. 

I read in my book that "LIVE FOODS" are those that are created through natural interaction with the sun, soil, air and water. According to Robin Sharma, this is the diet that nature intended. This is called the sattvic or pure diet.

Knorr makes eating veggies so easy! Just boil water, dissolve bouillon,  add veggies and done!

Ofcourse, I'm still not ready to give up meat entirely. Breakfast will be smoothies and dinners will be soups, with rice ofcourse!  Lunch will be normal.

I'm excited to see what will happen if I do this for a week or two!

As you can see, I am all set! Wish me luck!

Still on Pause,


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