Saturday, 17 May 2014


The first 90 days in a new organization or a new job is crucial. After 90 days, one should have settled in and have formed a strategy.

Here's my score card

Score: 5/5
L has managed to sleep 7-8 hrs everyday for the last 90 days. 
She seems to enjoy waking up every morning and is no longer experiencing sleepless nights during Sundays

2. Diet and Health
Score:  4/5
Due to freed up hours, L has started blending and consuming fruits.
Her immune system has improved. She rarely gets the flu. 
She has reduced intake of anti-histamines.

3. Wedding Planning
Score: 4/5
L shows accountability and has high level of bias for action with regards to wedding tasks.
She has shown positive outlook and has significantly improved team work with her fiancé.
She has also shown great initiative through active search and participation in church related seminars.

4. Travels
Score 5/5
This is L's expertise. She researched and planned the trip to Spain, Netherlands and France. 
Debates during travels were significantly reduced because they have opted for "80% agreement, 100% commitment" rule  in decision making.

L also went to her hometown and spent time with her family for a record breaking 2 weeks.

5. Exercise
Score: 2/5
L has been inconsistent with exercise. She has signed up for yoga but has not started.
Lack of drive was mainly due to the hot weather.

6. Education
L has expressed interests in several subjects but has failed to take concrete actions (ie enroll).
Spanish Class will be moved after the wedding
Baking Classes will start June Wk 4.

7. Social
Score: 3/5
L met new friends and rekindled relationships with old ones.
She has also attended several parties and wine tasting events.

Score: 3/5
L has improved building Talents and Teams by listening and being physically available. Reduced distraction from emails and phone calls have significantly improved focus on most important relation team member, S.

9. Spirituality
Score 4/5
From previously dreading church, L is now looking forward to attending service every Sunday. 
More importantly, S has started joining her.
In the absence of her wordly pre-occupations, God inadvertently became her main source of joy.

Next Steps

1. Enjoy the last 2 Months of Wedding Planning
2. Enroll in Basic Baking Class to ensure new oven will be put to good use

Still on Pause,


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