Sunday, 25 May 2014


We have been attending a couple of wedding seminars during these past few months in preparation for our marriage.

Most brides worry about the WEDDING DAY, I worry about the DAY AFTER (ie the Marriage itself).  Interestingly enough, I seem to share the same concerns with the men in our sharing group.

I've been checking and double checking if I'm ready for this.

      "Will I be a good wife?"

          "Will I be a good mother?"

                "What are the types of problem will we encounter in the future?"

While I was reading, I came across a line in the book  that made me ask myself "AM I A CATCH?"

We usually ask ourselves if we have chosen the right person.  Yet, we rarely ask ourselves if WE ARE THE ONE FOR THE PERSON WE ARE WITH.

So back to my question, "Am I a catch?"

There's really no way of answering this without some level of vanity. Darn! 

Here are my top 10 good points:

1.  I can cook
2.  I can bake
3.  I clean the house for fun! I love cleaning. 
4.  I can do the laundry (by hand) and iron clothes
5.  I am very good in budgeting
6.  I come from a good family with a respectable reputation
7.  I am very hardworking
8.   I am respectful to my elders and my inlaws
9.   I have learned HARD AND PAINFUL lessons in life that have made me humble, empathetic,   
      compassionate and thoughtful. 
10. I am God fearing 

Am I perfect?  Haller! Unless I learn how to speak chinese and how to control my temper, I will always be far from being a catch.

 I am a work in progress. I make mistakes everyday and everyday is an opportunity to be better.

I suggest you also take some time to list down your top 10 good points. I actually felt good about myself after doing this. I felt a little less scared and a little less insecure.

Still on Pause,


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