Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 86: The Meaning of the Comb and The Suyod

While it may sound really strange to have SUYOD as one of my dowry, it actually stands for something meaningful.

And it has nothing to do with KUTO (LICE).

I read that on the eve of the wedding, my father will use to comb to comb my hair from head to foot three times. Then he will use the suyod in the same way but only this time he will do it only twice.

This gesture symbolizes the beginning of my new and hopefully TANGLE FREE life.

After this, I will put the comb and suyod back into the jewelry box because I will need to bring this box with me as I journey to the wedding ceremony.

Here's my jewelry box from MAKE ROOM

And my comb and suyod from Binondo.

Notice that every item has a sang hee sticker. The stickers stand for DOUBLE HAPPINESS.
 Di Lang happy, happy happy talaga.

I'm quite concerned that if my hair will have tangles on the night that my dad will do the combing ritual, it could mean bad luck. 

I wonder what is the best tangle free shampoo and conditioner I should use???

Still On Pause,


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