Friday, 2 May 2014

NYC Restaurants Immortalized in Movies

I promised my friend Joan that I will give her tips on where to eat in New York.  I got a good list from Jericho the last time I visited.

However, Joan wants a more interesting list. Her son, Carlo, is keen to visit restaurants and sites that have been featured on big (or small) screen.

I remembered her telling me  that they want to see places that appeared in  the movie, Godzilla. I'm pretty sure,  they were referring to buildings that Godzilla smashed since I don't recall the huge gorilla enjoying a cup of coffee in the movie.
(S told me just now that Godzilla is a reptile. King Kong is the gorilla hahaha)

Given that there were so many movies shot in New York, here are a few places I did manage to visit.

1. Katz Delicatessen

This sandwich shop is famous of their REUBEN SANDWICH and also for the ORGASM scene in the movie, When Harry Met Sally.

I suppose this gives some people the license to moan if they really like the sandwich. 

2. Grays Papaya

In the movie, Fools Rush In, Salma Hayek ordered hotdogs for Matthew Perry and had them delivered to Las Vegas. The character of Matthew Perry said that this place serves the best hotdogs and there's nothing in Vegas that comes close to it. They enjoyed the hotdogs in the dessert.

3. Cafe Lalo

Ahhh yes, featured in one of my favorite romcoms, You Got Mail.

4. Serendipity

This upper east side cafe is featured on a movie with the same name. Who can forget the scene of Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack?!  New York in the winter. Dreamy!
This is a dessert place so best to visit during tea time and order their famous, Frozen Hot Chocolate.

5. Magnolia's Bakeshop

Originally in Bleecker, this cupcake shop was featured in Sex and the City. Now this cupcake shop is EVERYWHERE! There are even branches in Qatar and Dubai.

6. The Boathouse in Central Park

Indeed a very beautiful spot, this restaurant has been featured in so many movies. It appeared in When Harry Met Sally, Sex and the City, Nurse Jackie and my favorite, 27 Dresses.


1. TIFFANY'S doesn't serve breakfast!
    I put in on my itinerary before.
    "8:00 am breakfast at Tiffany's"
     The humliation!!! Clearly, I haven't watched the movie then.

2. Central Perk is not real cafe. It's fictional. 

Still on Pause,