Monday, 5 May 2014


KE TSENG is the Chinese tradition of giving DOWRY.  It comes after the TING HUN (engagement)  but before the KAN CHIU (wedding). It is usually prepared by the girl's family. 

Here's the list I am working on:

1. Round/Oval Mirror 
2. Appliances ( I'm getting a microwave,a toaster, a hot kettle since the rest will be bought by S)
3. Luggage
4. Red Umbrella
5. A pair of Red Sanghee Bath Towels
6. A pair of Red Sanghee Hand Towels
7. Happy Couple Figurine
8. Red Fan
9. Comb and Suyod (?? I don't know why I need a suyod. I guess just incase I get kuto)
10. Candy Tray
11. Chinese Tea Set
12. Chinese Bowls and chopsticks
14. Dragon and Phoenix Figurine
15. Buddha with Kids Figurine
16. 3 Wise Men Figurine
17. A Pair Of Prosperity Lamps
18. A Pair of Red Slippers/ Shoes
19. A pair of enamel potty or arenola
20. Sewing Kit
21. Basin and Dipper
22. Baby Bath Tub filled with personal toiletries
23. Red Sanghee robe
24. Red Sanghee Bed sheets
25. Lots and Lots of Yen Chi

I'm almost done. My friend from Singapore and my aunt from Hong Kong got me some of the stuff on the list. 

My Mother-in- Law is just checking the dates of the VIEWING. We will make a fun day out of it so I am excited!

Once I have everything, I'll take pictures and explain the meaning of each item on this list. For now I just want to make my list official.

Note: I had to change the sang hee because the 2 happiness were a bit away from each other. According to my aunt I used a bad symbol.

Still on Pause,



  1. the potty is for days when you don't want to leave the room to pee hahahahahaha!

    1. Hindi tlga makaalis ng room?! Hahaha
      We saw a sang hee arenola in binondo and it's 350 php/piece. Hindi tlga usable. S says it's clutter. Ayaw ko na sana bili but I'm scared of malas